The Trouble With Terminals - Omegacrash
Explains that BCE is "back color erase" and can improve performance.
3 days ago
YubiKey - ArchWiki
One best explainers on Yubikey
yubikey  security 
10 days ago
firecracker-microvm/firecracker: Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.
Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing. - firecracker-microvm/firecracker
13 days ago
google/vsaq: VSAQ is an interactive questionnaire application to assess the security programs of third parties.
VSAQ is an interactive questionnaire application to assess the security programs of third parties. - google/vsaq
security  google 
13 days ago
SingleSignOn - Community Help Wiki
Ubuntu can do desktop login and authentication and SSH authentication using LDAP and Kerberos.
ldap  sso 
14 days ago
rclone - rsync for cloud storage
Can work as a Linux FUSE-mounted file system for Google Drive.
chromeos  cloud 
15 days ago
Draw on Google maps; Label, save & share maps
Draw polygons to create thematic maps. Save, reload & share maps.
25 days ago
nassh - apps/libapps - Git at Google
Should document that:

"Connection and preference information is stored in the cloud, so if it gets removed locally for some reason, it'll come back. Identity files are not placed in sync storage though. If you delete your chrome profile or switch machines, you'll have to re-import them."
chromeos  documentation 
7 weeks ago
Tmux in practice: local and nested remote tmux sessions
Working with local and nested remote session experience with tmux2 and custom tmux configuration
8 weeks ago
Managing a developer shell with Docker - Henri Bergius in Berlin, Germany
Uses dotfiles, stow and Docker for a portable development environment.
docker  chromebook  dotfiles 
9 weeks ago
bergie/dotfiles: My Linux dotfiles
Uses Docker for portable development environment.
dotfiles  docker  chromebook 
9 weeks ago
Everything Connected | OAuth, OpenID Connect, JSON Web Tokens | Anvil Research, Inc.
Anvil Connect is a modern identity and access hub built to authenticate your users and protect your APIs using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
10 weeks ago
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