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Georgia Ch. Hoppe, Klarinette/Saxophon, Improvisation, Komposition, interdisziplinäre Projekte
purple pool ist das Konzept einer musikalischen Existenz.

Freie und konzeptuelle Improvisationen, Jazz, Tango, Klezmer, linke Blasmusik, Theatermusik, klassische, geistliche Musik, Eigenkompositionen u.v.m. sind die unterschiedlichen Bereiche, in denen sich Georgia Ch. Hoppe bewegt.
musik  jazz 
july 2018 by mandoisland
trompa - Music Information Research Lab - MTG - Music Technology Group (UPF)
Classical music is one of the greatest treasures of Europe’s cultural heritage. Although it is a historical genre, it is continually (re)interpreted and revitalised through musical performance. Today, most of the classical repertoire is in the public domain; massive numbers of scores and recordings are now available in online community-contributed repositories actively used by scholars and musicians. Technology offers ways to enrich and contextualise this repertoire, so that users might better understand and appreciate it.
musik  musikwissenschaft 
may 2018 by mandoisland
Music - University of Toronto : Free Books : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Music - University of Toronto
Our music library is one of the best in North America, boasting a collection of over 250,000 volumes and 160,000 recordings. We also provide access to an ever-expanding number of electronic journals and resources.
march 2018 by mandoisland
Frederick R. Selch Collection of American Music History
About this collection
The majority of the items featured here represent a small portion of the visual materials (paintings, drawings, prints; photographs and tintypes; correspondence; posters, playbills, and other ephemera) from the Frederick R. Selch Collection of American Music History. Like the more than 6,000 books and 700 instruments that comprise the principle portion of the Selch Collection, these images date from the early 16th through the late 20th centuries. They depict the history, design and use of musical instruments and all manner of musical performance. Also included here are a small number of bound volumes of flute and piano scores from the collection.
frederick-selch  instrumente  musik  noten 
february 2018 by mandoisland
Cape Breton Fiddle & Baroque Violin - Bach Meets Cape Breton - David Greenberg and Puirt a Baroque
Puirt a Baroque

Features the wonderful fiddling of David Greenberg (one of the only violinists in the world who convincingly "goes both ways" Puirt a Baroque (poorst-a-ba-roke) is an ensemble that brings a new and delightful perspective to both Baroque and Scottish-Cape Breton musics. Many of you will recognize David Greenberg ... either in his past life as one of the lead violinistsfor Tafelmusik or in his role as the co-author of The Dungreen Collection (a collaboration with his wife, Kate Dunlay). David Also has a traditional fiddling album, titled Tunes Till Dawn.
violine  musik  noten 
january 2018 by mandoisland
Musical Anniversaries in 2018 - RISM
eignet sich sicher auch zum Suchen von Komponisten die vor 70 Jahren gestorben sind -> Public Domain!
musik  komponisten  public_domain 
january 2018 by mandoisland
Welche Gage kann ich verlangen? :: Bonedo
Welche Gage kann ich verlangen?
Musiker-Honorar für Konzerte, Tanzveranstaltungen und Unterricht
Gagenverhandlungen richtig führen
musik  honorar  gage 
october 2017 by mandoisland
Was kostet Kunst? - TKV BW
Was kostet Kunst?
Honorarstandards in Baden-Württemberg
musik  gage  honorar 
october 2017 by mandoisland
Deutsche Biographie - Langhans, Wilhelm
Besonders als Musikschriftsteller ist L. bekanntgeworden, während seine Kompositionen, die hauptsächlich Lieder und Kammermusik umfassen und von akademisch-romantischer Haltung geprägt sind, nur begrenzte Bedeutung hatten, auch wenn das Streichquartett op. 4 bei einem Wettbewerb in Florenz 1864 preisgekrönt wurde und Henri Vieuxtemps seine 20 Violin-Etüden günstig beurteilte. Als Musikpädagoge wies er mit Nachdruck auf die Bedeutung der Musikerziehung hin, trat für „die Gleichstellung der Musik mit den übrigen Disziplinen des Gymnasialunterrichts“ ein (Das musikalische Urteil, 1872) und schlug eine Reform der musikalischen Hochschulausbildung vor, für die er universitätsähnlichen Aufbau und eine Verbesserung der Situation der Lehrenden forderte.
wilhelm-langhans  violine  musik 
may 2017 by mandoisland
A Growing Archive of Global Street Music | Atlas Obscura
A Growing Archive of Global Street Music
Since it launched in 2014, Daniel Bacchieri's Street Music Map has recorded the locations of some 1,200 artists spread across 93 countries.
musik  Strassenmusik 
february 2017 by mandoisland
Podcast – Thomas Berndt
Mein Podcast „Inspiration Musik“

