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Russian State Library - Digital library
500 books — that was the volume of the library of ancient Russian Prince Yaroslav the Wise, a number of which very few libraries in the eleventh century could boast. Initially its ’Lives of Saints’, liturgic books and annual chronicles were but sources of most advanced and up-to-date information of the relevant realities. Along with continuous social changes people’s vision of the world changed too, and changes came to the function of libraries: monastic collections were followed by academic and later on — by public libraries.
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LUTE.RU "about lute and guitar music"
Welcome to the website dedicated to the lute and guitar music.
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Walter J. Kasura Russian Folk Music Collection, 1960-1983 | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Consists of manuscripts, research notes, personal papers, and published works, including Russian and gypsy folk songs, other vocal and choral works, instrumental solos, scores and parts for orchestral and chamber performing ensembles (including many arrangements by Kasura), instrumental methods books, and reference books on performance practice, repertory, and historical development of the balalaika, domra, and Slavic folk orchestra.
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Art. Lebedev Studio
OLED Keyboard - jede Taste mit Display, konfigurierbar
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