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Greek Tunes from Defunct Site
Greek Sheet Music

These were files that were created on a Web site a few years ago. If the author objects to these files being online please contact me and I will remove them. I do thank Christos, whoever you are, for making them available. It is a nice collection of tunes. The list below at the left is from the original site and the links on the right are to pdf files of the actual tunes.
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may 2019 by mandoisland
Babis Tsertos - Wikipedia
Haralambos (Babis) Tsertos (Greek: Μπάμπης Τσέρτος; born October 27, 1956) is a Greek musician. His sister is the singer Nadia Karagianni. His father was a musician too, and he was playing the Mandolin. At the age of 17, he settled permanently in Athens and in 1974, he entered the Faculty of Physics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
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august 2018 by mandoisland
Foldies Noten
Sheet music for Greek folk tunes select "Noten" in the top left selection.
Noten für griechische Folkore findet man über die Auswahl "Noten" links oben.
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Notenausgabe für Klavier identisch wie das Heft das ich in den 1980er Jahren in Griechenland gekauft habe.
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may 2018 by mandoisland
I recently acquired a fine collection of vintage Greek music from old 78 rpm records. A few of the records were damaged so if you hear a lot of 'skips', that was probably recorded from a cracked record, or if the recording starts 15 or 20 seconds into the song, then there was a bite out of the edge of the record and had to be started after that. Also, a couple of the records were either warped or broken so badly they could not be recorded. Too bad.
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january 2016 by mandoisland
GREEK - folkloretanznoten
Verschiedene Volkstanznoten für Chasapiko:
Chasapiko aus Konstantinopel
Chasapikos 1
Chasapikos 2
Chasapikos 3
Chasapikos 4
Chasapikos (Thrace)
Chasapikos Politikos
Chasapikos Makedonias
Chasapikos Servikos
Chasapikos Servikos 2
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december 2014 by mandoisland
Kostas Grigoreas Sheet Music
einige kostenlose Noten für Gitarre von Kostas Grigoreas
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october 2014 by mandoisland
Ano Kato Greek music and workshops
Welcome to Ano Kato!
Ano Kato is a Greek orchestra and music institute in the Netherlands.
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october 2014 by mandoisland
jamadeuz - YouTube
Mandolinenorchester von Athen, Griechenland
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february 2014 by mandoisland
Eleftheria Kotzia
Born in northern Greece, in Alexandroupolis, Eleftheria Kotzia studied guitar at the National Conservatory in Athens, the Conservatoire National Supérieure in Paris, and finally at the Guildhall School of Music in London. Among her teachers have been Julian Bream, Alexandre Lagoya, Dimitri Fampas, David Russell and Timothy Walker. She was the winner of the first prize in the 6th International Guitar Competition in Milan.
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november 2010 by mandoisland
Kostas Grigoreas - Guitarist, Composer
An eminent member of the Greek guitar fraternity, Kostas Grigoréas (Gree-go-réh-as) holds a special place in the field of Greek music as a classical guitar soloist with a brilliant career spanning over twenty-five years, as well as a collaborator of important Greek composers and singers in concerts and recordings.
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november 2010 by mandoisland
Manos Hadjidakis – Wikipedia
Manos Hadjidakis (griechisch Manos Chatzidakis Μάνος Χατζιδάκις, * 23. Oktober 1925 in Xanthi, Griechenland; † 15. Juni 1994 in Athen) war ein griechischer Komponist. 1961 erhielt er für sein Lied „Never On Sunday“ aus dem gleichnamigen Film einen Academy Award in der Kategorie bestes Lied. In Griechenland sehr bekannt, gilt er als derjenige, der Rembetiko und Bouzouki in die zeitgenössische Kultur einführte.
Das Lächeln der Mona Lisa
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november 2010 by mandoisland
George Papachatzakis
George Papachatzakis was born in 1966 and was raised in Neapolis, county of Lasithi , CRETE. Giorgis is one of the first luthiers to have graduated from the Luthiers School of Kastoria following three years of studies, next to prominent educators of the craft, Giannis and Tasos Koukourigkos.

Since 2004 he has been running a workshop, located at Neapolis, where he creates, repairs and maintains musical instruments.
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october 2009 by mandoisland

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