In meinem Podcast Inspiration Musik führe ich u.a. Gespräche rund um das Thema Musik. Ich treffe Leute, die sich für Musik begeistern, Musik hören und auch Musik machen. Mit dabei sind Musiker, Musikstudenten, Schüler, Veranstalter, Musikliebhaber und viele andere interessante Persönlichkeiten.
podcast  musik 
february 2017 by mandoisland
⭐Julien TIERSOT Musiques pittoresques. Promenades musicales à l Exposition de Sommaire
Julien TIERSOT Musiques pittoresques. Promenades musicales à l Exposition de Sommaire
ausstellung  1889  musik  julien_tiersot 
january 2017 by mandoisland
Hochschule für Musik Freiburg: Digitale Dokumente
Digitale Dokumente
Linksammlung der Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg
bibliothek  archiv  musik 
may 2016 by mandoisland
UbuWeb Sound - History of Electronic / Electroacoustic Music
About the History of Electroacoustic Music

When I started uploading the collection, in 2009, I was an undergraduate student of a composition class at the university's studio for electroacoustic music. Our professor made this collection, I believe, from his particular library, picking up some works that he found important. So there was this pile of CDs for us to hear as a kind of assignment. Because I could not be at the studio all the time I ripped the CDs to my computer so I could hear them at home. It was a natural thing then to start sharing it via the famous rapidshare, although it was not an all altruistic idea: the donwloads got me points that allowed me to get an account for downloading other shared material.
musik  archiv 
march 2016 by mandoisland
Music Archives - Open Culture archive | Open Culture
Open Culture brings together high-quality cultural & educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community. Web 2.0 has given us great amounts of intelligent audio and video. It’s all free. It’s all enriching. But it’s also scattered across the web, and not easy to find. Our whole mission is to centralize this content, curate it, and give you access to this high quality content whenever and wherever you want it. Some of our major resource collections include:
public_domain  musik  kunst  archiv 
march 2016 by mandoisland
Musik durch Mieter im Mehrfamlienhaus.
Musik im Mietshaus: Klavierspielen, Hausmusik (musizieren) , Musikanlage
musik  mietwohnung 
january 2016 by mandoisland
Index of /MUZIKA OT PERIODA 1905-1950/Recovered treasures of Bulgarian music 1905 - 1950 - Lauren Brody - USA
Index of /MUZIKA OT PERIODA 1905-1950/Recovered treasures of Bulgarian music 1905 - 1950 - Lauren Brody - USA
musik  bulgarien 
october 2015 by mandoisland
Schwisti's Musik Seite - Musiktheorie einfach erklärt
Hier finden Sie alle Grundlagen der Musik! ist DIE Seite zum einfachen Erlernen und Nachschlagen wichtiger Musikregeln!
Bereitet Euch auf die D-Lehrgänge vor! D1 und D2, mit kein Problem mehr!
musik  theorie 
october 2015 by mandoisland
Musik zum Lesen - Die Musik zum Buch
Soundtrack / Videos zum Buch "FÜR ELISE" von Peter Klohs
october 2015 by mandoisland
ANZCA Music Examinations
musik  lehrplan 
september 2015 by mandoisland
Vikram Seth - An Equal Music: Music From The Bestselling Novel (CD) at Discogs
Vikram Seth ‎– An Equal Music: Music From The Bestselling Novel
august 2015 by mandoisland
Marc Oßwald – Konzertveranstalter FR | Lust auf Gut
Marc Oßwald,

Vor 11 Jahren bin ich den Kosmos „Freiburg“ eingezogen. Ich habe die Stadt in mich eingezogen, aufgesogen, erforscht, kennengelernt, experimentiert, gefühlt, geschmeckt. Ich habe Freiburg erlebt und dann erlernt. Gelernt, daß Freiburg anders ist, und das zu Recht. Freiburg nur beschnuppern reicht nicht, man muß es riechen. Ich habe die FREIBURGKULTUR zu lieben begonnen und bin ein Teil dieser Kultur geworden. Freiburg hat Kultur, Freiburg ist aber auch Kultur, im großen wie im kleinen.
freiburg  Veranstalter  Konzerte  Musik  Konzertagentur 
june 2015 by mandoisland
Il Blog sulla Canzone Napoletana Classica |
La Canzone Napoletana Classica

