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Flow fields are also something that many programmers reach for early on when they first get into creating algorithmic artwork, but few take the time to polish their use and explore the crazy variety of ways they be used. In this post, I'm going to cover the basics of flow fields, suggestions for different variations on their use, and tips for making them look good.
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14 days ago by markogara
Draw all roads in a city at once
This website renders every single road within a city.
maps  art  tools 
18 days ago by markogara
Off the wall: the enduring impact of the printed poster | Art and design | The Guardian
t New York’s recently opened Poster House museum, three exhibits sum up the poster’s impact on life and culture. At one end is an ad by Raymond Savignac for French soap brand Monsavon. In the gallery next to it are hand-painted Ghanaian film posters – a rich tradition sadly falling victim to the lurid charms of digital printing. Downstairs is a display from the Women’s Marches in the US.
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28 days ago by markogara
Everest Pipkin
Everest Pipkin is a drawing and software artist from Bee Caves, Texas, who produces intimate work with large data sets. Through the use of online archives, big data repositories, and other resources for digital information, they aim to reclaim the corporate internet as a space that can be gentle, ecological, and personal.
art  code  data  illustration  drawing 
october 2019 by markogara
Make your mark: the enduring joy of drawing | Art and design | The Guardian
From the Lascaux caves to the notepad doodle, we have always been drawn to draw. On the eve of the UK’s first art fair dedicated to drawing, we celebrate the freest and first of all art forms.
articles  guardian  art  drawing 
april 2019 by markogara
How to achieve scale in your paintings | Creative Bloq
In this tutorial we will go over some basic principles that will help communicate the idea of large scale in your own pieces. I'm using pencils and oils for this tutorial, but you can also apply these principles to your digital artwork. Conveying a sense of scale isn’t just a matter of drawing huge objects within your scene. Those objects must appear correct relative to other elements, through the use of value, colour theory, repetition, viewpoint and so on. Photographic lenses and their relationship to apparent scale is a little-understood aspect of illustration and will also be covered. As always, basic lighting design, colour choices and composition will strengthen your work.
art  illustration  tips  tutorial  painting 
february 2019 by markogara
Generated Space is the result of a year-long endeavour to make computers do unexpected things. It presents a wide range of different generative algorithms; from organic flow fields and particle systems to rigid fractals and grammar-based shapes. Some more serious than others.
All the code is open source and available on GitHub, so feel free to change and improve upon any sketches that interests you.
generative  art  gallery 
february 2019 by markogara
Paris Review – The Beauty of Code, Vikram Chandra
Beautiful code is lucid, it is easy to read and understand; its organization, its shape, its architecture reveals intent as much as its declarative syntax does. Each small part is coherent, singular in its purpose, and although all these small sections fit together like the pieces of a complex mosaic, they come apart easily when one element needs to be changed or replaced.
art  programming  code  essay  parisreview 
september 2014 by markogara
BBC - Future - Can synaesthesia be learnt?
Synaesthesia was first recorded medically by Gustav Fechner in 1812, and since then estimates have put the number of people experiencing the effect at anywhere between 1 in 2,000 and 1 in 23. The difficulty in knowing how many people experience synaesthesia is that like Colizoli, many people do not realise they experience the world any differently to other people. Even defining synaesthesia can be tricky because of the different ways in how people experience it.
art  science  synaesthesia 
june 2014 by markogara
This Exquisite Forest - jonobr1
This Exquisite Forest is an experimental website that serves as a gallery of user-generated collaborative animations.
art  installation 
may 2014 by markogara
Space Colony Artwork 1970s
Three space colony summer studies were conducted at NASA Ames in the 1970s. A number of artistic renderings of the concepts were made. These have been scanned and are available here as small, medium, large, and publication quality jpeg images. Scans by David Brandt-Erichsen.
art  space  nasa  colony 
april 2014 by markogara
FRITZ KAHN » Gallery
This is only an appetizer for the fascinating world of images that emerges in the books of Fritz Kahn. An extended selection of more than 350 images, several of them as originals, is offered in the monographic coffee-table book FRITZ KAHN.
art  illustration  design 
december 2013 by markogara
When Edward Gorey Illustrated Dracula: Two Masters of the Macabre, Together | Brain Pickings
As if knowing that the great Edward Gorey illustrated a small stable of little-known and wonderful paperback covers for literary classics weren’t enough of a treat, how thrilling it is to know that he also illustrated the occasional entire volume, from classic fairy tales to H. G. Wells’s War of the Worlds to T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. But out of all his literary reimaginings, by far the greatest fit for Gorey’s singular brand of darkly delightful visual magic is Edward Gorey’s Dracula (public library), a special edition of the Bram Stoker classic originally published in 1977 and eventually adapted as a magnificent toy theater of die-cut foldups and foldouts.
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october 2013 by markogara
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