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Peter Houston's Big Problem: Getting past the Big Data bullshit
"Whether its pharmaceuticals or publishing, it’s the data that matters not the scope. And, as Parry Malm says, the key is finding signals in the data."
data  journalism  datajournalism  ideas  toolkit 
december 2013 by macloo
The Data-Driven Future of Journalism – ReadWrite
"What data is that? Why, it's chiefly the interactions our readers have with us—reading, commenting on, and sharing our stories. Every story we publish creates a massive trail of data exhaust. But we let much of it dissipate like the San Francisco fog on a sunny afternoon."
data  journalism  datajournalism  examples  advice  toolkit 
november 2013 by macloo
10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)
Great diagrams in this how-to article really highlight the point being made with each example.
photography  tips  howto  toolkit  examples 
november 2013 by macloo
Another update to LevelUp for Photoshop CC: Level 5 « Adobe Education Leaders
"LevelUp for Photoshop is a game of missions — and points and rewards — that guide you along the way of learning basic Adobe® Photoshop® CC software skills."
Photoshop  learning  software  toolkit 
november 2013 by macloo
DIY Data Journalism: How to quickly investigate publicly available data
"Simpler tools enable anyone to visualize and analyze a modest dataset. The ability to sift through a pile of data and find hidden connections is a skill that is valuable for many, like students, marketeers, people working at NGOs, and so on. In this post, I will give you an example of great do-it-yourself data journalism to show you that it isn’t hard."
toolkit  datajournalism  data  journalism  examples 
october 2013 by macloo
Top Ten Tools for Data Journalism
A good list -- maybe not the "top" 10, but useful.
data  journalism  tools  toolkit  apps 
october 2013 by macloo
20 tools and apps for digital journalists | Media news |
Includes Datawrapper, Thinglink, Storyful MultiSearch, and others you might not know.
tools  journalism  apps  datajournalism  toolkit 
october 2013 by macloo
6 Tips For Hiring a Real Social Media Marketer - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)
An effort "to further define the skill sets and education of a social media marketer (SMM)." Good info - brief.
socialmedia  jobs  skills  careers  toolkit 
october 2013 by macloo
Twitter Bios and What They Really Say -
Food for thought - what does YOUR Twitter bio say? Recommended.
twitter  socialmedia  howto  toolkit 
october 2013 by macloo
Journalism *is* curation: Tips on curation tools and techniques
"As a journalist operating online, you are both reporter and publisher, able to curate content both at the article level and that of ‘publication’ – whether that’s a Twitter stream, a Tumblr blog, or a Flipboard magazine. Here are some suggestions for tools and techniques ..."
curation  journalism  howto  tools  tips  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
What is curation? · ksablan · Storify
This explanation includes a video of a museum curator. It also has great quotes from curators about what they do.
toolkit  curation  journalism  resource 
september 2013 by macloo
7 command-line tools for data science
"seven command-line tools that I have found useful in my day-to-day work. The tools are: jq, json2csv, csvkit, scrape, xml2json, sample, and Rio."
data  tools  datajournalism  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
IK Multimedia | iRig Recorder
Recording app for reporting, interviews
audio  apps  iphone  android  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
PROOF - Photography that bears witness
"Proof is National Geographic’s new online photography experience. It was launched to engage ongoing conversations about photography, art, and journalism. In addition to featuring selections from the magazine and other publications, books, and galleries, this site will offer new avenues for our audience to get a behind-the-scenes look at the National Geographic storytelling process."
photojournalism  blog  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
Kill All Your Darlings - Matt Waite
"I should have built it knowing that someday the excitement was going to end. That the people keeping it going weren’t going to be there. The data and the stories were still valuable. They just weren’t worth running servers to keep online.

"The moral of the story? In all your excitement starting a new project, spend a little time thinking about the end."
datajournalism  systems  obsolescence  projectmanagement  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
How to: produce video on your mobile phone
This helpful post covers current popular apps for mobile video; optimal length for videos; streaming options; shooting and editing. Published in August 2013.
journalism  video  mobile  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
Use multiple tools to promote your work | The Buttry Diary
"When my debut novel ... was published, I shared the news via various digital platforms. Of course, I did the usual Twitter and Facebook, but I also employed some other tools that you might not be quite as familiar with." List of tools! Links! Good stuff!
toolkit  promotion  socialmedia 
september 2013 by macloo
My Little Bag of Writing Tricks
Creative writing professor shares tips for editing your own writing and cutting out weak words.
grammar  writing  tips  toolkit 
september 2013 by macloo
doing money - The Billfold
A collection of interviews with all kinds of people about how they spend/save/budget money - very individual, fascinating. Good examples for journalism students.
interviews  examples  finance  journalism  toolkit 
august 2013 by macloo
How to use Chartbuilder to make simple graphics fast | Poynter.
"Enter Chartbuilder, a free tool that makes it stupid easy to make a simple static chart of some basic data and get it into your publication. It really just involves copying, pasting, tweaking and exporting. The output is an image ..."
dataviz  graphics  howto  teaching  tools  toolkit 
august 2013 by macloo
The People You Meet at McDonald’s - Slide Show -
Great example for students - ask them how these portraits differ from the usual snapshots most people make.
photojournalism  portraits  examples  students  toolkit 
may 2013 by macloo
MapBox Streets | MapBox
Connected to OpenStreetMaps - alternative to Google Maps! Pretty. Free.
maps  opensource  tools  toolkit  notGoogle 
may 2013 by macloo
Creating a metric for news apps
What are news apps, why are they important, and how do we measure success? Post by Brian Abelson, a 2013 OpenNews Fellow at the New York Times.
