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Everett — Everett 1.0.dev0 documentation
This library tries to do configuration with minimal "fanciness".

Configuration with Everett:

is composeable and flexible
makes it easier to provide helpful error messages for users trying to configure your software
supports auto-documentation of configuration with a Sphinx autocomponent directive
supports easy testing with configuration override
can pull configuration from a variety of specified sources (environment, ini files, dict, write-your-own)
supports parsing values (bool, int, lists of things, classes, write-your-own)
supports key namespaces
supports component architectures
works with whatever you're writing--command line tools, web sites, system daemons, etc

Everett is inspired by python-decouple and configman.
config  configuration  environment  python 
august 2018 by mattkatz
configman 1.0 documentation
Mozilla config option - does command line, env and files
configman is a package that paves over the differences between various configuration methods to achieve a smooth road of cooperation between them.
config  configuration  python  python2  python3  mozilla 
august 2018 by mattkatz

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