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Basically a language (based on Haskell?) that's preprocessed into Javascript. Some awesome ideas here.
javascript  cool  preprocessor 
february 2010 by mcmire
steno: Gregg
Convert text into Gregg shorthand. Pretty cool.
shorthand  phoneme  cool 
january 2010 by mcmire
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski
What if The Big Lebowski were written in Shakespeare's day?
cool  theatre  shakespeare  popculture 
january 2010 by mcmire
Blind spots
Experiment with your blind spot.
eye  illusion  blindspot  brain  cool 
august 2007 by mcmire
YouTube - Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen
One amateur musician, two instruments, stop-motion technology. Frickin' awesome.
video  youtube  music  fruityloops  stopmotion  cool  drums  piano 
december 2006 by mcmire
Lightbox JS
"Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers." Very cool, and follows the theory that content should be separated from style.
javascript  effect  library  image  css  convenient  web  design  ajax  cool 
february 2006 by mcmire
.: /gaia_dream_creator/ :.
Create your own avatar. *Hundreds* of sprites to choose from! Addictive, too.
cool  avatar  generator  ajax  images 
january 2006 by mcmire
A nice portal site featuring feed/news aggregation in modules (similar to Google's Personalized Homepage)
portal  ajax  web2.0  online  web  aggregator  feed  *Desktop  cool 
december 2005 by mcmire
t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m : ASCII-O-Matic
Choose or even upload an image, wait for 15 seconds, and flash - instant ASCII art!
ascii  art  generators  cool  flash  image 
october 2005 by mcmire
Rico - Home
An open-source Javascript library for creating rich Internet applications, Rico provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management, and a cinematic effects library
ajax  web  dev  programming  libraries  dhtml  cool  effects  opensource  js 
september 2005 by mcmire
t3h blox0r
Uses PHP, MySQL, XUL, and AJAX, but because it doesn't have tagging capabilities, it's only slightly better than Thunderbird.
feed  aggregator  services  web  tools  xul  cool  rss  atom 
september 2005 by mcmire
ajax im
An downloadable IM client that runs off the server and displays in a browser. Demo available.
browser  im  clients  ajax  dhtml  cool  js 
september 2005 by mcmire

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