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Stakeout: how the FBI tracked and busted a Chicago Anon
"we destroyed a big serious intel corp" ... DUMBSHIT AMATEURS: DON'T LEAVE TRACKS
march 2012 by maoxian
Exclusive: Nasdaq hackers spied on company boards
"Nasdaq had previously said that its trading platforms were not compromised by the hackers, but they attacked a Web-based software program called Directors Desk, used by corporate boards to share documents and communicate with executives, among other things.

By infecting Directors Desk, the hackers were able to access confidential documents and the communications of board directors, said Kellermann, chief technology officer at security technology firm AirPatrol Corp." ... NOT SURE HOW MARKET MOVING THOSE DOCS ARE
nasdaq  Hacks 
october 2011 by maoxian
“The Kindle Unswindle”: How to remove its DRM
"Two hackers with a weekly Justin.Tv show called Too Smart Guys created the following video detailing how you can remove the DRM (Direct Rights Management) from a legally purchased Kindle. To do it you’ll need The Kindle for PC Application (or virtualized windows or Wine), Python v. 2.6.4., the Unswindle Python script and supporting script. Watch this video for step-by-step detailed instructions." ... HIGH TIME!
hacks  amazon  from delicious
january 2011 by maoxian
DVD Knife 3.0 - Extract clips from your DVD by DVD Knife
funny, i was just thinking about how to clip that scene in Heat where pacino says "Cuz she's got a great ass! And you've got your head all the way up it."
Software  tools  Free  Hacks  dvd 
november 2009 by maoxian
Craiglook: Craigslist Search
i thought craig put the smackdown on these kinds of services
Free  Classifieds  Search  tools  Hacks 
september 2009 by maoxian
Tilted Twister
via stocktickr (twitter) .... [aside: always stunned to see google ads on a web page these days]
cool  gadgets  Toys  Games  Hacks  Baby 
june 2009 by maoxian
My $23/month iPhone
still using my RAZR which is covered in black tape, chic!
april 2009 by maoxian
quietube | YouTube without the distractions
"To watch YouTube videos without the comments and crap, just drag the button below to your browser toolbar."
youtube  Hacks 
march 2009 by maoxian
AutoHotkey -
recom by stocktickr (twitter) ... Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText
Software  Free  tools  Hacks 
february 2009 by maoxian
"The KEY to Serial Numbers!"
Hacks  Software 
july 2008 by maoxian
Cut and paste one line of code to make any website editable
"This is one of the ways scammers create fake screenshots, fake Adsense & affiliate earnings and even fake Paypal transactions."
Hacks  adsense 
july 2008 by maoxian
How to Beat Jet Lag
"One starvation cycle is enough to override the traditional light-based circadian clock" HMMM, DO I UNWITTINGLY DO THIS ALREADY?
Travel  HowTo  Health  Hacks  Cool 
may 2008 by maoxian
Super Memory
damn, that's an ugly website, but these guys sound like my kind of lunatics.
Hacks  HowTo  Language  Software  Learning  WhyGodCreatedTheInternet 
april 2008 by maoxian
via ": Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion!"
Cool  Free  Hacks  Internet  TV  YouTube 
october 2007 by maoxian
Pimp My Card: How to Skin Your Credit Card
materials ideas for "updating" driver's license?
HowTo  Hacks 
october 2007 by maoxian
moleskine indexing hack tool
i just use post it notes but this is a much more elegant (though permanent) solution
Hacks  GTD 
august 2007 by maoxian
Quick Firefox Tip: Single-key search tool
sweet didn't know about this but will quickly forget it and use ctrl F of course
Firefox  Hacks 
february 2007 by maoxian

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