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Songs, Licks, and Lessons for Bluegrass Instruments |
The Clever Way to Learn & Practice Bluegrass Music
Head to your next jam session with fresh ears, new tunes, and whole bunch of awesome licks. Tunefox is an approach to learning that lets you explore your creativity, inside and outside of the practice room.
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march 2019 by mandoisland
Dr. Banjo | Bluegrass Jamming Favorites
Bluegrass Jam Favorites

Compiled by Pete Wernick
… based on jams around the U.S. and overseas.
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june 2018 by mandoisland
Butler Brothers
Del McCoury Band records a Donna Ulisse song!
Image of Del cut
The song is about a mother who has two sons fighting in the Civil War; one for the south and one for the north and Del truly makes it is own by singing it in his unmistakably "Del" style! Click here to read more about the CD, listen to the tracks and pre-order!
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february 2017 by mandoisland
Massive Grass
While Massive Grass is best known for their high energy, rock-influenced style of ‘grass and creative song-writing, they also showcase 3-part harmonies in their soulful ballads and waltzes. Whether it is traditional bluegrass tunes, rock-to-bluegrass conversions, or their own original songs, Massive Grass mixes their rock-and-roll background with their love of acoustic mountain music to form a truly unique bluegrass experience.
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february 2017 by mandoisland
Traditional Music Library - Main Menu
A list of all the traditional, folk and music resources on this site.
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january 2017 by mandoisland
Sheet music – Donal Baylor
Sheet music
Now here’s quite a collection of fiddle tunes in standard notation that I once acquired and have never been able to relocate, so I am happy to share them. There is a great blend here of old time, bluegrass (including some great twin and triple fiddle arrangements) and set pieces. Enjoy!

Songs are grouped by letter and downloadable as PDF.
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july 2016 by mandoisland
Traditional Tunebook - Old Time, Country & Bluegrass Tunes
Traditional Tunebook Online
         Old Time, Country & Bluegrass Tunes
Umfangreiche Sammlung von Stücken für fiddle, Mandoline etc.
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july 2016 by mandoisland
Folkert Kakrow - YouTube
viele komplette Konzerte aus Basel und der Region!
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may 2016 by mandoisland
« STATION » [USA/France], c’est une bande de bons copains qui comme tout musiciens ambitieux décident de monter un groupe. Il ne faut pas attendre longtemps pour les voir roder leur répertoire dans les clubs où on les demande, et c’est parti ! Ils commencent à jouer dans les festivals, début 90 en France puis en Suisse, Italie, Allemagne, USA, Maroc, Tunisie…
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february 2016 by mandoisland
Bluegrass in Japan--Anya's Article "Bluegrass Accident" to be published in Japan's Moonshiner Magazine
Bluegrass in Japan--Anya's Article "Bluegrass Accident" to be published in Japan's Moonshiner Magazine
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july 2014 by mandoisland
“The Fox”: A Song for Pete and Capitol Hill | Folklife Today
Pete Seeger’s version of “The Fox” was released in 1958, on the second volume in his series of albums called American Favorite Ballads, on the Folkways label. You can get a pdf file of the liner notes here. His lyrics were as follows:
june 2014 by mandoisland
Mandoliniana: Midnight On The Water
I'm a student of bluegrass mandolin in between being a beginner and being someone who can really play. This blog is to share my ideas and discoveries with anyone who's in a similar position. I live in Decatur, Georgia, USA.
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november 2013 by mandoisland
The Brewer Boys - YouTube
Über The Brewer Boys

