The Mount Rushmore of the Chicago Cubs
Although Cap Anson has the highest WAR for any Cub, it’s hard to put him on a Cubs Mount Rushmore, because the guy was a huge racist. He played a huge role in why African Americans didn’t play in the MLB for many decades.
commented  blogpost  highheatstats 
5 days ago
Starting up a one-line diary - Spudart
I've been doing a one-line diary since 2008. Before I picked up the one-line diary again this month, my most recent entries were from September last year--eight months ago!

My wife is part of the inspiration for me to continue the one-line diary. She recently started a tinybean journal. I really haven't explored tinybean too much yet, but on first glance it looks like a place to share quick memories. My one-line diary is like that! Only I keep it private to myself. With tinybean you can share your memories with a select group of people. Perhaps some of my one-line entries will make it into tinybean entries. :)
commented  blogpost  spudart 
5 days ago
Rediscover a 19th-Century Compendium of North American Trees
These are such beautiful illustrations of tress. I would love to have this book as a collection of JPG files. It would be sweet to set them as mobile and desktop wallpapers.
commented  blogpost  hyperallergic  Allison  Meier 
15 days ago
under demolition: 1760 West Augusta Boulevard | GXM. | Flickr
They probably could have just taken down the Christmas icicle lighting without tearing down the entire building.
commented  flickr  photo  gabrielxmichael 
16 days ago
How to Make a Personal Compass ~ Rebe With a Clause
Sweet! I'm so printing this out, folding it into the zine, and filling it out.
commented  blogpost  rebewithaclause 
17 days ago
David Christian’s “Maps of Time” and “Big History” – a Profound Thesis
@chrisaldrich How did you add all your Goodreads highlights, notes, and annotations? Is this a Wordpress plug-in?
commented  blogpost  boffosocko 
9 weeks ago
The Chicago Real Estate Local: One "Tasty" condo development coming to Oak Park (and a look at condo sales)
The houses in Oak Park are affordable? Perhaps compared to the hot areas in the city. Relative to other suburbs, Oak Park's homes are expensive and have VERY high taxes. I'm currently looking for a home in Oak Park, but I had to rule out Oak Park due to the high prices. Instead I'm looking in Elmhurst and Brookfield where the homes are more affordable and taxes more reasonable.

If people think Oak Park's homes are affordable, that's cool. I just didn't see it that way as I'm looking.
commented  blogpost  ericrojasblog 
10 weeks ago
Knitting on the Porch | Mary opened her historic home and po… | Flickr
Delicious! My wife and I are considering Western Springs as a town to move into. This photo just one-notched Western Springs up our list!
commented  photo  flickr  thomasfordmemoriallibrary 
10 weeks ago
ARTifacts: On Trend: Pillow Talk
I love the matching throw pillows and messenger bag! Can you please offer shirts with the same pattern? Ok, that might be crazy. How about socks? Or handkerchiefs?
commented  blogpost  artinstituteshopblog 
12 weeks ago
[Photos] Freezing in Firenze ~ Rebe With a Clause
Couple comments:
1) OMG. Stumbling across a chocolate festival in Italy! Drools.
2) At first I read "Rolex" as "Rolodex." And I thought, wow, a Rolodex shop. That's cool.
3) That dome! Wow!
commented  blogpost  rebewithaclause 
12 weeks ago
I love looking at progress bars - Matt Maldre
I also love charging my iPhone. I try to always keep it above 80%. It's a bit of an obsession of mine.
commented  blogpost  mattmaldre 
12 weeks ago
Where the kids are – City Notes
It would be cool to see these maps animate in a gif.
commented  blogpost  danielkayhertz 
february 2017
Antarctic Photo Editing Tips In Photoshop and Lightroom with Julieanne Kost | Photoshop Blog by Adobe
I love how these examples use Antarctica photos! The tones are very gentle, so it takes a fine touch to adjust them. Also, I forgot all about the PhotoMerge feature. I'll have to give that a try sometime.
commented  blogpost  adobe 
february 2017
How to make money with a 3D printer: a conversation with Professor Joshua Pearce - 3D Printing Industry
I was hoping this article would tell me how to make money with a 3D printer. Instead, it told me how to save money by printing an Insulin belt clip, Pokémon planter, a Deathstar model, an iPhone6 case and an espresso tamper. All five examples I don't really need.

