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Charles B. Brown
Charles B. Brown was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to German immigrant William Brown and his German bride Carbina Wilhelmina Buchs. His younger siblings included George (1872), Emma (1874), William (1876), Albert (1878), and Wilhelmina (1880). Although he later reported his birth year as 1870, the 1880 enumeration, taken in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, showed him to be eleven, so it was potentially 1869. The record also showed the senior Brown working for the railroad at a train prance cover Milwaukee and surrounding areas had a heavy Germanic population by this time, which is, in part, how it became a center for breweries, as well as for fine music.
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Rag´s Rag - free ragtime music and scores
If you are looking for free high quality ragtime piano and ragtime orchestra music and scores you have come to the right place.

The Piano rolls page contains 187 authentic ragtime piano rolls converted to mp3-format without loss of sound quality. Although most of these recordings were sequenced by skilled arrangers - especially the ones recorded during the first 10 - 15 years of the ragtime era ca 1898 - 1918, some of the ones presented here were actually hand played by their respective composer - among them four with Scott Joplin playing his own compositions.
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Ragtime guitar - Bobby Napier
Ragtime guitar - Bobby Napier
pdf download
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The Rags of George L. Cobb by Ted Tjaden
Ragtimes von George Linus Cobb - diese sind public domain
eventuell Bearbeitungen machen für Mandoline / Gitarre?
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Early Jazz in Kalamazoo (1917-1925) - Kalamazoo Public Library
Early Jazz in Kalamazoo (1917-1925)

“...we can’t tell you what a ‘Jass’ Band is because we don’t know ourselves. As for what it does—it makes dancers want to dance more—and more—and yet more!” —Kalamazoo Gazette, 20 May 1917
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Ragtime Sources by Ted Tjaden
Ragtime Sources

by Ted Tjaden

Set out below is information on sources of ragtime music, organized into the following categories:

1) Books on Ragtime
2) Print Sources of Ragtime Music
3) Online Sources of Ragtime Music
4) Essential Recordings of Ragtime Music
5) Ragtime Organizations
6) Major Ragtime Websites
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Ragtime (The Library of Congress Presents: Music, Theater and Dance)
mit Biografien, Essays, Interviews, Audiofiles und mehr als 100 Ragtime - Noten!
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