xarthurx/taskwarrior.vim: vim interface for TaskWarrior
vim interface for TaskWarrior. Contribute to xarthurx/taskwarrior.vim development by creating an account on GitHub.
vimworks  todolist  plugins 
7 hours ago
gobuffalo/pop: A Tasty Treat For All Your Database Needs
Pop makes it easy to do CRUD operations, run migrations, and build/execute queries. - follows the ActiveRecord pattern.
golang  sqlite  database  mysql  opensource  programming  library 
14 hours ago
Buffalo – Rapid Web Development in Go
A Go web development framework,
designed to make the life of a Go web
developer easier. AND Convince Rails users to use Go. ;)
go  framework  programming  opensource  rails 
spf13/cobra: A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions
Cobra is both a library for creating powerful modern CLI applications as well as a program to generate applications and command files.
cli  go  opensource  programming  library 
itchyny/calendar.vim: A calendar application for Vim
A calendar application for Vim. Contribute to itchyny/calendar.vim development by creating an account on GitHub.
vim  calendaring  todolist  plugins  vimworks 
4 days ago
Dianne Skoll's Personal Web Site - Remind - Software Projects
Remind is a sophisticated calendar and alarm program. It includes the following features:
calendaring  cli  opensource  software 
4 days ago
trashserver.net | trashserver.net XMPP
trashserver.net is a free XMPP-Server - powered with 100 % green energy 🍀 and hosted in Germany.
networking  chat  jabber 
5 days ago
Ruby on Jets | The Ruby Serverless Framework
Ruby on Jets allows you to create and deploy serverless services with ease, and to seamlessly glue AWS services together with Ruby. It includes everything you need to build an API and deploy it to AWS Lambda.
aws  lambda  ruby  serverless  framework 
6 days ago
Best Way to Convert Photo to 100% Hand-Drawn Painting – Koonchi
We transform your photos into 100% hand-drawn, beautiful, paintings.
shopping  misc  art 
6 days ago
SARnet - Home
"...a series of antennas across Florida that are networked via microwave. They support analog audio in and out but transfer across the network digitally. The result is the ability to transmit to the entirety of the state from a single frequency on something as small as an HT. The backbone has a 45mbps transfer rate over the microwave, which will never be saturated by analog audio" It's backed by the florida DoT
6 days ago
WildDuck Mail Server – Self hosted modern mail server
WildDuck Mail Server

Self hosted modern mail server
email  server  opensource 
7 days ago
Humane by Design
a guide to building humane software
accessability  design  ethics  reference 
7 days ago
Yet Another Dotfiles Manager - yadm
When you live in a command line, configurations are a deeply personal thing. They are often crafted over years of experience, battles lost, lessons learned, advice followed, and ingenuity rewarded. When you are away from your own configurations, you are an orphaned refugee in unfamiliar and hostile surroundings. You feel clumsy and out of sorts. You are filled with a sense of longing to be back in a place you know. A place you built. A place where all the short-cuts have been worn bare by your o...
linux  unix  osx  tool  useful  python  opensource  programming 
7 days ago
Project Manage Your Job Search | Smartsheet
advice on things to track when managing your job search.
9 days ago
About AppCenter Payments – elementary – Medium
how Elementary OS helps devs earn money on free apps
blog  business 
10 days ago
Open source collaborative text editors
Open source collaborative text editors (as of 2019)
collaboration  editor 
10 days ago
mum4k/termdash: Terminal based dashboard.
Termdash is a cross-platform customizable terminal based dashboard.
cli  dashboard  graphing  graphics  go  opensource  programming 
11 days ago
gdamore/tcell: Tcell is an alternate terminal package, similar in some ways to termbox, but better in others.
Tcell is an alternate terminal package, similar in some ways to termbox, but better in others.
go  cli  graphics  programming  opensource 
11 days ago
Visa List - Know where you can travel with your passport tension free
Know where you can travel with your passport tension free.
Find visa requirements and document checklist for 238+ countries .
As a traveler, it's important to have a visa ready for your exotic trips 😉🌴☀️.
