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If you like banjos, ukuleles, guitars, mandolins
- and the music they make - and the people who make it,
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the international ALL FRETS organization!
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july 2018 by mandoisland
Banjo! : a dissertation :: Banjo Collection
Banjo! : a dissertation
Object Class (AAT) books
Description Second edition; stamped "Complimentary Copy" on ffep [front free end paper], and with the pencilled block letters, "Danville School of Music. H. Q. Porter, Violin; H. A. Prior, piano; Park Hunter, Banjo" on the verso of the portrait. As noted, the textual errors are here corrected, and only the portrait of Stewart is retained.
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december 2017 by mandoisland
The Crescendo
The Crescendo
Archiv der Zupfmusik-Zeitschrift "The Crescendo" Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts

"A monthly publication devoted to the interests of the mandolin, guitar and banjo." --- Official organ of the American Guild of Banjoists, Mandolinists and Guitarists.
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november 2017 by mandoisland
The Craft of Musical Instruments • Banjo, ca. 1895 Icilio Consalvi ([Italian]...
Banjo, ca. 1895
Icilio Consalvi ([Italian] Massachusetts, United States 1865–1951)
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january 2017 by mandoisland
Design is fine. History is mine. — Icilio Consalvi, Banjo, 1895. Maple, ebony, mother...
Icilio Consalvi, Banjo, 1895. Maple, ebony, mother of pearl, abalone, ivory, silver, semi-precious stones. Boston, USA. MFA Boston
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january 2017 by mandoisland
Guitar & Banjo Tab -  Martin Blake
These tabs are all in TablEdit format. You will need to download the "TEFview" viewer from to be able to read them. I really enjoyed putting these tabs together and hope you really enjoy playing them. Have fun and happy pickin'!
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march 2016 by mandoisland
Vintage Music Folios and Out Of Print Methods in PDF Format
Vintage Music Folio Preservation - devoted to the preservation and distribution of rare and informative out of print music folios & literature.
Nominal donation per selection helps defray costs associated with obtaining, scanning , posting and distributing to enthusiasts everywhere.
Music & Folio donations and/or loans graciously accepted.
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march 2015 by mandoisland
230 easy pieces for the banjo : comprising a choice collection of polkas, waltzes, clog hornpipes, reels, jigs, walkarounds, songs, etc., etc., in both the "guitar" and "banjo" styles of execution : Converse, Frank B., arranger, compiler : Free Download &
230 easy pieces for the banjo : comprising a choice collection of polkas, waltzes, clog hornpipes, reels, jigs, walkarounds, songs, etc., etc., in both the "guitar" and "banjo" styles of execution (1887)
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january 2015 by mandoisland
Dallas Musical Instruments

Years after working under J.E. Brewster in 1873, JED began to manufacture banjos in his own workshop for a number of different musical instrument companies in London, England, including Moore and Burgess Minstrels and the Mohawk Minstrels. In 1875 the company John E. Dallas & Sons was born. The brand name Jedson obviously based on the company name. JED had at least four sons, (M.A., C.L., S.J., and E.H. Dallas.) The company was located at 415 Strand Street.
By 1893, the company grew to the point where it needed to take over the entire 415 street facility. The workforce also expanded to accommodate the growth. The company remained focused on banjo making; however, it started to expand into the manufacturing of other types of instruments. The instruments were hand-made and Dallas personally tested every banjo before it left the workshop.
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august 2013 by mandoisland
John E. Dallas and Sons
John E. Dallas and Sons
December 1938.
December 1938.

of 6-10 Betterton Street, Drury Lane, London, WC2. Telephone: Temple Bar 6351. Cables: "Lensidern". (1929)

of Dallas Building, Clifton Street, London, EC2. Telephone: Bishopsgate 9981-7. Cables: "Lensidern-Phone". (1947)

1856 John E. Dallas was born.
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august 2013 by mandoisland
Jukebox and Music History
Suche Music Trade revie / Presto alte Fachzeitschriften über Musikindustrie in den USA
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july 2013 by mandoisland
House Concert: Alan Munde, Kenny Kosek, Gene Yellin, Tony Trischka - Set 2 - YouTube
Alan Munde & Tony Trischka (banjo), Kenny Kosek (fiddle & vocals), Gene Yellin (guitar & vocals). Thanks to host Dan Marcus!
(Apologies for the video quality from my consumer camcorder)
More video & audio at
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december 2012 by mandoisland
ezFolk Library
Welcome to the ezFolk Public Domain Music Library! The books listed below are reprinted in their entirety on ezFolk. Just click on the book cover or book name to view the book online. All of the books are in the public domain and you can use any of the individual song arrangements or learning materials any way you wish. Many more books will be added to this collection as time permits.
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may 2012 by mandoisland
William C. Stahl Banjo Ukulele
William C. Stahl was born in 1869, and became interested in music at an early age. He learned to play banjo and, while still a teenager, composed a banjo solo that was published by S. S. Stewart. Music became his profession, and after teaching for a few years he established a company in Milwaukee that manufactured instruments and published music. He claimed to be the first maker of tenor banjos. In addition to the instruments Stahl built, he also had them built by other companies, including the famous Larson Brothers, under the Stahl name.

