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TuneBook Live!
John Winder MS
Wyresdale, Lancs
Fiddletunes / Folk Tunes
Sammlung aus dem 18. Jhd.
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This is the home page for the website.
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folk tune finder
folk tune finder

Type a few notes or a title to search for folk tunes. It doesn't matter what key signature you use. Or try experimenting!
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Chris Walshaw
der Erfinder der abc Notation!
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The Fiddler's Companion
Since 1996 the Fiddler's Companion has been a popular internet resource for those interested in the body of traditional music usually associated with the violin, generically called 'fiddle tunes'. Primarily dance music, the genre also encompasses listening music and music written for specific occasions. The Fiddler's Companion is used by musicians, investigators and writers as a research aide, a source for information and lore, for general interest and just for the fun of browsing.

Indexing began in 1987 and continues through the present, and is the sole work of the editor and identified contributors and sources. The cross-referenced entries themselves are arranged in the ‘Alphabetical Files’ section below.
NOTICE: 1/1/12 The Fiddler’s Companion is being converted to a Wiki format and is renamed to the Traditional Tune Archive (TTA) at The new wiki will provide greater utility for searches, data submission, querying, etc., and each and every entry is being re-researched for the latest information, and new entries are being added.
If you have found the F/C useful, please check the TTA at
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JC's Online Music Books
A number of historic tune collections have been transcribed to ABC notation, and most of them are mirrored at several places on the Web. Here are the collections that I have copies of:
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Comhaltas Archive | Cartlann Ceoil Traidisiúnta an Chomhaltais
gibt es auch auf englisch!

'The establishment of the new Comhaltas Archive is a milestone in digitisation and democratisation for the international traditional Irish music community.'

— Niall Keegan, Course Director, MA Irish Traditional Music Performance, University of Limerick
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Wassail! ABC Fakebook / Christmas Song Collection
Fakebook mit englischen / amerikanischen Weihnachtsliedern
Melodie mit Akkordsymbolen, Text
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A Traditional Music Library of folk music, tune-books, songbooks and sheet music
A huge archive of traditional, folk & old music - song-books with lyrics & chords, tune-books, sheet-music, scores, old songs, midi backing tracks, tabs, music lessons & theory, learn to play guides for various instruments, chord diagrams, scales and other music educational & academic reference materials.
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home |
neue ABC Homepage mit ausführlicher Dokumentation (ABC Standard) und mehr
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The Old Music Project
Die kompletten Sammlungen von O'Neill etc.
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O'Regan's Tunebook: Home
*** Welcome to the Montreal Session website.
ABC tunes - enthält sehr viele Stücke und die kompletten Sammlungen von Neill etc. - tausende von tollen Stücken als PDF drucken oder als midi anhören.

Each Wednesday night at 8-00pm O'Regan's pub hosts an Irish music session that welcomes musicians of all abilities. Enjoy playing in a friendly supportive environment.

The Site is Moving

The O'Regan's tunebook website is 5 years old.

We are celebrating this with a major revision of the site. We will also have a new address, the Montreal Session tunebook. During the change over a link from the old site will take you directly to the page on the new site.

You can see the new version here . Please let us know of any problems or suggestions you have for the new version.
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Diatonica Transkriptions
This is my collection of tunes in abc format. Some of them I have collected from books, some from the internet, most of them from records. Nearly all the tunes, as I have written them down, are playable on the diatonic button accordion (Melodeon) in G/C (2 rows, 8 basses). This means they are not always in the original key.
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The Session
Irish music / sheet music online; als Grafik, ABC und auch zum anhören.
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a free editor for the abc notation; to view free abc music or to create your own
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