You get no more contradicting, confusing and outdated information about visas.
travel  useful 
13 days ago
Ultralist: Task management for tech folks
Ultralist is a simple, powerful, open source task management system for the command line. Syncable across devices. Plus hosted webapp (not free)

* tagging
* dates
* contexts
* people
opensource  todolist  cli  software  go 
13 days ago
myitcv/govim: govim is a Go development plugin for Vim8, written in Go
a Go development plugin for Vim8, much like vim-go. But unlike vim-go, govim is written in Go, not VimScript.
go  vim  plugins 
15 days ago
Make a web frame with Raspberry Pi in 30 minutes
make a photo gallery displaying ...screen thing.
diy  hardware  howto  raspberrypi 
16 days ago
AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim: A vim plugin that simplifies the transition between multiline and single-line code
A vim plugin that simplifies the transition between multiline and single-line code - AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim
vim  vimworks  opensource  programming  plugins 
16 days ago
Shougo/neosnippet.vim: neo-snippet plugin
The Neosnippet plug-In adds snippet support to Vim. Snippets are small templates for commonly used code that you can fill in on the fly. The functionality of this plug-in is quite similar to plug-ins like snipMate.vim but you can choose snippets with the deoplete
vim  plugings  vimworks 
17 days ago
Use Mac OS X's Keychain for Password Retrieval in Mutt
This article explains a basic approach on how to use the security command, and a basic way of using it in a Mutt configuration file. I may present the Ruby wrapper script that I actually use in a future article.
security  mutt  osx  howto  blog 
19 days ago
lervag/wiki.vim: A wiki plugin for Vim
A wiki plugin for Vim. Contribute to lervag/wiki.vim development by creating an account on GitHub.
vim  plugins  opensourcehardware 
20 days ago
StreisandEffect/streisand: Streisand sets up a new server running your choice of WireGuard, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, or a Tor bridge. It also generates custom instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run
Streisand sets up a new server running your choice of WireGuard, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, or a Tor bridge. It also generates custom instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are given an HTML file with instructions that can be shared with friends, family members, and fellow activists. - can be set up on aws or anything similar
security  privacy  servers  opensource 
20 days ago
Vimiv is an image viewer with vim-like keybindings. It is written in python3 using the Gtk3 toolkit. Some of the features are:
vim  images  opensource  python 
20 days ago
blindFS/vim-taskwarrior: vim interface for taskwarrior
vim interface for taskwarrior. Contribute to blindFS/vim-taskwarrior development by creating an account on GitHub.
vim  plugin  todolist 
20 days ago
meain/vim-package-info: Vim plugin to quickly view info about the packages you use
It lets you view the latest version of each package of your dependency.
vim  programming  plugin  useful 
20 days ago
haya14busa/vim-edgemotion: Move to the edge!
motion is like j, k, but stops at edge only.
vim  plugin 
21 days ago
SmallData | Blog | Using gmail with mutt
a guide to configuring mutt to work with gmail
mutt  cli  email  howto 
23 days ago
xorhash/fh: file history with ed(1), diff(1), awk(1), sed(1) and sh(1)
fh records changes to a file on a per-file basis, similar to RCS and SCCS. It is, however, considerably more primitive.
opensource  cli  programming  tool  unix  linux  osx 
23 days ago
SQLiteSync PAID synchronization framework - Amplifier
AMPLI-SYNC is a PAID framework for synchronizing data between a Sqlite database and an MS SQL/MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL database. With this framework your application can work completely offline (Airplane Mode), then perform an automated Bidirectional Synchronization when an internet connection becomes available.
programming  library  software  database  sqlite 
24 days ago
Fusion/libui.cr: Crystal-lang bindings for libui
a cross platform gui toolkit bindings for crystal
crystal  graphics  gui  opensource 
24 days ago
ranger is a console file manager with VI key bindings.
cli  tool  software  useful  python 
27 days ago
francoiscabrol/ranger.vim: Ranger integration in vim and neovim
Ranger integration in vim and neovim. Contribute to francoiscabrol/ranger.vim development by creating an account on GitHub.
vim  plugins  opensource 
27 days ago
dirk/quickhook: Faster Git hook (pre-commit, etc.) runner
Quickhook is a fast, Unix'y, opinionated Git hook runner. It handles running all user-defined hooks, collecting their output, reporting failures, and exiting with a non-zero status code if appropriate.
git  opensource  go  programming  tool  useful 
28 days ago
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