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Mondorfer Bastelbögen - Mondorfer Bastelbögen
Die Kallboys bringen Mondorf auf Pappe. Hier können sich alle Mondorf-Fans Bastelbögen mit Bauwerken, Fahrzeugen und Unikaten aus Mondorf und Umgebung kostenlos herunterladen. Weitere Bögen werden in unregelmäßigen Abständen veröffentlicht.

Tolle Bastelbögen!

Alle Bilder, Texte und die Sammlung der Downloads auf dieser Seite unterliegen dem Urheberrecht. Eine Weitergabe dieser Sammlung (auch auszugsweise) auf Downloadseiten, auf Datenträgern oder als Sammlung über elektronische Medien ist ohne eine schriftl. Genehmigung nicht gestattet. Für den privaten Gebrauch, und zur Weitergabe an Freunde sind Kopien jedoch erlaubt.
february 2014 by mandoisland
Ringo, cardboard fold up crafts - Famille Summerbelle
Ringo is a young design studio based in Warsaw in Poland. They make the most beautiful cardboard toys that I know of. I love the colours and the graphics for each category that have designed: Paper Town 1, 2 and 3 and how cute is the new The Animals set!
papercraft  paper_art 
january 2014 by mandoisland
Fold Your Own Dark Knight Rises Masks -- Vulture
The Dark Knight Creases: Fold Your Own Batman, Bane, and Catwoman Masks
december 2013 by mandoisland
Paper Foldables™ Papercraft Toys by Bryan.
Simple and fun-to-make, Paper Foldables are papercraft paper toys you can easily download,
print and assemble. Specializing in custom designs for brand and character marketing,
Paper Foldables make great content for websites and promotional material at public events!
november 2013 by mandoisland
Santa's Christmas Village : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Santa's Christmas Village (December 7, 2011)
zum ausschneiden und zusammenkleben
may 2013 by mandoisland
Sterne selber falten - Deko mit Sternen: Basteln & Bestellen - [LIVING AT HOME]
Sterne selber falten

Ein schöner, selbst gemachter Wandschmuck: Die 3D-Sterne werden aus festem Bastelpapier gefaltet und schließlich mit ablösbaren Poster-Klebestreifen an die Wand gebracht.
papercraft  sterne 
november 2012 by mandoisland
Alphabet | Digitprop – Papercraft and Stuff
komplettes Alphabet mit allen Buchstaben als Papercraft
papercraft  buchstaben 
august 2012 by mandoisland
I find objects fascinating. Have you ever picked up something in a charity shop and thought about the life its lived? What’s the objects history? Who has held it, loved it, lost it; how has its meaning changed over time? I try to take all of this into account when envisioning a project. I also think about the viewer. What does this object mean at a cultural level? I try to keep as much of the object intact – and I attempt to honor its character as much as physically possible in the final manifestation. I love finding a world in a world.

My current passion is the idea of using nets to “capture” what isn’t physically there… more on this later. I’m working on something really magnificent. Can’t wait to share it. Till next time – Erika iri5
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may 2012 by mandoisland
Epson - Exceed Your Vision
(needs some time to load flash menu)
may 2011 by mandoisland
キリンビバレッジ | ペーパークラフト
papercraft  Japan 
april 2011 by mandoisland
Paper Model Directory
Linksammlung für Papercraft Auto Modelle
february 2011 by mandoisland
Papiermodelle - Bilder -
Sammlung zum Thema Automodelle als papercraft von Bild - viele interessante Links!
february 2011 by mandoisland
Citroën H
noch ein paar Citroen Modelle
february 2011 by mandoisland
Autos, Oldtimer, Citroen,
february 2011 by mandoisland
Salazad Papertoy
tolle Papercraft aus Indonesien, auch mit einigen Indonesischen Figuren!
january 2011 by mandoisland
Grandpa-George Design and Interactive
Grandpa-George is enhancing Best Minneapolis Web Design to include cities in addition to Minneapolis, as well as to enhance the name to a more comprehensive The website will continue to focus on web standards and design fundamentals…
january 2011 by mandoisland
This website is dedicated to supply you with totally free, imaginative little paper creatures! Go download all the paperkits by simply clicking on their pictures, print, cut, fold and glue them so you have a little piece of art! Let us know what you think about it: send pictures of your kits, create your own or just tell us how much we are loved. With your help we are able to create more and better kits.
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january 2011 by mandoisland
Future Cities
Future Cities is a four-day workshop developed for the visiting students of Tsinghua University at Parsons. The goal of the workshop is to explore the integration of paper, conductive materials, and electronics to create paper based interfaces. The workshop will expose students to a series of tools and methodologies utilized to handcraft a suite of sensors and paper-based circuits. Students will experiment with Polyhedron paper shapes, light and sound as the main design elements to create paper-based objects that are responsive to user interaction.

For the final project students are invited to design and fabricate a series of playful paper structures/buildings that will be responsive through the use of simple circuits and will collectively form a future city.

sehr interessant: precedents - tolle Links!
papercraft  led  elektronik  papier 
january 2011 by mandoisland
クラフトカード - ギフト&カード - キヤノン クリエイティブパーク
Vorlagen von CANON - tolle Sachen! Mit einer Les Paul Gitarre und einer Violine, und einem Akkordeon!
Including electric Les Paul Guitar, violin and accordeon!
papercraft  origami 
january 2011 by mandoisland
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