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Barcarola. Solo for Mandoline and 2nd Mandoline ad lib. with Pianoforte accompaniment by Leopoldo Francia (1897)

Bolero. Solo for Mandoline with Pianoforte accompaniment by Leopoldo Francia (1897)

Cavatina. Mandoline Solo. Op. 213,etc (Turner) by Leopoldo Francia (1908)

Six Études mélodiques pour Mandoline by Leopoldo Francia (1898)

La Fiesta. Capriccio Spagnuolo. Mandoline Solo. Op. 214 (Turner) by Leopoldo Francia (1908)

Lagrime e Sorrisi ... Mandolin Solo with Pianoforte accompaniment by Leopoldo Francia (1895)

Six Pieces for Mandoline and Pianoforte by Leopoldo Francia (1894)

Twenty five Studies for the Mandoline,etc by Leopoldo Francia (1900)
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Page 47 - Soundboard Vol. 38, No. 4
Leopoldo Francia
The original Ladies’ Guitar and Mandoline Band continued its
charitable performances in London throughout 1894 (when it
was briefly conducted by Signor Guerra) and 1895, its artis-
tic horizons widened by the appointment of Leopoldo Francia
as conductor. Already regarded as one of the finest mandolin
soloists of the day, the twenty-year-old Francia had previously
conducted a mandolin orchestra in his native Milan in such
challenging repertoire as The Damnation of Faust by Berlioz and a Lyric Symphony by Bazzini, and he demanded similar standards from his new band.
During “Signor Francia’s EveningConcert” at Prince’s Hall on May 21, the band’s repertoire included the overture to La Traviata, a Spanish dance by Moszkowski, and several of Francia’s own compositions, the performance being well received by press and public alike. The Era (May 25, 1895, 7) noted that “there were forty-five lady mandolinists, conducted by Signor Francia, who is a professor of the Milan Conservatoire.
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Page 3 - Soundboard Vol. 38, No. 4
Page 3 - Soundboard Vol. 38, No. 4
Zeitschrift der GFA - enthält eine Artikel über Ladies Mandolin Band in London mit Leopoldo Francia als Leiter (1895)
Special Guitar History Issue: Essays from the Cambridge Conference on the Nineteenth-Century Guitar
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Hofmeister XIX: November 1898
Francia, Leopoldo, Mandolinen-Repertoire. Auswahl beliebter Stücke bearb. f. Mandoline u. Pfte. Leipzig, Zimmermann.
No. 1. Köhler, Ernesto, Berceuse. Mk 1,50.
– 2. Galkin, N.W., Tarantella. Mk 2.
– 3. Popp, W., Zigeuner-Ständchen. Mk 1.
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Umberto Ceccherini
All Ceccherinis I have ever seen were distributed exclusively by the firm of Alban Voigt in London, (a prolifiic importer of several manufacturers), suggesting that he simply boxed up his entire output and shipped them from Naples to London. The great concert soloist Leopoldo Francia of Milan, played exclusively Ceccherini mandolins. Francia became prominent in Italy by winning the Genoa concourse in 1892 and then toured worldwide, eventually settling in London in 1895. He was a great sensation, and taught extensively (mainly to lady students in high society). The inference seems pretty straightforward that the Alban Voigt/Ceccherini link-up could only have occurred after 1895, and that the reason most of his instruments were shipped to the UK, was the demand created by Francia's personal endorsement.
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