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Besprechungen der Tatort Krimis in der Zeit
A Musical Celebration of Italian Cinema feat. the Carlo Aonzo Trio and the Ciao Philadelphia Orchestra
A Musical Celebration of Italian Cinema feat. the Carlo Aonzo Trio and the Ciao Philadelphia Orchestra

Greetings from the Mandolin Society of Philadelphia. We are currently preparing for a very special mandolin orchestra concert which will be held on November 5, 2017, in Bryn Mawr, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia).
ciao-philadelphia  mandolinenorchester 
2 days ago
2º Festival Internacional de Bandolins da Madeira - Madeira Mandolin Festival
2º Festival Internacional de Bandolins da Madeira, e 32º Encontro Regional de Tunas e Orquestras da Madeira. Nos dias 16 e 17 de Setembro no Instituto do Vinho, do Bordado e do Artesanato da Madeira.
mandolin  Madeira  Portugal 
4 days ago
Our Favourite Fountain Pens | Pure Pens UK Online Specialist Stationery Shop
Our Favourite Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are the traditional type of pen and give the widest range of colour, materials and price.
7 days ago
Partituras | Federación Coral Galega FE.CO.GA
Federacion Coral Galega (FECOGA)
noten  chor 
7 days ago
Play Mark Houghton’s Dyens-inspired Version of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ – Classical Guitar
Play Mark Houghton’s Dyens-inspired Version of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’
noten  gitarre  weihnachten 
11 days ago
Digitalisierung: Der Google-Ansatz | ZEIT ONLINE
Keinen Cent zahlt die Staatsbibliothek an Google. Gescannt werden sämtliche Werke, deren Urheberrechtsschutz erloschen ist , von 1600 bis zum Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts. Das sind etwa eine Million Bände, 40 Prozent davon sind schon erfasst. Wo Googles Scan-Zentrum sich befindet, will Schnitzlein nicht verraten, "aber die Bücher verlassen Bayern nicht".
bibliothek  scanner  archiv  google 
13 days ago
Google Books: Die Bibliotheken leben noch -
Google habe knapp eine Million Bücher gescannt, erzählt Ceynowa, rund 60 Millionen Seiten. Das entspreche etwa einem Zehntel des Gesamtbestandes der Bibliothek. Die Werke stammen aus dem 17. bis 19. Jahrhundert, genauer bis 1875, so dass der Schutz des Urheberrechts erloschen ist. Im vergangenen Jahr sei das Projekt "ziemlich sang- und klanglos" abgeschlossen worden.

Google Books: Die Bibliotheken leben noch

Eine Million Downloads im Jahr und trotzdem volle Lesesäle: Das Projekt Google Books war sehr umstritten, weil es die Bestände von Bibliotheken weltweit scannt und digital verfügbar macht. Die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek hat aber nur Gutes darüber zu sagen und scannt sogar selbst fleißig mit.
Ein Bericht von Werner Pluta
bibliothek  archiv  scanner 
13 days ago
IMSLP:Universities and Libraries – IMSLP
IMSLP:Universities and Libraries
Leitfaden zum Einstellen von Noten


Andere Musiknoten-Seiten

Universitäten und Bibliotheken
Kommerzielle Anbieter
Andere Informationsquellen

Universitäten und Bibliotheken
noten  digitales-archiv 
14 days ago
UNCG Digital Collections
Cello Music Collections

CelloThe Cello Music Collections at the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is dedicated to acquiring, preserving, and making accessible cello music collections for research and learning. The cello music collections at UNCG constitute the largest single holding of cello music-related materials in the world. Presently, the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections & University Archives boasts the collections of eleven cellists: Luigi Silva, Elizabeth Cowling, Rudolf Matz, Maurice Eisenberg, Janos Scholz, Fritz Magg, Bernard Greenhouse, Laszlo Varga, Lev Aronson, Lubomir Georgiev, and Marion Davies.
violoncello  digitales-archiv 
14 days ago
The Crescendo
The Crescendo
Archiv der Zupfmusik-Zeitschrift "The Crescendo" Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts

"A monthly publication devoted to the interests of the mandolin, guitar and banjo." --- Official organ of the American Guild of Banjoists, Mandolinists and Guitarists.
archiv  mandoline  gitarre  banjo 
14 days ago
mandolino mandolin Gabrielli Federico indirizzo
Federico Gabrielli is a qualified maker and restorer of plucked musical instruments.

