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Guide to the Sophocles Papas papers, 1900-1998 Sophocles Papas C0052
Sophocles Papas was an internationally known teacher of classical guitar. A Fairfax County resident later in his life, Papas taught the classical guitar in Washington, D.C. for nearly sixty years. He also taught at American University in Washington, D.C. Among his former students who have risen to fame are Charlie Byrd and Carlos Barbosa-Lima.

Papas was a prominent figure in the Washington music scene for much of his life. He performed live on radio regularly on WCAP and was a close friend to music legends, Andres Segovia and Carlos Montoya. Papas organized and conducted Washington's first guitar/mandolin/banjo orchestra, and founded the Washington Guitar Society. A prolific writer and publisher, Papas produced articles for scholarly music journals; wrote a column for the music magazine Crescendo; and founded Columbia Music Company, a publisher of sheet music and instructional methods for the guitar. Most notable among his publications is Method for the Classic Guitar. In 1998 Columbia Music Company also published a biography of Papas, Sophocles Papas: the Guitar, His Life, written by his daughter, Elisabeth Papas Smith.
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The Cadenza, The Crescendo [Archive] - Mandolin Cafe Forum
I recently read Jeffrey Noonan's "The Guitar in America" and am now reading Scott Hambly's pHD dissertation "Mandolins in the United States since 1880: An Industrial and Sociocultural History of Form". In both publications, the authors make multiple references to and cite information from "The Cadenza" and "The Crescendo". I understand these were journals for the Banjo, Mandolin Guitar community in the United States.
Would anyone on the cafe know where a collection of these journals might be found in either physical or digital form? Would they be in the Library of Congress in D.C.?
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Jukebox and Music History
Suche Music Trade revie / Presto alte Fachzeitschriften über Musikindustrie in den USA
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History of the Mandolin - Daniel Coolik
History of the Mandolin in America

This History of the Mandolin was compiled by Daniel Coolik, a high school student from Atlanta, Georgia (1998).
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Mandolin History
History of the Mandolin
In Brief

Mandolins evolved as part of the Lute family in Italy during the 17th -18th centuries, and the deep bowled mandolin produced particularly in Naples became a common type in the 19th century. The original instrument was the mandola ( mandorla is almond in Italian and describes the instrument body shape) and evolved in the 15th century from the Lute.

A later, smaller mandola was developed and became known as a mandolina. The 20th century saw the rise in popularity of the mandolin for celtic, bluegrass, jazz and classical styles. Much of the development of the mandolin from neapolitan bowl back to the flat back style is thanks to Orville Gibson (1856 - 1918) and Lloyd Loar, the chief designer for the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Co Ltd.
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01 History - History.pdf - Graham McDonald - Zur Geschichte der Mandoline
1 - Mandolin History

here is a considerable amount written
about the history of the mandolin, but
little that looks at the way the instrument
has been built, rather than how it has been
played, across the 300 years or so of its
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Mandolins: A Brief History
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Mandolin History
A Brief History of the Mandolin

Based on: “The Classical Mandolin” Paul Sparks, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1995 and “The Early Mandolin”

James Tyler & Paul Sparks, Early Music Series 9, Oxford University Press, 1989.
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A Brief History of the Mandolin
A Brief History of the Mandolin

"Separate your notes, keep your timing right, and let your tones come out."--Bill Monroe

This page was compiled by Rob Meador and authored by Dan Beimborn.
Brief Index to this Guide

The Mandolin in History
The Mandolin Comes to America
The Rage of the New Century
The Evolution of the Modern Flat-Backed Mandolin
The Influence of Bill Monrore
The Mandolin Today
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The Mandolin in the USA | View timeline
The mandolin in the USA, Collection of historically interesting videos and other sources about the mandolin in the USA from ca. 1900 until today. From Samuel Siegel, Dave Apollon, Bill Monroe, to David Grisman, Sam Bush, Mike Marshall, Chris Thile, Sarah Jarosz to Sierra Hull and even younger mandolin players of today.
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Brunetto Bardazzi
Brunetto Bardazzi, nato a Prato il 19 maggio1877, diresse il Circolo Mandolinistico Pratese per quasi ventisei anni, fino alla morte avvenuta il 15 ottobre 1950. Il padre faceva l’antiquario ed era soprannominato “Ricciolo”. Brunetto aveva due fratelli: Leone, che suonava la fisarmonica, il mandolino e la chitarra e svolgeva il mestiere di barbiere; Ugo che suonava solo la chitarra. Il Bardazzi, musicista colto, si era diplomato giovanissimo in armonia, contrappunto, violoncello e si era specializzato in contrabbasso, mandolino e chitarra, studiando quest’ultimo strumento come allievo di Luigi Mozzani (1869-1943) e di Valentino de Zorzi (1837-1916). In gioventù intrattenne rapporti musicali con il grande mandolinista fiorentino Enrico Marucelli (1873-1901).
Bardazzi fece parte per molti anni dell’Orchestra del Teatro Metastasio in qualità di violoncellista e contrabbassista e collaborò con Attilio Nuti (1839-1903) col quale si era perfezionato in violoncello. Attilio Nuti, direttore d’orchestra e concertatore di importanti spettacoli lirici al Metastasio per oltre trenta anni, fu insegnante di violino nel “Cicognini” già dal 1863; nel 1896 fu chiamato ad istruire e dirigere la Corale “Guido Monaco”.
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Guitar History
A little guitar history...
hauptsächlich Bilder
auch Mandolinen sind zu sehen
Welcome to The Unstrung History of the American Guitar!

The guitar is the voice of American popular music. How it got to be that way has a lot to do with Alpine yodelers, blackface minstrels and your great great grandmother. The blues and "hillbilly" string band music are the immediate ancestors of country music, R&B and rock & roll, but the guitar juggernaut that streaked through the twentieth century, and still is going strong in the twenty-first, was launched before the Civil War in urban parlors and on New York stages.

Join us for an excursion through the neglected nineteenth century, when “guitar fever” first seized America.
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Welcome to The Unstrung History of the American Guitar
tolle Homepage über die Geschichte der Gitarre in Amerika
enthält auch ein Kapitel über die Geschichte der Mandoline in den USA
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Google Übersetzer
Gitarre Mandoline Komponist Leben und Tod
Liste von Komponisten für Mandoline
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2001 - Volume:57 Issue:5 : Minnesota History Magazine : MNHS.ORG
Sweet harmonies from little wooden boxes: mandolin playing in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Author: Kreitzer, Amy.
Sehr interessanter Fach-Artikel über die Geschichte der Mandoline von 1880 - 1950 in Minnesota und Umgebung
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