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Saitenlage Einstellen
Die Saitenlage bezeichnet, wie hoch die Saiten über dem Griffbrett "liegen". Bei zu flacher Saitenlage schnarren die Saiten an den Bundstäbchen, ist die Saitenlage zu hoch, läßt sich die Gitarre nicht so leicht greifen und sie klingt speziell in den höheren Lagen unsauber.
Die folgenden Maße beschreiben den Abstand der Saiten über dem 12ten Bundstäbchen, gemessen von der Oberkante Bundstäbchen bis zur Unterkante der Saite. Das kleinere Maß gilt für die jeweils hohe Saite (Gitarre: e' / 1), das größere für die jeweils tiefe Saite (E / 6):
Richtwerte für Hohe Saitenlage Mittlere Saitenlage Flache Saitenlage
Klassikgitarren 3,2 - 4,0 mm 3,0 - 3,6 mm 2,8 - 3,2 mm
Westerngitarren 2,0 - 2,8 mm 1,8 - 2,4 mm 1,6 - 2,0 mm
Akustikbässe 3,0 - 3,6 mm 2,4 - 2,8 mm 2,0 - 2,4 mm
Mandolinen 2,0 - 2,4 mm 1,6 - 2,0 mm 1,2 - 1,6 mm
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january 2015 by mandoisland
Nut Action
Nut Action
If the nut is too low, the string will bump into the first fret when it is played and it will "buzz," even if the rest of the instrument is properly set up and working well.

If the nut is too high, playing at the first fret will be seriously impaired.

Is there an ideal height? In theory, yes. The ideal height would be just about the same as a fret's height in the same position as the nut. In practice, I've found that there are some musicians whose playing attack is so vigorous that they require the nut to be higher to avoid the open string buzz.
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january 2015 by mandoisland
String Action Gauge |
String action specs
The suggested measurements listed here refer to the string height at the 1st fret and also at a higher fret. Measured for the outermost bass and treble strings.

Mandolin Bass G Treble E

Action at the 1st fret .030" .020"
Action at the 17th fret .075" .065"
Relief: .005" at the 6th fret

Lay a straightedge across the frets and measure the clearance at the 8th. (Or put a capo at the 1st fret and press a string down at the highest fret — the string becomes the straightedge.)
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january 2015 by mandoisland
mandolin bridge setup
Some thoughts about adjustable mandolin bridge setup (also applies to archtop guitar bridges):
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january 2015 by mandoisland
mandolin setup specs in Technical Info Forum
I set my mandolins at:

flat neck (Dave Harvey showed me just how flat....),
nut slots at fret height,
G at .055" (1.4 mm) and e at .050" (1,27 mm - both 12th fret).

That's low, but not the lowest I've seen. Matt Flinner's Gilchrist was .005" lower when I measured it 10 years ago. Shawn Lane has played our Kentucky KM-1000 and liked the setup enough to comment favorably on it.

That's all I know.
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january 2015 by mandoisland
Collings Mandolin setup specs - Topic
String Height (measures top of fret to bottom of string):
Bass-side string height at 12th fret: 5/64" (1,98 mm)
Treble-side string height at 12th fret: 2/32" (1,59 mm)

Relief (measures distance from top of fret to bottom of string while fretting the 1st and 13th fret):
Relief at 5th Fret: .005"

Hopefully this will be useful information for others as well.
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january 2015 by mandoisland
Bridge Fitting Specifications - Dave Hynds Mandolin Luthier: S W France
Mandolin Bridge Fitting
What are we trying to achieve? When we have finished we aim to have a bridge, where....

1) the strings sit evenly spaced ON the saddle;
2) the foot of the bridge itself makes good clean contact with the sound table's curved top;
and 3) the height of the strings above the 12th fret, gives us a low, easy, playing action.
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january 2015 by mandoisland
The Folkmusician Mandolin Setup
4/64 inch entspr. 1.59 mm am 12. Bund

Once our fretwork is complete, the bridge height can be set based on a player's picking style rather that buzzing due to uneven frets. We find that most players will like the action set at 4/64th at the 12th fret under the G string (A little lower on the E). When set at 4/64ths a player can get reasonably aggressive without buzzing. If a player is a light picker, the action can go lower. Ultimately, the action can be determined by you, the player, not instrument limitations.
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