Map Radius
Measure radii on Google Maps.
google  maps  radius 
january 2013
A Baseline for Front-End Developers - Adventures in JavaScript Development
Great article about the skills we need as a front end developer in 2012
april 2012
Photoshop plugins
A nicely designed site providing popular and useful plugins for many versions of Photoshop
photoshop  plugin  plugins 
may 2011
Google JavaScript Style Guide
Google JS style guide is a set of very sensible recommendations and guidelines for writing Javascript. Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD. Take heed of their words!
code  google  js  development  javascript  reference  guide  guidelines 
october 2010
10 tips for designing mobile websites | These Days Labs
good tips on designing for iphone 4 with it's double density screen as well as other mobile devices
mobile  design  css  icons  images  iphone  iphone4 
july 2010
Super Mario Crossover
Play as one of many retro characters in the Mario Universe.
game  flash  8bit  awesome  crossover  mario 
april 2010
The Cheapening Of Comics :: Bill's Crusade
Bill Watterson's speech on the state of syndication and papers in 1989
comics_  comic_  syndication_  newspapers 
march 2010
Creative coincidences (Sheldon)
People can often come up with the same (or similar) idea at the same time. No one stole anyone elses idea, that's just the way it goes down! Good explanatory article
comic  comics  creativity  coincidence  coincidences  jokes  theft  stealing 
december 2009
Automatically generate sprites from the background images on your page.
sprite  generator  css  csssprites  bookmarklet  javascript 
november 2009
When can I use...
Tables of past present and future browser support for certain 'new' web technologies. It's an interesting list, even if just to learn about things you may not have heard of!
web  design  development  browser  css3  javascript  html  standards  browsers  html5  support 
november 2009
Hybrid Onboarding - Google Code Blog
Integrating registration into Gmail using openID and oAuth.
openid  oauth  google  gmail  registration 
november 2009
CSV Comma Separated Value File Format
Possibly all you could ever want to know about the CSV file format and Excel.
csv  file  format  microsoft  excel 
october 2009
The Mysterious “Save For Web” Color Shift | Viget Inspire
Ever been gotcha'd by the photoshop colour shift when saving for web? Me too. This is how to fix it.
photoshop  saveforweb  images  web  colour  color 
september 2009
How to configure iPhone for SSL
Certificates on your iPhone. Very useful.
iphone  ssl  certificates  mail  email 
july 2009
Using IE6, IE7 and IE8 Virtual PC images on Mac using VM Fusion ...
How to convert your Microsoft VPC images to VMWare format. You can then use them on VMWare Fusion or import more than one into Sun's VirtualBox which is better because it's free!
fusion  virtual  vmware  vpc  mac  osx  ie  windows 
may 2009
Fonts available for @font-face embedding -
List of fonts available to use legally using @font-face
fonts  font  web  embed  css3  free  @font-face  embedding  webfonts 
may 2009 - Shortest URLs on Earth
Officially the best and shortest URL shortening service out there. Probably will not work with most URL regexes though...
url  short  tiny  tool  unicode 
march 2009
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4
Create a new keyboard layout with custom mappings. This is a great tool for Mac users stuck on Windows. You can remap your keys to whatever you like (eg Alt = Ctrl for Mac-like copy/paste) and fix any errors with the mappings if you are using a mac keyboard on Windows
keyboard  layout  tools  download  mac  windows 
march 2009
sIFR lite
An OOJS version of everyone's favourite inline font replacement library. Heaps smaller and with a few extra features.
javascript  css  flash  sifr  lite  font  replacement  typography 
january 2009
Designing for Dyslexics: Part 1 of 3 -
Useful commentary on another type of accessibility. Check for parts 2 and 3 in the related articles.
dyslexia  accessibility 
january 2009
DD_roundies: Another (better?) round-corner HTML box concept
Another solution to the age-old problem of rounded corners.
rounded  corners  fix  ie  png 
december 2008
Download details: IE App Compat VHD
Get yer windows images preloaded with IE 6, 7 and 8 here. Essential for any web developer!