He graduated Conservatore dei Beni Liutari after a four-year course at Milanese Civica Scuola di Liuteria, under the guide of masters Tiziano Rizzi, Lorenzo Lippi and Gabriele Negri.

Since 1983 he has been working in Milan making and restoring plucked instruments, particularly mandolins.

His instruments are either modern ones, or philological reconstructions of early plucked instruments, based on drawings and studies carried out on original instruments, kept in both public and private collections: Baroque and 19th century mandolins and guitars.

He works on special commission either.

He makes restorations for both public or private customers.
instrumentenbau  Mandoline 
19 days ago
La guitarra - Eva Fampas - 14/06/15, La guitarra - A la Carta
La guitarra - Eva Fampas - 14/06/15
14 jun 2015

W. BRANCO: 4 piezas brasileñas (7'46”). A. VIANA: Baiao lunar (4'03”). N. HARIZANOS: 2 baladas y danza (5'39”). M. BORGIS: Vals (4'24”). K. TZORTZINAKIS: 4 imágenes griegas (5'40”). E. Fampas (guit.). D. FAMPAS: Danzas griegas para dos guitarras (7'41”). E. Fampas y K.Tseregof (guits.). D. FAMPAS: Suite griega (16'43”). E. Fampas (guit.).
eva-fampas  dimitris-fampas  gitarre 
21 days ago
Eva Fampas plays Fampas Guitar News
New cd release on AULIA record label
dimitris-fampas  eva-fampas  gitarre 
21 days ago
Eva Fampas, Dimitris Fampas
Dimitris Fampas
the guitarist, composer and professor (1922 - 1996)
dimitris-fampas  gitarre 
21 days ago
Guitar Notes
Guitar notes, guitar notes sheet music of the famous worlds best known guitarists.
Guitar notes of the famous classical music masterpieces transcribed for guitar - all in one free archive
noten  gitarre 
21 days ago
Free guitar notes archive. Acoustic guitar notes, notes for beginners and guitar pro's. Classical guitar notes, tabs.
Free Electric and Acoustic Guitar Notes

