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Music | Sara Bouchard
I am a multi-disciplinary artist and songwriter with a strong foothold in American roots. My work explores the intersection between sound, story and environment. I perform solo and with my band Salt Parade.
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june 2017 by mandoisland Münzen, Münzschmuck, Schmuckmünzen
Herzlich Willkommen bei der Münzsägerei!

Hier finden Sie eine Riesenauswahl von derzeit ca. 1200 verschiedenen handausgesägten Münzen, welche hier im Shop online bestellt werden können !
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november 2016 by mandoisland
Les visages des pièces gravés à la main avec des motifs floraux
Les visages des pièces gravés à la main avec des motifs floraux
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november 2016 by mandoisland
Cornelia Parker interview - Telegraph
Cornelia Parker interview
Cornelia Parker’s work blends wit, poignancy and frequent explosions. I like to be direct, she says.
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june 2016 by mandoisland
ArtServe at the Australian National University:
Welcome to ArtServe:

Art & Architecture
mainly from the Mediterranean Basin,
Japan, India & Cambodia
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february 2015 by mandoisland - Google-Suche
pictures form - google search
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may 2012 by mandoisland
NYPL Digital Gallery | Home
NYPL Digital Gallery provides free and open access to over 800,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photographs and more.
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april 2012 by mandoisland
This website is dedicated to supply you with totally free, imaginative little paper creatures! Go download all the paperkits by simply clicking on their pictures, print, cut, fold and glue them so you have a little piece of art! Let us know what you think about it: send pictures of your kits, create your own or just tell us how much we are loved. With your help we are able to create more and better kits.
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january 2011 by mandoisland
Art. Lebedev Studio
OLED Keyboard - jede Taste mit Display, konfigurierbar
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november 2010 by mandoisland

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