Il blog nasce dal desiderio di condividere con gli altri la mia passione per la canzone napoletana classica e per rendere omaggio alla cultura, alle tradizioni ed alla millenaria storia della mia amata città. Buona lettura.
(Mimmo Guarino)
musik  blog  italien  neapolitanische-volkslieder 
april 2015 by mandoisland
Walter J. Kasura Russian Folk Music Collection, 1960-1983 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Consists of manuscripts, research notes, personal papers, and published works, including Russian and gypsy folk songs, other vocal and choral works, instrumental solos, scores and parts for orchestral and chamber performing ensembles (including many arrangements by Kasura), instrumental methods books, and reference books on performance practice, repertory, and historical development of the balalaika, domra, and Slavic folk orchestra.
archiv  musik  balalaika  domra  Russland 
december 2014 by mandoisland
Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung – Wikisource
Die Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung (kurz AmZ) zählt zu den bedeutendsten Musikfachblättern des 19. Jahrhunderts. Sie wurde 1798 von Friedrich Rochlitz und dem Musikverleger Gottfried Christoph Härtel begründet, in dessen Verlag Breitkopf & Härtel sie erschien.
musik  geschichte  archiv 
november 2014 by mandoisland
Internet Archive Search: Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung
Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung
19. Jhdt.
viele Bände verfügbar
Saemtliche Inhaltsverzeichnisse aller 70 Baende 1789-1882 ebenfalls verfügbar
musik  geschichte  zeitschrift 
november 2014 by mandoisland
G.H.Grainger: Main Index
Geoff Grainger's Webpages
Datensammlung mit Infos über Komponisten und Noten
noten  musik  komponisten 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Music Industry Blueprint
Music Industry Blueprint, founded by Rick Barker, strives to teach artists how to be artists. With major changes in the music industry and digital world, record labels expect artists to build their online presence and fan base, become great performers, and ultimately create their own buzz. Labels no longer spend thousands of dollars to “develop” an act. Today, it is the artist’s job to become an attractive partner to a record label.
musik  blog  consulting 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Musical Perceptions
Perceptions about music, perceptions that affect music, perceptions colored by music, perceptions expressed by music.
musik  komponieren  blog 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Frans Absil Music - Document Archive - E-books, articles and musician tools
Document Archive - The Library

The archive contains a library of tools and documents for composers, musicians and music lovers. There are HTML/JavaScript pages, PDF documents, articles and e-books, and Weblogs and interviews (in English and Dutch).

The content on this page is free of charge. However, if the documents and tools on this page represent real value to you, then consider to support content maintenance and development by clicking the Donate button (payment through PayPal; fair amounts indicated. Full documents will be sent through e-mail after receiving the donation). Or put a link to this archive on your website.
komponieren  musik 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Frans Absil Music - Musical Analysis: Visiting the Great Composers, 4th Edition E-Book
Musical Analysis: Visiting the Great Composers

NEW!: FOURTH EDITION (November 2013).

This e-book presents a wide collection of diagrams with detailed formal, harmonic and melodic analysis of pieces from the classical music repertoire. It covers three centuries of tonal music, called the common practice or functional harmony period. The book currently contains 214 movements from a set of 77 musical works, composed between 1650 and 1950.
komponieren  musik 
september 2014 by mandoisland
The Best Music Books of 2012 | Brain Pickings
The Best Music Books of 2012
by Maria Popova

From the neuroscience of talent to the illustrated Beatles, by way of Zen Buddhism and how creativity works.
musik  buch 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Dave Conservatoire
Welcome to Dave Conservatoire - a free online music school,
aiming to provide a world-class music education for everyone.

Dave Conservatoire is a free music school for everyone . . . even you! In fact, especially you!
musik  theorie  komponieren  harmonielehre 
september 2014 by mandoisland
The Music of the modern world illustrated in the lives and works of the greatest modern musicians and in reproductions of famous paintings, etc. : Seidl, Anton, 1850-1898 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
The Music of the modern world illustrated in the lives and works of the greatest modern musicians and in reproductions of famous paintings, etc. (1895)
Band 2 mit Noten und Abbildungen
musik  geschichte  noten 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Musica getutscht vnd auszgezogē durch Sebastianū Virdung ... vnd alles gesang ausz den notē in die tabulaturē diser benantē dryer Instrumētē de Orgeln: der Lautē: vnd d'Flōten transferieren zu lernē, etc. [With musical notes.] G.L : Vi
Musica getutscht vnd auszgezogē durch Sebastianū Virdung ... vnd alles gesang ausz den notē in die tabulaturē diser benantē dryer Instrumētē de Orgeln: der Lautē: vnd d'Flōten transferieren zu lernē, etc. [With musical notes.] G.L (1511)
musik  geschichte 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Viele Tools und anderes für Musiktheorie
musik  harmonielehre  theorie  tutorial 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Kircher Musurgia Universalis
Musurgia Universalis
Rome: 1650
Sp Coll Ferguson Af-x.9 & Af-x.10
musik  geschichte  bibliothek 
july 2014 by mandoisland
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