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geoffrey grosenbach is a freakin' genius. there are many ways of making a blog engine, but this is probably the most simplest yet most powerful way.
blog  engine  diy  sinatra  haml  sass 
march 2010 by mcmire
information aesthetics - data visualization & visual design
graphs, visualization, interactive data - pretty neat..
visualization  blog 
july 2008 by mcmire
CommandLineMac - The Power of the Prompt
Blog focusing on command-line related tips in OS X
osx  productivity  terminal  tips  tricks  blog 
december 2007 by mcmire
Lost Garden
The blog of Daniel Cook
blog  gamedev  gamedesign  art 
august 2007 by mcmire - May I Take Your Order?
Chinese is hard to translate into English. Especially when it's done through a machine...
funny  blog  entry  chinese  engrish  manglish  language  menu 
january 2007 by mcmire
"This site will show examples of software and web sites that just work and others that don't."
software  design  blog  programming  ui  usability 
january 2007 by mcmire
Movie Theater Research Central
Studies concerning the movie theater industry, and how to improve it
blog  movies  cinema  entertainment  demographics  research  studies  reports  statistics  opinion 
september 2006 by mcmire
diaryx community at LJ
A good place to look for Diary-X news (when Diary-X is down, that is)
livejournal  diary-x  community  blog  development  news 
february 2006 by mcmire
9rules — Quality loves company.
A hand-chosen community of well-written, well-read bloggers, with topics ranging from interface design to technology, business, humor, and more
blog  collection  network  community  good  design 
february 2006 by mcmire
ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source code to Win32. As such, it not only works with (and requires) Windows 95/NT 4.0, but it also adds new features not found in the version published by id Software.
engine  doom  download  windows  software  free  opensource  win32  gaming  blog 
january 2006 by mcmire
Coudal Partners
Interesting. Art, media, tidbits, other stuff...
design  media  blog  portal  art  news  good 
january 2006 by mcmire - a disorganized synapse dump
Interesting -- apparently the whole site is run on Perl (through Blosxom), Subversion, and Markdown.
subversion  blosxom  markdown  txt  blog  personal  web  perl 
january 2006 by mcmire
A blog about the newest happenings in the Web2.0 world
web  web2.0  blog  news  business  services  tech  buzz 
december 2005 by mcmire
"This is a weblog on the web2.0, design, development and pretty much anything else that will either teach you, inform you, amuse you or get you thinking."
blog  web2.0  design  dev  usability  news 
december 2005 by mcmire

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