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[App of the Week] This Dog Walking App Will Change Your Pet’s Life
Wag! will teach you how to take care of your dream pup, and let you hire reliable walkers to do it while you’re at work. ​
**  For  dog  owners  in  need  of  a  walker_  Wag!  has  an  on-demand  walker  service  where  you  can  have  a  walker  at  your  door  in  15  minutes  or  less.  just  schedule  walks  ahead  of  time    whatever  floats  your  boat. 
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[App of the Week] Share your favorite restaurants with your friends
If you have choice paralysis every time you want to try a new restaurant, SALT is the best way to find your next favorite spot and save, review, and share it. ​
**  SALT_  you  have  instant  access  to  your  friends'  reviews  and  recommendations.  Bstow  is  a  micro-donation  app  that  allows  users  donate  their  spare  change  up  1.5  million  non-profit  organizations  provides  an  easy  use  dashboard  for  orgs  track  donations  manage  communities.  Each  episode  on  Breaker  can  be  commented  on_  liked_  or  shared.  Like  Instagram_  view  friend  activity  see  what  podcasts  they  just  finished  listening  to.  Skiplagged  travelers  going  from  New  York  Los  Angeles  book  NYC  ->  LA  Seattle.  Skipping  the  second  leg  saves  20-50%  more  than  standard  bookings.  Featuring  directions_  hours  of  operation_  brief  descriptions  bar_  Hooch  makes  it  find  hidden  gems  while  saving  few  bucks  in  process.  Robocalls  were  worse  ever  2017_  but  Hiya  has  back  help  deal  with  these  calls  best  way  fit.  identifies  blocks  robocalls_  telemarketers_  debt  collectors  fraud  IRS  scam. 
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[App of the Week] Hate looking for a notary? You need to download this.
iPhone (iOS 11+)
The best apps turn tedious, sometimes stressful processes into quick, painless tasks. When it comes to getting legal documents notarized, most of us don’t even know where to to find a notary. Notarize gives you the chance to scan documents and speak to a notary straight from your phone.
**  the  of  and  to  is  a  to  for  in  and  in  most  Seated  available  New  York_  Chicago_  Boston_  San  Francisco_  Los  Angeles_  Philadelphia_  D.C_  Atlanta_  Miami_  Houston_  Austin_  Denver_  Seattle.  Use  augmented  reality  see  how  piece  will  fit  your  space.  Like  IKEA  app_  but  more  classical  tastes.  Bread  leading  movement  break  down  bitcoin  ‘bits’  (ƀ).  ƀ1.000.000  equals  1  bitcoin.  This  makes  it  easier  beginners  buy  small  quantities  easily  keep  track  their  coin.  Vivino  has  accurate  label  scanner  on  market.  10  second  scan  any  gives  you  price_  flavor  profile_  pairings_  user  reviews.  vote  “Yea  or  Nay”  House  Bills.  It’s  simple  way  up  with  what  doing  become  part  conversation.  Citizen  sends  911  alerts  based  location.  time  there  an  incident  emergency  nearby_  push  notification  know.  Authenticity  major  problem  when  comes  peer  exchanges  valuable  sneakers.  Many  websites  are  plagued  by  scammers_  counterfeit  products  which  can  lead  disappointment  once  rare  sneakers  finally  arrive.  GOAT  verifies  all  photos  sell 
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