Everything Music, bluegrass/country/pop "newgrass"
may 2013 by mandoisland
Bluegrass Video Archives - IBMA & SPBGMA VIDEOS
february 2013 by mandoisland
Bluegrass Video Archives
1st Annual Johnathan Dillon Bluegrass Festival
Rocky Mount, VA. - Feb. 16, 2008
february 2013 by mandoisland
01 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - Instrumental
02 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "Your Memory Followed Me Home"
03 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "Take Me With You"
04 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "Scenes From An Old Country Graveyard"
05 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "I Don't Think I'm Going Back To Harlan"
06 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "Cherokee Shuffle"
07 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "Desmoranda"
08 - The Daughters of Bluegrass - "I'm Gonna Love You Now"
february 2013 by mandoisland
Niall Toner on AirPlay Direct
Onwards and Upwards is the brand new Album from Niall Toner, and is officially released on Pinecastle Records on October 30, 2012. Niall recorded eleven new songs and tunes at Loud Studios in Nashville with Keith Sewell [ Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, Dixie Chicks, Lyle Lovett ] in the Producer's chair, and a stellar line up of musicians including Rob Ickes on Dobro, Viktor Krauss on Bass, Ashby Frank on Mandoln and Keith Sewell on Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin and Piano. Jake Burns engineered the session, and Fiaz Farrelly and Laura Hale took the photos and designed the images and the new logo. There's Bluegrass,Americana, Roots, a Modern Murder Ballad,a new Instrumental, a little Jazz, and an Irish Song of Emigration, as well as tributes to the great Earl Scruggs and the father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe.
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november 2012 by mandoisland
Kenny and Amanda Smith on AirPlay Direct
Kenny and Amanda Smith

Winners of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s prestigious Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2003, the Kenny and Amanda Smith Band combines gutsy, heartfelt vocals, brilliant instrumental talents and a powerful, contemporary sense of song choice and arrangement into one of the most compelling new sounds in bluegrass today.
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november 2012 by mandoisland
A Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show
A Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show
26 shows available as download from 2005 / 2006
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september 2012 by mandoisland
Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart : Bluegrass Today
The Bluegrass Today Chart

This chart is compiled weekly from actual airplay data logged and reported by our contributing Bluegrass DJ’s. The numbers reflect airplay on Satellite and terrestrial radio. Our reporters come from both commercial and non-commercial stations, but do not include streaming internet broadcasts. Only songs less than 18 months from original release date appear here.
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august 2012 by mandoisland
Play hymns and folk songs with easy guitar chords
Welcome, Music Folk!

Chances are you’re here because you enjoy hymns and you play (or would like to play!) some folk instrument, such as guitar, autoharp, banjo, bass, fiddle, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele, etc. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The purpose of this site is to provide you with with what you need to be successful in playing Christian music on your instrument. Currently we have the following resources:
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april 2012 by mandoisland
Practice Tunes
Noten für Wheel Hoss bei Mandozine
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march 2012 by mandoisland
Seagulls home
Volksmusik aus Irland - hinüber genommen von irischen Auswanderern - gepflegt und erweitert in den Weiten von Amerika - mitbeeinflusst von den anderen europäischen Siedlern - geerdet durch den Blues der Schwarzen und schliesslich durch Geschwindigkeit salonfähig gemacht für die Städter: diese Musik nennt man Bluegrass. Sie wird auch oft als Volksmusik im 5.Gang bezeichnet und ist, zumindest in Europa, immer noch wenigen Leuten ein Begriff.

„Seagulls“ versucht im Verlauf eines Abends diese Metamorphosen zu gestalten: irische Tanzmelodien und Lieder, Oldtimestücke aus den Bergen, Cajunmelodien und Bluegrass werden dargeboten. Mit Mandoline und Fiddle sind typische Bluegrassinstrumente vertreten. Die irische Komponente wird mit der Bouzouki verstärkt.
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november 2011 by mandoisland
Daley Mandolins Home
Daley Mandolins
For over a decade Sim Daley has worked on some of the finest instruments for some of the finest musicians. The knowledge gained from working with such players as Adam Steffey, Dan Tyminski, Sam Bush, Ronnie McCoury, Roland White, Aubrey Haynie, not to mention considerable time spent studying the Loar period F-5's, led Sim to open his own shop and build the finest mandolin available today!
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august 2011 by mandoisland
The Boxcars
Adam Steffey

An East Tennessee native, he found a place in the Tennessee-Virginia border area’s thriving bluegrass scene in short order, serving early stints with the Lonesome River Band (Tyminski was his replacement there) and then helping to found the near legendary group, Dusty Miller, along with Bales and guitarist Tim Stafford. The three jumped to the big time together when Alison Krauss recruited them into Union Station, and for nearly seven years, Steffey lived the life of a high profile musician, as the band earned Grammy awards and IBMA trophies, toured extensively, made national TV appearances and recorded albums that reached far beyond the core bluegrass audience. Yet by 1998, the restless side of Steffey’s spirit made itself felt when he left the group and, after helping to lay plans for what would become Mountain Heart, joined bluegrass gospel favorites The Isaacs—a setting in which he played a different, though no less important role.
august 2011 by mandoisland
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