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Off the wall: the enduring impact of the printed poster | Art and design | The Guardian
t New York’s recently opened Poster House museum, three exhibits sum up the poster’s impact on life and culture. At one end is an ad by Raymond Savignac for French soap brand Monsavon. In the gallery next to it are hand-painted Ghanaian film posters – a rich tradition sadly falling victim to the lurid charms of digital printing. Downstairs is a display from the Women’s Marches in the US.
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24 days ago by markogara
Good Design is Good Business
I'm an art director in NYC at Ogilvy for IBM. I'm also a design nerd and into the importance of archiving. This is a little spot where I'm saving some beautiful IBM work I come across in the form of hi-res posters.
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may 2014 by markogara
grain edit · Mimmo Castellano: Posters and Packaging
Mimmo Castellano is an award-winning graphic designer and photographer who got his start in the port city of Bari located in the South-East corner of Italy. It was here that he landed a position with Laterza, a prominent publishing house, where he designed many of the book covers. This collaboration would last for over twenty years. In the late 60s he moved to Milan to further his career as a designer and taught at the European Institute of Design. In more recent years he has been researching digital imaging connected with photography and photomechanics.
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april 2013 by markogara
‘Six Architects’ posters by Andrea Gallo | ArchDaily
We saw this incredible set of posters from iconic architects created by artist Andrea Gallo and felt the need to share them with you. They will be available for sale soon, so we look forward to buy one and decorate our office! Which one would you get? Check the posters of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, Alvar Aalto and Walter Gropius after the break.
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april 2013 by markogara
A Tour Through Windom with Aaron Horkey | Hi-Fructose Magazine
Nestled away in the tiny town of Windom is one of the great art shows of the year. For its opening, fans and collectors from around the country descended upon this sleepy town to take in Aaron Horkey’s Midwestern Heart retrospective show. Though Horkey has shown in settings alongside contemporaries such as James Jean and David Choe, Midwestern Heart remains in the town of Horkey’s childhood, accessible to his friends, family and the local community.
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june 2012 by markogara
sam's myth
Criterion Collection cover designer.
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april 2012 by markogara - An Andrei Tarkovsky Information Site
WELCOME. is meant as a tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky, arguably one of the most significant filmmakers of the 20th century. This non-commercial site is aimed at Andrei Tarkovsky scholars and other interested parties. The site was initially launched on August 1, 2001. Donations of materials relevant to this project are gratefully accepted. Submissions may be done via email to or by regular mail to the address at the bottom of the page.
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march 2012 by markogara
Adrian Curry Posts in Notebook | MUBI
Excellent selection of well designed movie posters, curated by Adrian Curry.
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february 2012 by markogara
Mondo: The Archive
Tom Whalen's Mondo archive.
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february 2012 by markogara
A True Visionary Gives Chicago A Landmark Branding Campaign Circa 1920-30 — Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers
The thought of Chicago in the 1920’s usually conjures up images of gangsters, Prohibition, and other Roaring 20’s clichés, but there was another movement in the Chicago area that encompassed this decade. It inhabits the world of graphic art and has gone relatively unheralded, especially outside the Windy City region – The Insull Transit Posters.
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january 2012 by markogara
Punk rock posters in a modern style.
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january 2012 by markogara
typo/graphic posters
Crap flash site with nice work.
march 2010 by markogara
Alki1's photosets on Flickr
Collection of design from across Flickr.
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july 2007 by markogara
Stanley Picker Gallery
Vaughan Oliver exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery.
january 2007 by markogara
Posters and prints
may 2006 by markogara
Posters and print design.
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february 2006 by markogara

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