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Quick Finale Tips from Jon Senge – TG Tools Align/Move Dynamics
Quick Finale Tips From Jon Senge – Align/Move Dynamics
Jon Senge engraves music for several notable publishers and loves talking notation. Tweet him at @jonsenge.
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Finale Music Notation Support | Finale Forum
Finale Forum

Help with Finale Music Notation Software for composers since 1994 - Finale Support, Discussion
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Music Notation Style Guide: Composition: Departments, Offices and Services: Jacobs School of Music: Indiana University Bloomington
Standards of Notation

The composition department recognizes the three works listed below as standards of notational practice; you should refer to one of them when in doubt about correct procedures, and should consult your committee for advice.

Gould, Elaine. Behind Bars. London: Faber Music Ltd, 2011.

Read, Gardner. Music Notation: A Manual of Modern Practice. Second Edition. Boston: Crescendo Publishers, 1969. (paperback edition: New York: Taplinger Publishing Company, 1979)

Stone, Kurt. Music Notation in the Twentieth Century: A Practical Guidebook. New York: W. W. Norton, 1980. (Based on the International Conference on New Music Notation in 1974.)
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How to Write Music by Clement A. Harris - Free Ebook
Über das richtige Schreiben von Noten - Die wichtigsten Grundregeln für die Notation
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Tutorial Center - Basic Finale Skills
sehr nützliche Tutorial für die Finale Notensatz Software
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