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generactive :: generative + interactive + art + design Processing Sketch to Processing JS Converter - generactive :: generative + interactive + art + design
Ever want to convert your Processing sketch (.pde) into a Processing JS (.pjs) Javascript format? I did, so I ended up building a quick online converter utility. You can convert a Processing sketch into Processing JS Javascript, minify it, view it embedded to make sure it works, then download the finished .pjs file to use in your project.
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september 2014 by mandoisland
Processing Quick Start | Processing.js
Processing.js Quick Start - Processing Developer Edition

This quick start guide is written from the standpoint of a Processing developer. No HTML or JavaScript knowledge is assumed, and only basic Processing knowledge is necessary.
september 2014 by mandoisland
Quarks Place
Applet Exporter and Signer for Processing 2

The advent of Processing 2.0 saw the end of the Export Applet function, which means that many sketches that use contributed libraries can no longer be displayed in a webpage. This tool is designed to fill that hole. It will will export any Processing sketch (including those using core and/or contributed libraries) as an applet provided the sketch:
june 2014 by mandoisland
OpenProcessing - Exhibition Space for Processing Community
viele Beispiele die mit processing programmiert wurden - sehr interessant!
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april 2009 by mandoisland
Processing 1.0
Grafik Software Umgebung für generierte Grafiken
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april 2009 by mandoisland

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