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Mersey Burns
Mersey Burns is an app for iPhone and Android to help doctors quickly and accurately prescribe resuscitation fluids to seriously burned people in emergencies. I wrote it as a side-project in my spare time around 2011 when I was planning to change career from the military into software development. Along the way, my collaborators and I figured out how to get an app into use by the UK’s National Health Service and how to regulate a phone app as a medical device.
business  health  ios  firstaid  software 
august 2018 by masukomi
Tracking Your Pain - Spine Care News & Articles
lists a number of key aspects to record onset, duration, aggravating factors, etc.
paintracking  health 
april 2018 by masukomi
Tracking pain | Stanford Medicine
How health data provided by patients adds up to better care
paintracking  health 
april 2018 by masukomi
I started collecting ER bills. The American Hospital Association started warning its members. - Vox
they want to collect copies of your medical bills to see what people are being charged.
health  money 
december 2017 by masukomi
Fatigue is a Brain-Derived Emotion that Regulates the Exercise Behavior to Ensure the Protection of Whole Body Homeostasis
fatigue is predominantly an emotion, part of a complex regulation, the goal of which is to protect the body from harm.
july 2016 by masukomi
Hesperian Health Guides | Knowledge for Action – Action for Health
Hesperian Health Guides is a nonprofit health information and health education source that supports individuals and communities in their struggles to realize the right to health. We develop easy to read materials that are produced in many languages. All are available through our bookstore and the new Hesperian Digital Commons.
education  health  reference  book 
september 2013 by masukomi
The automatic meal planner - Eat This Much
Eat This Much automatically creates meal plans with your
personalized, nutrition targets, food preferences, and budget,
and then sends them to you every week with a grocery list.
food  health  fitness 
may 2013 by masukomi
Quantified Self | Self Knowledge Through NumbersQuantified Self | Self Knowledge Through Numbers
A place for people interested in self-tracking to gather, share knowledge and experiences, and discover resources
health  visualization  tracking  statistics 
february 2013 by masukomi
Ergonomic Workspace Planner, Workstation Installation Tool
helps you figure out the appropriate height for a sitting and standing desk for someone of your height.
standingdesk  health 
september 2012 by masukomi

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