There are more than 1800 entries in this file. They consist of makers, patentees, and brandnames. (A few foreign locations will be found in the list. These are for American patents issued to foreign inventors.) I have spent nearly 30 years compiling and collecting this information. It represents many thousands of dollars and uncountable hours spent. The information as presented is copyrighted by the author and is published here for your comments and personal use, but it is not to be copied or posted anywhere else on the internet or published in an article, magazine, book or any other form. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy.
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The Jewish Press » » Andy Statman: Klezmer Is Finished
Andy Statman, one of the foremost Klezmer musicians in the world, knows that the time of Klezmer has passed.

“Each music has its point,” He explained over the phone while working at a Mandolin camp in California. “[Klezmer] is still alive, but in many ways it doesn’t really represent a living community. While it’s still alive and it’s great music and people enjoy it… It’s not a reflection of the time.”
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12 days ago
Andy Statman Chabad at UW Benefit Concert - YouTube
komplettes Konzert mit Andy Statman als youtube Playlist, erster Teil mit Klarinette, zweiter Teil mit Mandoline
andy-statman  youtube 
13 days ago
Daytrotter: The source for new music discovery and free MP3 downloads from the best emerging bands
Have you heard? Free listening has returned to Daytrotter. Half of every session we’ve ever recorded, nearly 10,000 songs, is free right now on our site. No trial or membership needed, just click and listen. Our massive archive covers 9 years, over 6,000 different bands, and is growing every day!
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14 days ago
Bergmann Edition - Free scores
Welcome to Bergmann Edition Store

We provide scores as sheet music and print self booklets for the classical guitarist. Most come in different flavors like: CLEAN, EDIT, TAB, SCREEN, PADS, KINDLE, SMARTPHONE, MAGNA or BRAILLE
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15 days ago
La pédagogie
Les stages
Plan du projet pédagogique

Introduction - La mandoline dans l'enseignement - La mandoline dans la pratique instrumentale - Aspects de l'enseignement de la mandoline - Relation et travail avec un modèle d'enseignement - Approche du répertoire - Le trémolo - Le nouveau langage instrumental de la mandoline - Vie musicale dans les orchestres à plectre - Conclusion - Téléchargement du projet
mandoline-lernen  lehrplan 
15 days ago
basscat1973 - YouTube
Mandolinenorchester und andere Videos
mandolinenorchester  Japan  youtube 
25 days ago
Promoting the Art, History and Techniques of Ornamental Penmanship

There was a time in the not too distant past when the term Master Penman (men and women) was used to describe individuals who attained mastery of the writing arts. The purpose of this web site is to keep their memory of their work alive. The art of penmanship and engrossing in the United States reached its zenith at the Zanerian College in Columbus, Ohio. A major focus of this web site is the promotion of Engrosser's script. In addition, Ornamental penmanship and engrossing will also be represented. I would like to acknowledge Michael Sull's generosity in allowing the use of photos and information from his monumental two-volume work 'Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship'.
26 days ago
Rift Amplification
Brackley - Northamptonshire - England
Hersteller von Verstärkern auch speziell für elektrische Mandolinen
27 days ago
Kalligraphie -
Herzlich Willkommen bei

Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Kalligraphie mit Matthias Gröschke
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28 days ago
Übersicht über berühmte Schreiber (Penmen)
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28 days ago
Emiel Stöpler
Emiel Stöpler
Dutch composer, acoustic guitarist and author

Welcome! I'm Emiel Stöpler: a guitarist, composer and author from the Netherlands. As such, I have written a great deal for guitar, however, I also wrote for other combinations, like violin and guitar, guitar trio, mandolin orchestra, string quartets, many string trio's (violin, viola and cello), brass quintet, woodwind quintet, string orchestra, piano and full orchestra.
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4 weeks ago
Tablatures pour le luth baroque
Tablatures and scores for baroque lute
noten  tabulatur  laute 
5 weeks ago
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