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Timezone awareness in Rails -- techno weenie
Using the timezone support in Rails, Javascript, and cookies to set the timezone automatically based on the time returned by the browser
timezone  rails  ruby  blog-entry 
may 2008 by mcmire
Content for Whom? — err.the_blog
Ways of using the little known content_for :symbol construct to play around with template rendering at runtime
ruby  rails  template  tricks  blog-entry 
april 2008 by mcmire
Mike Clark's Weblog - Ruby Learning Test #1: Are You There, World?
Blog entry about how this guy learned Ruby by keeping a running file with a bunch of Test::Unit tests
ruby  test-unit  blog-entry  learning 
march 2008 by mcmire
ActiveRecord: the Visual Basic of Object Relational Mappers at Pervasive Code
ActiveRecord (like Visual Basic) makes it easy to do the easy things, and impossible to do the hard things.
ruby  rails  annoyances  opinion  blog-entry  activerecord  sql  database 
march 2008 by mcmire
the { buckblogs :here }: Unit vs. Functional vs. Integration
A very good runthrough of what Rails considers to be unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests. Also read the comments, they're quite informative too.
blog-entry  ruby  rails  testing  explanation  reference  informative 
march 2008 by mcmire
with_scope with scope — err.the_blog
Ideas for using with_scope in a controller, without using with_scope in the controller.
ruby  rails  techniques  blog-entry  activerecord  scope 
february 2008 by mcmire
Seems like Leopard is a bit of a RAM hog!!
osx  blog-entry  ram 
february 2008 by mcmire
Dr Nic » Using Git within a project (forking around)
Git is perfect for opensource projects (Rails, Rails plugins, basically anything spawning off Rails) because everyone can have their cake and eat it too. And give it to other people for them to try.
git  development  blog-entry  opensource  distributed  versioncontrol 
february 2008 by mcmire » 1 Minute Post: AIM Bot in Ruby
Little snippet of code to send an IM to someone using Ruby's Net::Toc
aim  bot  ruby  blog-entry  code  net-toc 
december 2007 by mcmire
ongoing ‽ Time to Switch?
Tim Bray decides to switch from Mac to Linux following Mark Pilgrim's decision.
linux  mac  osx  apple  ubuntu  opensource  libre  software  switch  blog-entry 
august 2007 by mcmire
tecosystems » Boughs, Oranges, and Switching: Considering OS X and Linux
Why did Mark Pilgrim switch to Linux now instead of two years ago? Ubuntu. Simply put, its "just works" mentality makes it a viable option for an audience that previously would not have considered Linux.
ubuntu  linux  justworks  mac  osx  blog-entry  success  switch 
august 2007 by mcmire
Revolution Systems Blog: A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality
Why you want to hire an expert programmer, and why 1 is better than 10 junior programmers.
blog-entry  programming  expert  business  career  tip 
august 2007 by mcmire→ Site Archive ‽ Birth and evolution of an illustrated character: Penny Arcade
An interesting study of Penny Arcade and how the two main characters, Tycho and Gabe, evolved over 6 years.
graphics  web  comic  PennyArcade  art  blog-entry  history 
august 2006 by mcmire
Freedom 0 [dive into mark]
Mark Pilgrim expresses his frustration over the restrictions of the new Movable Type 3.0, forcing him to move to WordPress. Also: the reason why Free Software is so great: "There is always a path forward. There are no dead ends."
fsf  gpl  opensource  blog-entry  movable-type  wordpress  software 
july 2006 by mcmire
Daring Fireball: And Oranges
John Gruber talks about the variables that go into users' decision of an OS, and responds to Mark Pilgrim's entry about switching from Mac OS X 10.4 to Ubuntu Linux.
windows  mac  linux  comparison  blog-entry  osx  switch  os 
july 2006 by mcmire
The Shape of Days: My contribution to the CSS shadow kerfuffle
Yes, it's Yet Another Article Tackling the Problem of Drop Shadows in CSS, but it's pretty instructional, and -- dare I say it? -- more step-by-step than an A List Apart article.
dropshadow  css  tutorial  article  blog-entry  cross-browser  webdev  trick 
april 2006 by mcmire
the life of a sysadmin ‽ HOWTO: Recover from old MySQL data files
It's simply a matter of moving everything over, directing mysql to the new data through a conf file, and mysqldump'ing
blog-entry  mysql  recovery  database  data  migration  linux  reference 
march 2006 by mcmire
Blog ‽ BisonCam ( ALi M5603C ) Linux driver round up
A very brief list of projects that are working on supporting the m5603c driver (Creative Live Pro, others) in Linux
m560x  driver  list  blog-entry  linux  webcam  device  reference 
march 2006 by mcmire
24 ways: Edit-in-Place with Ajax
Kind of like' edit-in-place module
ajax  javascript  dhtml  dom  blog-entry  howto  useful  programming  webdev  trick 
january 2006 by mcmire
Ajax Activity indicators with Rails' built-in support for throbbers on submission
ajax  blog-entry  js 
november 2005 by mcmire
Bartelme Design — CSS, XHTML, Design, Icons, Desktops
Bartelme Design is the personal website of the user interface designer Wolfgang Bartelme. User interface design, cutting edge CSS techniques, graphics design and a whole bunch of high quality icon packages and desktop sets.
css  gui  design  icons  wallpaper  themes  mac  windows  blog-entry  article 
july 2005 by mcmire
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