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Playing the game — Beergame
Game that illustrates Supply Chain Management
beergame  supplychain  valuestream  devops  work 
june 2018 by maltodextrin
Documentation — Cloud-Init 18.1 documentation
Everything about cloud-init, a set of python scripts and utilities to make your cloud images be all they can be!
Linked from edX Intro to DevOps course
cloudcomputing  devops  python 
march 2018 by maltodextrin
ThoughtWorks | Creative technology consultants | ThoughtWorks
recommended by John Willis. Co-authors of Lean Enterprise work here.
devops  technology  lean 
january 2018 by maltodextrin
Adaptive Capacity Labs
John Allspaw
Incidents are encoded messages your system is sending you about how it really works. We help you decode them.
devops  resilience 
november 2017 by maltodextrin
The Phoenix Project - GamingWorks
The simulation game is based upon ‘The Phoenix Project’ Book.
phoenixproject  devops  games 
september 2017 by maltodextrin
OWASP Cheat Sheet Series - OWASP
Information Security tips, mentioned in DevOps Handbook P 320
security  cheatsheet  owasp  programming  devops 
july 2017 by maltodextrin
Get detailed and aggregated metrics on your IBM UrbanCode Deploy servers from Delivery Insights - Bluemix Blog
A new cloud-based monitoring service for IBM® UrbanCode™ Deploy is now available. Delivery Insights, which is part of IBM Cloud DevOps Insights, aggregates metrics information from one or more IBM UrbanCode Deploy installations into a manageable, customizable report. Your reports can show data about application and deployment successes and failures over many filter conditions.
urbancode  devops  udeploy  reports 
may 2017 by maltodextrin
Backstage Blog - Prometheus: Monitoring at SoundCloud - SoundCloud Developers
SoundCloud's monitoring system: Prometheus was born.

Prometheus is written in Go and has been open source from the beginning.
monitoring  devops  opensource 
april 2017 by maltodextrin
The Toyota Kata Website
My name is Mike Rother.  The
practice routines of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata will
make you, your team and your organization better at improving,
adapting, innovating and achieving whatever you set out to do.
lean  toyota  devops  books  kata 
march 2017 by maltodextrin
Consul by HashiCorp
Service Discovery and Configuration Made Easy
devops  hosting  servicediscovery  infrastructure 
march 2017 by maltodextrin
Why Order Matters: Turing Equivalence in Automated Systems Administration
Based on our findings, it appears that no tool, written in any language, can predictably administer an enterprise infrastructure without maintaining a deterministic, repeatable order of changes on each host.
Linked by John Willis in blog post "Immutable Delivery"
Also references Mark Burgess
devops  automation  continuousdelivery 
march 2017 by maltodextrin
The Secret Of DevOps: It's Always Been About People, Not Technology - ReadWrite
by Adam Jacob, Chef
At its heart, though—when you dig down underneath the rhetoric and positions, the software architecture decisions and design patterns, down below the software-development lifecycle and your agile practice—DevOps is about bringing together all the people you need to build and run your business effectively, and empowering them to move as quickly as possible towards their goals.
devops  business 
march 2017 by maltodextrin
ETTO principle
Efficiency-Thoroughness Tradeoff

linked from John Willis Intro to DevOps edX class
productivity  devops  organization 
march 2017 by maltodextrin
Puppet Beginner's Guide, 2nd Edition | Bitfield Consulting
A new edition of the bestselling Puppet Beginner’s Guide is now in preparation, for publication in May 2017, covering all the latest features of Puppet 4.
puppet  books  devops  configurationmanagement 
february 2017 by maltodextrin
DevOps keeps it cool with ICE - O'Reilly Radar
How inclusivity, complexity, and empathy are shaping DevOps.
Linked from Intro to DevOps course
devops  empathy  complexsystems 
february 2017 by maltodextrin
Mark Burgess Website - Semantic Spacetime Project
Formalizing the semantics of space and time, for cognition and measurement (a route to knowledge representation)
This project started in June 2014, to document puzzles that have bugged me since I started thinking about promises around 2002. The chosen language here is Promise Theory (2004-2014), and it touches on cross disciplinary problems around how we measure and explain behaviour in distributed systems.
devops  infrastructure  promisetheory  markburgess  distributedsystems 
january 2017 by maltodextrin
The Madstop » Golden Image or Foil Ball?
You have significant problems when you rely on golden images: Image sprawl, updating your images, and image state vs. running state.

Linked from "The Docker Book" page 14
configurationmanagement  devops  containers 
january 2017 by maltodextrin
Docker Hub
Dev-test pipeline automation, 100,000+ free apps, public and private registries
docker  containers  devops  development 
january 2017 by maltodextrin
OpenShift: PaaS by Red Hat, Built on Docker and Kubernetes
OpenShift is Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows developers to quickly develop, host, and scale applications in a cloud environment. With OpenShift you have a choice of offerings, including online, on-premise, and open source project options.
paas  cloudcomputing  containers  docker  devops  kubernetes  redhat 
january 2017 by maltodextrin
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