Modaal is a WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessible modal plugin
modal  dialog  accessibility 
january 2017
Voca Documentation
The Voca library offers helpful functions to make string manipulations comfortable: change case, trim, pad, slugifly, latinise, sprintf'y, truncate, escape and much more. The modular design allows to load the entire library, or individual functions to minimize the application builds. The library is fully tested, well documented and long-term supported.
javascript  string-manipulation 
december 2016
Designing Imaginative Style Guides
(Living) style guides and (atomic) patterns libraries are
december 2016
Performant Parallaxing
Love it or hate it, parallaxing is here to stay. When used judiciously it can add depth and subtlety to a web app. The problem, however, is that implementing parallaxing in a performant way can be
performance  css  parallax 
december 2016
The 100% correct way to do CSS breakpoints
Take a look at the dots above. Notice how some of them are clumped together, and some of them spread out? What I want you to do is break them up into five groups for me, however you see fit.Go ahead.
responsive  css  media-queries 
november 2016
Getting Started with Dotfiles
Let's draw a situation. Your computer breaks down. And I don't mean the classic "Dammit, my computer broke down, better get it fixed". No, I mean the "Oh shit, my HD is totally fried, I lost
october 2016
How To Use WebPageTest and its API
While the richness and interactivity of the average website has changed dramatically over the last decade, the same can be said about the expectations of those who consume it. This page has a list of
webpagetest  performance 
october 2016
Building a Shopify Theme
Shopify is an ecommerce platform that offers themeable store fronts online. I worked alongside the wonderful folks at Studio Tangerine to develop a Shopify theme. I
october 2016
SVG has more potential
Some things you can do with SVG that you might not have seen, and perhaps not even considered possible.
svg  responsive 
september 2016
The Building Blocks Of Progressive Web Apps – Smashing Magazine
The common wisdom for most companies that set out to build an app is to build a native Android or iOS app, as well as a supporting website. Although there are some good reasons for that, not enough
web-app  service-worker 
september 2016
SVG Vector Effects
Get Source View Demo A few days ago, I ran into a little problem when using SVGs. I'd created a reusable set of SVG symbols for a project I was working on, and started sprucing it up with all the
svg  scale 
july 2016
The copy-paste guide to your first service-worker
There are a lot of tutorials on the web for Service Workers (many of which are very good), but there's a lot of reading too. So, this is me throwing my hat in with the fast and loose: copy
service-worker  offline 
june 2016
Cross Browser Autofill Form
A CodePen demo of a form with all modern autofill attribute values in place, cross-browser tested.
forms  autofill 
may 2016
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