Openback banjo ukuleles exist with WM. STAHL MAKER MILWAUKEE, WIS. stamped on the dowel stick. They have an attractive peghead inlay and diamond inlays on the fingerboard. Very likely they were not actually built by Stahl.
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may 2012 by mandoisland
Classic Banjo
Classic Banjo Tutors and Songbooks
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may 2012 by mandoisland
Banjo Women
This exhibit was prepared by Susan A. Eacker and Geoff Eacker while 1997 scholars-in-residence at Marshall University’s
Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Gender in Appalachia (CSEGA), and is used with permission

Susan Eacker also wrote the following article, based on this project:
“ Banjo Women in West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky” (.pdf document at CSEGA)
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april 2012 by mandoisland
Search Results | National Library of Australia
Archiv der National Library of Australia
Suche nach "mandoline"
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november 2011 by mandoisland
Classic Banjo - Rob MacKillop
This site is devoted to the ‘Classic Banjo' – from the 1850s to the early 20th century, the time of Scott Joplin, Ragtime and pre-Jazz eras, when the ‘elevated' banjo emerged from the old minstrel style, with a new technique (plucking in place of striking) and new innovations in construction.

Here you will find links to a growing community of online Classic Banjo enthusiasts, as well as sound files and videos of performances by Edinburgh-based musician, Rob MacKillop.

The site has also begun to explore the early 4-string Tenor and Plectrum banjos.
july 2011 by mandoisland
Welcome - Jay Buckey
Here is FREE TABLATURE and FREE SHEET MUSIC for the Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle! This has been a very popular page over the years and is always being updated. It is the official 'Archives'.
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november 2010 by mandoisland
Welcome to one of the finest web sites with the highest quality FREE bluegrass sheet music and tablature for the GUITAR, MANDOLIN, BANJO, DOBRO, BASS AND FIDDLE. You will also find a variety of quality instructional materials to sharpen your musicianship and help you develop your own personal style.

Enjoy your visit!

Jay Buckey
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april 2010 by mandoisland
Music Marketing Shop
Mandolinen, Ukulelen, Banjos, Mandolen etc. aus China
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april 2010 by mandoisland
Welcome! This site is dedicated to an extensive collection of high quality 5 string banjos, the vast majority of which were made between 1875 and 1915 in Boston. Basically, in lieu of a book, I am trying to provide the kind of information I wish had been available as a “primer” when I began collecting. Although it will help beginning students and collectors, it has also been designed for sophisticated banjo lovers. The written information is extensive and photos are numerous and can be enlarged (details in "Web Site Pointers") making it possible to scrutinize almost any feature of every banjo. The site also includes some banjo related collectibles. My major objectives are listed below under “Goals”. I hope the site will be fun, informative, and user-friendly. Input is solicited, especially to call my attention to errors. Enjoy !
april 2010 by mandoisland
S.S. Stewart’s banjo and guitar journal.
S.S. Stewart’s banjo and guitar journal. 1884 - 1900
mit vielen Musikbeispielen für Banjo, Gitarre und auch Mandolinenorchester
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april 2010 by mandoisland
Over 200 free backup arrangements
... make practice fun!
These arrangements were created with Band-In-A-Box. If your don't have BIAB then you can download the free midi player from vanbasco. This allows you to adjust the tempo, which is important when you're learning a new tune. Set the tempo to a comfortable slow speed, then gradually increase the tempo as you improve. Always practice a new tune SLOWLY with good SOLID timing. All arrangements are in the key of G unless otherwise stated. The arrangements do not contain any melody - it is your job to play the lead.
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march 2010 by mandoisland
Banjo Tabs
Tabulaturen für Banjo
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february 2010 by mandoisland
Tim Allan ist einer der besten Banjo Spieler der Welt, aber er kann seine Technik auch perfekt auf einer Mandola von Weber umsetzen.
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august 2008 by mandoisland
FFSI - Fine Fretted String Instruments
Spezial Musik Antiquariat - hier kann man alte Noten und Musikbücher für Zupfinstrumente kaufen.
Specializing in Fine Classical and Flamenco Guitars, Randy Osborne, proprietor.

FFSI has been in business since 1987 and has been providing instruments for the students of 10 professors. We carry hard to find printed material, DVDs, CDs with audio from the 1800's to today.
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july 2008 by mandoisland
The Mandolin Page
auch mit Akkord-Diagrammen für Zupfinstrumente
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january 2008 by mandoisland
Cookie Tin Banjo Part 3: Make Tuning Pegs from Scrap Wood - Instructables - DIY, How To, craft
Anleitung zum Herstellen von Stimmwirbeln für Banjo und Hilfsmitteln, Werkzeugen dafür
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january 2008 by mandoisland
Muellers Journal
Zeichnungen, Bluegrass, Ukulele,
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july 2007 by mandoisland

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