I'm very excited about 3d printing. I've thought about getting a printer, but then I don't think I would make the money back from how much it costs. I was hoping this article would give a plan on how to make money with the 3d printer, but alas, it didn't quite really. This article started to get there, but only gave a couple ideas.
commented  blogpost  3dprintingindustry 
february 2017
The Ramblings of a Chicagoan: The Looking Glass Season 2 and 3
Parisian culture! I know someone that loves Parisian culture! ;)

You can also add public art to the list.
commented  blogpost  ramblingsofachicagoan 
february 2017
Key Art, Key Changes: Trolls – Chris Thilk
The new Trolls poster is certainly, Trollinyourface.
commented  blogpost  christhilk 
february 2017
Thoughts on Super Bowl LI's commercials and halftime show | Anthony's Notes
Thank you for brining up that Coca-Cola ad with “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages. That was right at the beginning of the Super Bowl. Later I was trying to remember that ad. You have now jogged my memory. That's my favorite ad of the Super Bowl!
commented  blogpost  anthonynotes 
february 2017
“On the Road Again” art exhibit | The Andersen Library Blog
I've always wanted to be able to make paintings like Shelby Keefe's. Thick, heavy paint. Excellent color. Great composition. Carries you to a moment in time. Her work is like an optimistic Edward Hopper.
commented  blogpost  uww 
february 2017
Introvert: Why You're Probably Highly Creative - The Creative Introvert
It would be really interesting learning the Myers-Briggs personality types of famous artists. Or perhaps Myer-Briggs might have an reveal the type of artist someone is.
commented  blogpost  thecreativeintrovert 
february 2017
Tight Spaces | urban plant research
When I saw that first photo, I thought someone had built a little house for the top of the cactus. But now I see that the tip of the cactus is just reaching the box. Maybe that box is keeping the cactus from tipping over! Or maybe the cactus is giving that box little cactus kisses! Haha, that's what I should call it when I kiss my wife or my baby with my stubbly beard--cactus kisses!
commented  blogpost  urbanplants 
february 2017
A new birthday tradition, walk around your house - Spudart
Maybe instead of walking around my condo 41 times, I'll take a screenshot of the condo from Google maps, and then draw 41 circles around it.

For my 42nd birthday in November, I'll actually walk around whatever home I'm in at that time. It would be fun to take the same photo on every round. Do it around dusk, and you'll be able to see the light change.
commented  blogpost  spudart 
february 2017
Wish happy birthday on facebook with a tiny balloon image - Spudart
I gotta start using this tiny balloon in my birthday wishes on Facebook!
commented  blogpost  spudart 
february 2017
Using a Calder to wish a happy birthday - Spudart
My writing covered up Calder's signature. Maybe I should have tried to position my message so that Calder would have signed the birthday greeting for @tomsaaristo along with me!
commented  blogpost  spudart 
february 2017
Pompeii ~ Rebe With a Clause
Do you think any of the citizens of Pompeii planked? Perhaps archeologists found some planking citizens, but just didn't realize they were planking. PLANKING! I love saying the word planking and planked.
commented  blogpost  rebewithaclause 
february 2017
Napoli, Italy ~ Rebe With a Clause
That trash you found on the ground is actually Urban Origami ttps://www.flickr.com/photos/spudart/14920761502/
commented  blogpost  rebewithaclause 
february 2017
Rainbow Cone is Chicago's original family dynasty | Our Man In Chicago
This is one sweet photo of the Rainbow Cone! I originally saw it on <a href="https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20170202/beverly/original-rainbow-cone-announces-2017-opening-date">DNA info</a>. I wanted to find the original source of the photo, so I Google reverse image searched for it. I grew up in Beverly, so Rainbow Cone is a staple.

Your photo is so excellent. The dripping cone, the colors of the flavors, the pink building in the background, the sign, the architecture of the building. You captured it all!
commented  blogpost  ourmaninchicago 
february 2017
First Stop: Back to Madrid ~ Rebe With a Clause
Blue wine!
Duomo's Pizza! I wonder if their pizza is just like the Domino's Pizza in the states. That would be parallel dimension weird!
I love your painting of the Paseo de la Castellana.
commented  blogpost  rebewithaclause 
february 2017
Using Degreed to Enhance the Value of the Learning You Create — courseography
We use Degreed at my workplace. The points system is certainly kinda nice. What I find most valuable is the comments. I love having one place for our entire company to share their thoughts on the articles of the day.
commented  blogpost  courseography 
february 2017
Global Snail Mailing ~ Rebe With a Clause
This so cool that you have a page for your #GlobalSnailMailing. I always tend to make blog posts up for when I do stuff, I should have a page like this for each project.
commented  blogpost  rebewithaclause 
february 2017
Why Tweetdeck is better than Hootsuite - Matt Maldre
I changed the opening line from "I was a paying Hootsuite user for three years" to "I was a paying Hootsuite user for five years".

