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Monokai is the lab of Wimer Hazenberg
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3 days ago by markogara
Palefroi is Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff. They meet in Berlin in 2011 and discover that they share the same drive and energy toward screen printing. Multiplying projects together, they decide to formalize their partnership in 2013 by creating Palefroi, a framework which embraces all of their practices, the self-publishing of books and prints in particular.
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5 weeks ago by markogara
RA: The Art Of Production: Maya Jane Coles
Ever since Real Tone Records released What They Say in 2010, Maya Jane Coles has been in the spotlight. She was just 22 years old then and had already been making music for years. In the decade since, she's amassed a staggering body of work that includes original material under her own name and as Nocturnal Sunshine, much of which she releases herself via her label, I/AM/ME. Since Maya Jane Coles released her first record in 2008, she has put out four solo albums, over 30 singles and EPs and more than 100 remixes for artists including Little Dragon and The Orb.
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5 weeks ago by markogara
Simple-ish Sites / Jon-Kyle
Never one to leave well enough alone, I’ve made some changes to my personal infrastructure since last time around. As always, it’s not the technology itself, but what it affords which is important. These affordances are not constants, and as the tech has changed over time so too has my position.
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march 2019 by markogara
A Big Article About Wee Things - ProPublica
And that's what this post is about: wee things. Specifically, the wee things that we see as part of graphics, maps, visualizations (wee things in space) as well as the wee things we experience as part of interactions, navigation, and usability (wee things in time). This means everything from sequences of small graphics that help us make comparisons, to tiny locator maps that help orient us within a larger graphic, to navigation icons that give hints about how we should make our way around a page.
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october 2014 by markogara
The Great Discontent: Nicholas Felton
Widely known for his beautifully designed, information rich Personal Annual Reports, a self-initiated project that he began almost a decade ago, Nicholas Felton has influenced the way we view and think about data. We spoke with Nicholas while he was knee-deep in his latest Annual Report, just weeks after the launch of his gorgeous Reporter iPhone app. He shared about his path into design, his decision to focus on data visualization, his recent transition back to the East Coast after two years at Facebook, and his hope of not only liberating our data, but also making us aware of how valuable it really is.
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march 2014 by markogara
Beautiful portfolio site for Accurat.
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december 2013 by markogara
Well-formed data » Where the wild bees are
The project was based on a published piece of research, providing me not only with existing data, but also results of scientific analysis, and a thorough description of how the data was gathered, and how it can be interpreted. In a nutshell, the study was looking at how bee-plant interactions have changed at a specific site over time, by looking at the results of a study from the late 19th century on which bee species would fly to which plants, repeating the same study today, and then looking at the differences. While the paper is pretty explicit about the results, unfortunately, the main graphic I was commissioned to redesign did not really help much in understanding the gist of the research.
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november 2013 by markogara
Break It Down
Lots of people aren't using their brown bin. We want to find out why and help you to understand the food waste cycle.
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august 2013 by markogara
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