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MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Video - CollegeHumor video
"No PC Should Be Without It!" GIMME 5! Hilarious...
microsoft  promo  1980's  msdos  business  video  funny 
september 2007 by mcmire
You Arent Gonna Need It
Even if you're totally, totally, totally sure that you'll need a feature later on, don't implement it now. Usually, it'll turn out either a) you don't need it after all, or b) what you actually need is quite different from what you foresaw needing earlier
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august 2007 by mcmire
Planet TmsT dot com
Homepage of Andrew Kepple, who is apparently well known in the flash animation world, esp. animutation. He also did the Commander Keen cartoons.
tmst  flash  comics  humor  funny  homepage  animation  animutation 
february 2007 by mcmire - May I Take Your Order?
Chinese is hard to translate into English. Especially when it's done through a machine...
funny  blog  entry  chinese  engrish  manglish  language  menu 
january 2007 by mcmire
samy is my hero.
Former mySpace user recounts his tale of how he gained a million friends with a little AJAX script
hacking  myspace  ajax  worm  funny  js 
october 2005 by mcmire | Compare Textbooks, DVDs, Music, School Supplies, Games
Pretty cool. Add all the stuff you want to your cart, then the "Uber-Bot" scours suppliers and gives you the best deal for everything.
shopping  comparison  textbooks  music  school  intelligent  funny 
august 2005 by mcmire

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