Wow, it was five years.
commented  blogpost  mattmaldre 
february 2017
The Impact of the Cubs, and other Chicago sports, on Google searches - The Ocean View
Ah the dramatic change between just a couple seasons for the Cubs! This would make a great infographic. What is the source for your numbers?
commented  blogpost  ocean19 
january 2017
Bible Statistics – The Words Edition | davemccall
Thanks for this tally! My Bible study group is about to start the Minor Prophets. Even though there are 67 chapters (which seems like a lot), it's just 3.7% of the words in the ESV Bible--thanks to your tallies, I was able to come up with that percentage number.
commented  blogpost  davemccall 
january 2017
The Chicago Real Estate Local: Crain's "best bets" to buy a house in Chicago and burbs
Oak Park is one of the top 8 suburbs in Chicago to buy a house! Sweet. I live in a condo there now, and eventually will move into a house in Oak Park. Nice that others recognize how Oak Park is a great suburb to live in.
commented  blogpost  ericrojasblog  oakpark 
january 2017
How did newspapers report politics leading up the civil war? - Matt Maldre
The Smithsonian has an article, but they split it up into nine slides, so I'm not linking to that garbage. Sorry, Smithsonian. I expect much more from you!
commented  blogpost  mattmaldre 
january 2017
Parking Difficulty Google Maps
Google tries to help people with cars find parking, but ends up demonstrating how silly it is to drive a car--especially in dense areas
commented  blogpost  google 
january 2017
Web Design or Web Development, What’s The Difference?
Many people bundle these web design and web development together. They take quite distinct talents to do either one very well.
commented  blogpost  purelybranded 
january 2017
How to Curate Better Podcast Feeds - Degreed
iTunes Podcast directory is really wonky. Even when you do a search, click through to a podcast, and then click the back arrow to get arrive back at your search results, everything resets!

I subscribe to over 100 podcasts, so I'm probably a heavy podcast user. Oddly, I never used any of these directories! I'm really glad you shared this good list of podcast directories. I'm going to try them all. Thank you!
commented  blogpost  degreed 
january 2017
Republish your blog posts to Medium? - Matt Maldre
My short-form posts will go on my blog. Every now and then I'll gather together multiple blogs under the same topic, and make one large master post for Medium. Heck, I might even post that mega-post on my own site as a page.

I like the freedom of being able to blog quickly. Part of the reason why I've blogged less in the past few years is that I get too focused on writing longer posts, and then I never end up posting anything. I might as well capture the quicker ideas in my blog first. And then merge them later.
commented  blogpost  mattmaldre  2017 
january 2017
Owning my old Delicious Bookmarks… Sadly not today.
Five weeks later, and delicious’ export function is still not working. I’m halting my use of delicious, and am starting to use Pinboard. At some point, hopefully Delicious will open up the export again, so I can bring all 10,000+ of my archived delicious bookmarks over to Pinboard.
commented  blogpost  boffosocko  2017 
january 2017
Reverse Bungee Jumping | sparxMind
Reverse bungee jumping is like being a superhero leaping into the air!
commented  blogpost  sparxmind  2017 
january 2017
So what's an ACEO? For the art collector in all of us | eBay
The first sentence of this definition appears as the official definition in a google search for: ACEO. Can you please swap the words "Editions" and "Originals" on your page. They aren't in the correct order. You currenly say, "ACEO stands for Art Card Originals and Editions". It should be "ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals".
commented  ebay  2016 
august 2016
A list of US presidents Superman's met | Anthony's Notes
I guess Superman can’t travel back in time! It would be cool to see him meet Abraham Lincoln. Or better yet, William H. Taft, because he is a fellow ISFJ with Superman. (ISFJ being the Myers-Briggs personality type)
commented  blogpost  anthonynotes  2016 
august 2016
Host your own Olympics in Chicago today - Spudart
Ask any kid that grew up in the 80s if they had their own Olympics in their backyard or street, and I bet most did. Maybe this would be true of kids from other decades, but being an 80s kid myself, I know all my friends made up their own events. In our Olympics, we had wiffleball, croquet, and Big Wheel sidewalk races.
commented  blogpost  spudart.org  2016 
august 2016
th Art Museum | Musea Zine
I would love to see more drawings of your museum.
commented  blogpost  musea  2016 
august 2016
How do comic sales compare to sales of other types of media? | Anthony's Notes
Wow. Thank you for this comparison. Whenever people say “XYZ industry makes x-billion”, I never know just how big or small that is.