This is a guitar notes archive, where you can download guitar notes, acoustic guitar notes and you will find most popular and free guitar lyrics with notes, guitar strings notes.
noten  gitarre 
21 days ago
Classical Guitar Historian, Music Publisher (and Controversial Gadfly) Matanya Ophee is Dead; Remembered by Colleagues – Classical Guitar
Few guitar personalities have so many identities as Matanya Ophee: publisher, musicologist, researcher, arranger, performer, ex-airline pilot (used as a term of disparagement by certain of his critics), a stimulating and controversial writer. A man who can be both enlightening and infuriating, sometimes at the same time, he is one of those strongly-etched personalities without whose pres­ence the guitar world would be greatly impover­ished: generally benign but sometimes prickly, always ready to inform, a polemicist, quick to argue, and tireless in the pursuit of self-appointed goals which may or may not appeal to the general guitar public—and certainly public indifference has no effect on his energetic promotion.
matanya-ophee  guitar 
25 days ago
Mobilfunktarif: Blau-Tarif wird günstiger und erhält mehr Datenvolumen -
Es gibt neue Konditionen für den Prepaid-Tarif Blau M, der vergünstigt und mit einem aufgestockten ungedrosselten Datenvolumen angeboten wird. Künftig kostet Blau M für 30 Tage 8,99 Euro; zuvor lag der Preis für vier Wochen bei 9,99 Euro. Zudem wird das ungedrosselte Datenvolumen von 1 GByte auf 1,25 GByte angehoben.
handy  Tarif 
27 days ago
Smart Grids und Energiespeicher: Future Energy Solution - Energie & Effizienz - Pictures of the Future - Innovation - Startseite - Siemens Global Website
Als heiße Luft lässt sich grüner Strom in Steinen speichern, die bei Bedarf die Wärme wieder an einen Generator abgeben. Siemens-Experten optimieren diese preiswerte und skalierbare Technologie. Das Ziel: ein effizienter und kostengünstiger Stromspeicher.
energie  energiespeicher 
28 days ago
Bustan Abraham - Wikipedia
Bustan Abraham was an Israeli band playing mostly instrumental music, which existed between 1991 and 2003. Its name means "Abraham’s garden"; the reference to the common ancestor of both Jewish and Islamic traditions intending to imply a unifying theme. The band was called a pioneer in the realm of world music.[1]
29 days ago
Sheu Pettit Duo
Guitarists Connie Sheu and Adam Pettit have engaged audiences across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe as soloists and chamber musicians. As the Sheu Pettit Duo, they perform music representing the most inventive compositional talent for guitar duo. Adam and Connie first met as students in the Pepe Romero master classes held at the University of Southern California in 2003. Both are committed to cultivating the growth of classical guitar in Southern California through concertizing, recording, and teaching. They are on faculty at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music.
guitar  duo 
4 weeks ago
Collection Search | Levy Music Collection
umfassende Notensammlung / Archiv

The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music consists of over 29,000 pieces of American popular music.

This music was generously donated to The Johns Hopkins University by Lester S. Levy over a period of years starting in 1976 and is now housed in the Special Collections Division of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. The collection spans the years 1780 to 1980, but its strength is its thorough documentation of nineteenth-century America through popular music.
noten  gitarre  USA  levy-collection 
4 weeks ago
Student's Place
Flamenco Tablatures and Sheet Music
Flamenconoten für Schüler
noten  gitarre  Flamenco 
5 weeks ago
Index of /Partituras
Index of /Partituras
Diverse Noten für Gitarre, Schwerpunkt Flamenco
noten  gitarre 
5 weeks ago
(2) 山本大輔 - YouTube - YouTube
youtube Kanal mit Mandoline solo Stücken
mandoline  japan  youtube 
5 weeks ago
Willkommen bei der fesa Energie Geno e.G.
Wenn Sie Interesse haben, in Erneuerbare Energien zu investieren, bietet Ihnen unsere Genossenschaft eine flexible, unabhängige und gemeinschaftliche Projektrealisierung und Leistungsbereitstellung.
6 weeks ago
Welche Gage kann ich verlangen? :: Bonedo
Welche Gage kann ich verlangen?
Musiker-Honorar für Konzerte, Tanzveranstaltungen und Unterricht
Gagenverhandlungen richtig führen
musik  honorar  gage 
7 weeks ago
Was kostet Kunst? - TKV BW
Was kostet Kunst?
Honorarstandards in Baden-Württemberg
musik  gage  honorar 
7 weeks ago
Aufnahmen der Gruppe
I Cantinapoli
Italien  mandoline 
7 weeks ago
Learning The Mandolin: History - The Bluegrass Era (pt. 1)
Learning The Mandolin: History – The Bluegrass Era (pt. 1)
blog  mandolin 
7 weeks ago
Modern Mandolin: Beyond Bluegrass With Grisman, Thile and More
Modern Mandolin: Beyond Bluegrass With Grisman, Thile and More
blog  mandolin 
7 weeks ago
@ Vrije Geluiden Live - Paolo Angeli - VPRO
De Sardijnse zanger/gitarist Paolo Angeli speelt tijdens Vrije Geluiden Live op 18 oktober 2017 in de Cloud 9 in TivoliVredenburg op zijn aangepaste gitaar. Met cellosnaren, hamertjes en elektronica tovert hij een bijzondere klankwereld uit zijn instrument.
paolo-angeli  Gitarre 
7 weeks ago
78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings : Free Audio : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings - "mandolin"

