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Ellis’ biography – Ellis' Thorough School for the Guitar
Biography of Herbert J. Ellis

Source: Philip James Bone, The guitar and mandolin : biographies of celebrated players and composers for these instruments, 1914
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Ellis's Thorough School for the Guitar | A 19th century guitar teaching method
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Herbert J. Ellis was born in Dulwich, London in July 4, 1865. He died at the early age of thirty-eight, on October 13, 1903, in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. Without question he was the most fertile English composer and arranger for mandolin and guitar. He was the son of a licensed victualler, and received no musical instruction beyond that given by his mother, who had been a pupil of Sir Julius Benedict, and she taught her son the piano and harmony. While a lad he became the delighted owner of a banjo, and he says :
“Having the infatuation (for the banjo), I learnt several tunes out of my piano tutor, and then occurred to me the idea of writing my own music for it. Gradually growing ambitious, I did not rest until I had written an instruction book, which, in due course saw the light and without being egotistical, I think I can safely say that it was from the advent of my Thorough school that the banjo began to be popular.”
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Classic Banjo
Classic Banjo Tutors and Songbooks
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