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Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri participated in traditional organization of Albanians in Istanbul “Një valixhe, një arkë – 2014”"One suitcase, one chest - 2014" - News - The Republic of Kosovo - The Office of the Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri during her stay in Istanbul participated in theatrical performance from disabled people, led by Albanian well-known pianist Linda Kaso that lives in Turkey, along with well-known instrumentalists Kerim and Selim Altinok, and Enkela Bisha who enriched this event with Albanian songs. In the event held in “Jonus Emre” Cultural Centre in the municipality of Beylikdüzü, Rector of University of Beylikdüzü, Beykent, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Karahan, Beylikdüzü Mayor Ahmet Mesut Demirkol participated as well
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Kerim - Selim Altınok- on Vimeo
Kerim & Selim Altınok
Konzertmitschnitt eines Konzertes der Organisation Young Guru Academy
Am Anfang des Videos gibt es viele Bilder von der Kindheit und Jugend der beiden
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Sighted and blind sing same melody - Hürriyet Arşiv Haberleri
Brothers Kerim and Selim Altınok were born just 45 seconds apart. They partially lost their sight at the age of four and totally lost it a few days before their 18th birthday. Although they had to overcome difficulties fully sighted people would not have to, they have never stopped fighting.

They finished primary school, and at university, they graduated with honors from the Istanbul University Faculty of Law. They specialized in financial law. The brothers have also represented Turkey in the field of chess and Selim has drawn with world chess champion Anatoly Karpov.
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february 2017 by mandoisland

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