The Great 78 Project! Listen to this collection of 78rpm records and cylinder recordings released in the early 20th century. These recordings were contributed to the Archive by users through the Open Source Audio collection.
mandolin  historical_recordings  78  schellack 
8 weeks ago
Cambridge Econometrics
In a complex world, we help you see more clearly

When you’re grappling with policy recommendations for a government, business or NGO, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information. We can help. Our rigorous, independent and quantitative approach to data analysis and economic modelling gives you practical insights based on evidence rather than theory.
energie  organisation 
8 weeks ago
Esskastanien!wie zubereiten? | Sonstige Küchenthemen Forum |
ich schlitze die esskastanien kreuzweise ein und lasse sie dann etwa 8 bis 10 minuten kochen.
anschließend lässt sich die schale schön leicht lösen. es macht nichts, wenn sich die feine haut
nicht vollständig lässt.
die geschälten esskastanien brate ich in der pfanne mit etwas butter/oel an, bis sie schön knusprig sind.
maronen  esskastanien 
8 weeks ago
Medien: Wir überleben nur, wenn wir besser werden | ZEIT ONLINE
Wir überleben nur, wenn wir besser werden
Unser Autor leitet eine kleine Zeitung im Wendland. Er liebt Lokaljournalismus und verzweifelt an dessen Zustand. Ein Aufruf für einen besseren Journalismus auf dem Land
8 weeks ago
Mandolin - HowlingPixel
Sammlung über die Mandoline
Ist das automatisch generiert? Wie ist das gemacht?
Das ist nur eine andere Darstellung der Wikipedia!
mit größer angezeigten Bildern
mandoline  mandolin 
8 weeks ago
Start - Musikfreunde Naurod 1923 e.V.
Wiesbaden Naurod
Wir sind ein Mandolinenorchester mit derzeit 25 aktiven Spielern.

Das Orchester setzt sich zusammen aus 1. und 2. Mandoline, Mandola, Gitarre, Bass, Akkordeon und Perkussion.

Wir proben immer dienstags, ab 19.30 Uhr. Proberaum: Forum Anbau (Kellerskopfstraße 4, 65207 Wiesbaden-Naurod).
mandolinenorchester  Deutschland 
8 weeks ago
Galleria Miletti
Miletti Collection is run by Miletti Gallery and it is composed of about 65 instruments including guitars, mandolins and mandolas dated between 1800 and 1950. The leitmotiv of this exhibition wants to be that of showing an important historical moment for the city of Naples, in which lutherie was not only an artistic and handmade expression but also a key for a cultural, social and economical growth. Far from the idea of exposing instruments as merely art's objects, petrified into the stagnation of a showcase, we want to narrate about the life that is pouring through plucked strings, about those hands devoted to them, about those artisans which for centuries consecrated and sacrificed themselves. That's the reason why this exhibition places side by side the instruments of main artisan's families and those of smallest workshops, which are equally interesting in their construction techniques, material's quality and adornment's creativity. The functional and conservative restoration work has been made in order to respect the specificity of these musical instruments as extraordinary pieces of art with a high historical and anthropological value. We wanted to get back not only the beauty of these instruments and the great artisan's craftsmanship, but also the capacity of make sounds. Thanks to the rescue and enhancement of every features of these instruments, these Collection can be finally showed to the public which can appreciate these instruments just as they have been conceived.
alte_mandolinen  museum  sammlung 
9 weeks ago
5 Essential Live Looping Tips | Reverb News
The use of repeating sections of audio, or loops, has been a fundamental aspect of music production for decades, especially in sample-based music such as rap, hip-hop and electronica. Live looping, however, is a real-time performance technique.
9 weeks ago
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