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Carving Pixels
Carving Pixels - design for devlopers - via @usabilitypost
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october 2011 by mariofischer
Updated Coda plugin list - [ ]
RT : Post - Updated list of useful plugins for that use the wonderful tool by
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may 2011 by mariofischer
Hating to use phpmyadmin from your hosting provider? I found Adminer to be a good replacement:
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may 2011 by mariofischer
CocoaDev: IFVerticallyExpandingTextField
NSTextView *utilityTextView = [[NSTextView alloc] initWithFrame:[self frame]];
[utilityTextView setString:[self stringValue]];
[[utilityTextView layoutManager] glyphRangeForTextContainer:[utilityTextView textContainer]]; // force layout
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april 2011 by mariofischer
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