I’m impressed by the comic book revenue compared to other media. Comics make nearly 10% of movies!? Movies always seemed to be such a large industry. But compared to books (or even, newspapers?!), movies don’t seem to make that much.

Rather amusing on the CD point. People are still buying CDs? It would be fun to be a Best Buy cashier for a week, just to see who buys CDs. I say a week instead of a day, because it might take that long until someone purchases a CD!
commented  blogpost  anthonynotes  2016 
august 2016
The Ghost in the MP3
I really appreciate the in-depth technical specs in this interview. I initially heard Ryan on another podcast where it was more for a general audience. Curious about his project, I looked on iTunes for other podcasts with him, and I found your interview.
commented  blogpost  dataskeptic  2016 
july 2016
Verizon to buy Yahoo for $4.8 billion | Anthony's Notes
If you’d like your tumblr account to be more active, you can connect it to Youtube to auto-post videos that you like. This can be done via IFTTT. There used to be an IFTTT recipe to auto-post picture you like on instagram, but instagram removed that ability from their API. (In other words, Instagram is a really bad service and continues to get worse. I’m a huge fan of flickr). You can still use IFTTT to auto-post your flickr favs. Flickr is a FAR superior service, in terms of features, compared to Instagram.
commented  blogpost  anthonynotes  2016 
july 2016
The Shelf Life of Political Art
When I saw the headline for this story, I was expecting an analysis of political art in the past, and its place in art history.
commented  blogpost  hyperallergic  thomas  micchellli  2016 
july 2016
Annotate and highlight with feedly Pro on Vimeo
I'm very excited to see these highlight and note features inside Feedly. Are there any plans on connecting these features as triggers in IFTTT? (also, is there supposed to be no audio on this video?)
commented  video  feedly  2016 
july 2016
Livescribe 3 Smartpen Black Edition Revealed, Available Now - Livescribe NewsLivescribe News
Do you have a video that demonstrates how a livescribe pen can annotate a PDF? Not export to a PDF. But when I write on a printout, how does that work where the annotations record onto the printout?
commented  blogpost  livescribe  2016 
july 2016
RIP VCRs: The final VCR maker is ending production | Anthony's Notes
I have VCR tapes where I would record snippets of Cubs games. It's sorta like a mixtape from the radio. Although with baseball, you don't know what will happen, so I would often re-record over and over until I got an at bat where a player got a hit.
commented  blogpost  anthonynotes  2016 
july 2016
Leaving the Nation | Chris Thilk
I've really enjoyed your social media industry coverage. Before I found your writing, I always desired a single spot to catch up on what's happening in the social media world. Certainly, there's plenty of people covering it, but I desired to have my source be local. Your article summaries were excellent. They weren't just re-quoting bits and pieces of the article, bu instead you gave insight into each article. What it really means for people who use the various channels. Thank you very much for your coverage. When I hear of any opportunities for you, I will definitely let you know.
commented  blogpost  christhilk  2016 
july 2016
An "Invisible Man" Becomes Visible | The Art Institute of Chicago
What a wonderful restoration! The clean sky very much changes the meaning of the photo. The dirty sky gives a grungy world view. This clean view gives much emphasis on the tonality.
commented  blogpost  artic  krista  lough  2016 
july 2016
Still Standing | Carless in Chicago
I hope you get your blog posts back up soon. I'd like a little flavor of your book, "Carless in Chicago" before I purchase it.
commented  blogpost  carlessinchicago  2016 
july 2016
Subfolders. – Customer Feedback & Knowledge Base for Feedly
This is my #1 request for Feedly to implement. I need it.
commented  request  feedly  board  2016 
july 2016
The Ramblings of a Chicagoan: An Album a Night in Its Entirety
When you listen to the album in its entirety, are you doing other things?
commented  blogpost  ramblingsofachicagoan  2016 
july 2016
Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: Request for Last FM Scrobbling for Amazon MP3
I would buy an Echo if it could scrobble to last.fm. But since it cannot scrobble to last.fm, I am not buying an Echo.
commented  amazon  2016 
july 2016
The Ramblings of a Chicagoan: Blog Ideas
All three posts are great ideas! Give them a shot and see which one resonates with you the most. Or perhaps you might even find that all three resonate with you.

When you say, "don't be afraid of longer written pieces", I've actually found that thinking about writing longer pieces have prevented me from blogging altogether. I've read that Google likes longer blog posts (and so does social sharing), so in my mind, I think that I have to write long. And so then I don't write anything altogether. I need to not be afraid of posting shorter items. Long items are good, but it's also good to post the quick short items too.
commented  blogpost  ramblingsofachicagoan  2016 
june 2016
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