NYC Municipal Archives
Welcome to the New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery of over 900,000 images.
nyc  photos  1940s  history  brooklyn 
2 days ago
Air Monitoring Data - Bay Area Air Quality Management District
This page provides access to current and historical air quality and meteorological information based on measurements taken at stations in the Air District’s air monitoring network.
airquality  bayarea 
3 days ago
Reinforcement Learning with Prediction-Based Rewards
An agent which learned to play Mario without rewards. Instead, it was incentivized to avoid "boredom" (that is, getting into states where it can predict what will happen next). Discovered warp levels, how to defeat bosses, etc.
ai  videogames 
11 days ago
Postseason - The Baseball Gauge
All World Series games ranked by WPA, from Ben Lindbergh
baseball  worldseries  sabermetrics  baseballhistory 
13 days ago
Angular CLI
The Angular CLI makes it easy to create an application that already works, right out of the box. It already follows our best practices!
angular  cli  scripting  webdev 
21 days ago
Timetable | SBB
Swiss rail and transport system
switzerland  transportation 
4 weeks ago
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