virtualization  ie6  ie7  windows  microsoft  vpc  developer  images 
november 2008
Cappuccino Web Framework - Build Desktop Class Applications in Objective-J and JavaScript
Ooh this is interesting! It's Javascript but not as we know it. I can't even think how you'd start debugging this.
objective-j  cappuccino  framework  webdev 
november 2008
frequency decoder ~ Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget Update
Looks like a nice date picker here. Must test for screen readers...
date  calendar  javascript  picker 
october 2008
A List Apart: Articles: Look at it Another Way
Great article about looking at things from a different perspective. Really useful for interaction design, problem solving... and life in general.
usability  interaction  design  perspective 
october 2008
Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel
Look at which sites are storing what about you - where cookies fear to tread!
flash  cookies  settings  adobe  security  privacy 
october 2008
Bring on the tables | 456 Berea Street
I always forget the exact syntax especially when headers need more than just 'scope'. Very useful and well thought out article.
tables  html  design  accessibility 
october 2008
WebAIM: Blog - History of the browser user-agent string
Why doesn't everyone just call their browser what it is and let all the sites that use browser sniffing look like shite?
browsers  useragent  history  IE  firefox  chrome  safari  mozilla 
september 2008
Google on Google Chrome - comic book
Hot damn! Google has a browser AND a comic explaining it!
google  browser  webkit  chrome  comic 
september 2008
Accessible Tables
Useful resource on creating accessible tables
tables  accessibility  html  reference  standards 
august 2008
Get Started with CSS 3 - Webmonkey
Nice Webmokney tutorial to introduce some of the new features CSS 3 brings to the table
css  css3  tutorial  design  development 
august 2008
iPhone GUI PSD
Photoshop file with iPhone interface elements - useful for design
iphone  design  gui  photoshop  psd 
august 2008
SimpleBits ~ Use the Best Available Ampersand
Very interesting little article on the humble &
typography  webdesign  css  ampersand  fonts  web 
august 2008
Dr. Horrible
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. You must see this. You will probably have to pay for it by the time you read this but do - it'll be worth it!
video  josswhedon  funny  humor  blog  entertainment  film  dr  horrible 
july 2008
Defender of the Favicon
Play defender in your Favicon! Give yourself tunnel vision!
javascript  favicon  game  defender  hack 
july 2008
tap tap tap ~ tasty bits for your iPhone
A fine example of some very fine web design
iphone  apps  design 
july 2008
My DebugBar | IETester / HomePage
Program to test multiple versions of IE. Needs IE7 installed to be useful.
IE  legacy  testing  development  versions  browser 
july 2008
Show Us a Better Way: What public data is already available?
Something to make a mashup with in the future? This is a vast collection of (anonymous) public data. Neighbourhood data, transport, health care, schools... All there. Cool.
uk  statistics  data 
july 2008
A List Apart: Articles: Getting Out of Binding Situations in JavaScript
Bloody good article explaining binding and touching on closures in JavaScript. Essential.
javascript  binding  closures 
july 2008 : The Accessibility Checklist I V...
Good guide to basic accessibility checks. Don't 100% agree with the Dynamic Content point though (as we are developing ways around that!)
accessibility  checklist 
july 2008
Are larger buffers always better ?
Interesting article about MySQL buffer sizes.
mysql  buffer  performance 
june 2008
Internet overhaul wins approval
Interesting... this will make domain validation via regex vastly more difficult...
internet  domain  tld  future 
june 2008
Tag Galaxy
Amazing 3D space photos!
flickr  3d  visualization  photos  flash  tag 
june 2008
Amazing 3D interactive flash
flash  3d  design 
june 2008
25 resources for ornaments, fleurons, and "frilly bits" ~ Authentic Boredom
Very handy for all sorts of frilly designs, whatever medium you're working with!
resources  graphics  design  ornaments 
june 2008, home of web comic "Pirates!"
Web comic updated weekly, every Sunday. All about the antics of a crew of hapless pirates.
comic  webcomic  pirates  pirate 
may 2006
Tra5hTa1k (Trash Talk) Episode 7
Awesome show with video about a code monkey... everybody wins!
trash  talk  game  show  code  monkey 
may 2006
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