toolkit  data  apps  journalism  students  ideas  impact  from twitter_favs
march 2013 by macloo
15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013 - ProBlogger
Profiles of bloggers who are successful and who have a unique voice or niche. Good examples for students.
blogging  bloggers  writing  careers  jobs  toolkit  examples 
january 2013 by macloo
15 WordPress User Errors That Make You Look Silly
Maintain your WordPress site properly. It won't maintain itself.
wordpress  toolkit  bestpractices 
december 2012 by macloo
TimelineJS - Code Index - Source: An OpenNews project
"TimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables journalists/publishers to build visually-rich interactive timelines quickly and easily." Timeline can can incorporate various media, including YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Twitter, and Flickr.
journalismcode  timeline  toolkit 
november 2012 by macloo
Pipeline Safety Tracker - ProPublica
"The nation's 2.5 million miles of pipelines // carry the vast majority of our oil and natural gas" ... "The map displays only 'significant incidents,' defined by PHMSA, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, as those that caused either a death or serious injury, cost more than $50,000, released more than 50 barrels of liquid, or caused a fire or explosion ..." Nov. 15, 2012
data  datajournalism  maps  examples  toolkit 
november 2012 by macloo
MediaShift . What I've Learned 3 Years After Ditching Radio Recording Gear for an iPhone
"Covering Washington, D.C., for all-news WTOP-FM and solely with an iPhone presents opportunities and challenges, and still the occasional 'is that all your equipment?'"
radio  reporting  iphone  audio  professionalpractice  toolkit 
november 2012 by macloo
Photojournalism: Souza on Documenting Presidency - LightBox
Awesome set of candid photos of President Obama, and interview with photographer Pete Souza.
obama  photojournalism  examples  storytelling  toolkit 
october 2012 by macloo
Best of Photojournalism: What Makes a Winner | Poynter's News University
Free online course. Time Estimate: This course takes about two hours to complete. "Let the judges be your guides to the best of more than 55,000 images entered in the National Press Photographers Association contest. ... Then take what you've learned and try your hand at judging in the 'You Be the Judge' activity, and see how well you can recognize the winning aspects of a photograph."
photojournalism  toolkit 
october 2012 by macloo
Student journalist bloggers - The good, the scheduled and the risky - Part 1: The good
Post by Martin Belam, a usability guru who has worked for the Guardian and the BBC, in which he discusses standout blogs by journalism students.
blogs  blogging  students  examples  toolkit 
september 2012 by macloo
Quantifying impact: A better metric for measuring journalism - The Linchpen
"The journalism goals and business goals for news organizations are out of sync. Pageviews. Unique visitors. Time on site."
data  journalism  impact  businessmodel  toolkit  metrics 
september 2012 by macloo
How a 19-year-old student became one of the hottest political photographers in the country » Nieman Journalism Lab
A young photographer allows anyone to use his photos of U.S. political stars under a Creative Commons license. Learn why in this interview. This is an example of the kind of gift-economy, intrinsic-vs.-extrinsic values stuff that Henry Jenkins discusses as characteristic of convergence culture.
photojournalism  pro-am  gifts  journalism  trends  convergence_culture  toolkit 
september 2012 by macloo
Welcome to Hacker Journalism 101, take your seats » Nieman Journalism Lab
An introduction by Brian Boyer, head of NPR’s News Apps team, with useful links that will educate you about WHY everyone in journalism is talking about programming!
programming  code  journalism  examples  toolkit  journalismcode 
september 2012 by macloo
Mathew Ingram said what I wanted to say about Twitter (several times) « The Buttry Diary
Steve Buttry summarizes a long post about Twitter -- what we love and what we hate. Good stuff.
twitter  ideas  analysis  toolkit 
september 2012 by macloo
Using ScribbleLive in the classroom
"This document can be used to give educators an idea of some of the assignments they can give a journalism or media class to teach real-time reporting, as well as the marking scheme that can supplement it. These three exercises can be used as a baseline, or to give you ideas for your own."
liveblogging  reporting  tools  toolkit 
september 2012 by macloo help FAQ
Have you been hearing a lot about Reddit lately? Check out this FAQ to find out more.
reddit  howto  tips  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Digital mobile news gathering requires more than smartphone and tools
An experiment "producing an audio photo slideshow entirely on my iPhone, without any use of a computer."
audio  photo  slideshows  mobile  examples  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Viral infographics and useful visual communication - Alberto Cairo
"It looks nice, doesn't it? And it likely went viral. But is it really useful? The problem that I have with this graphic, and the reason it is not so great as it could be — objectively, regardless of its intended audience — is that its data is not arranged so it can be easily grasped, compared, and related. Moreover, the goals suggested in the graphic's intro ('I'll allow you to audit the World Bank') are not fulfilled."
visual  graphics  infographics  informationdesign  ideas  critique  examples  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
How breaking news works now, and why Storyful wants to help
"[T]he idea behind Storyful was to build a professional service staffed by journalists who could track breaking news reports through social networks and help media companies verify them. The company has a staff of 33 editors working in dozens of countries, and works with a number of outlets such as the New York Times and Reuters."
collaboration  participation  journalism  toolkit  socialmedia  crowdsourcing 
august 2012 by macloo
6 questions journalists should be able to answer before pitching a story | Poynter.
A topic is not a story, and naming a topic is not a good way to make a pitch to an editor. Learn how to make a good pitch by reading this.
writing  journalism  pitch  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Creating Awesome Multimedia Presentation with Soundslides
A really nice tutorial for Soundslides! Audio photo slideshows.
soundslides  tutorial  multimedia  howto  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Public Schools Explorer | The Texas Tribune
The Texas Tribune Schools Explorer provides citizens with an easy way to look up up-to-date information about all of the public schools in the state of Texas. The Texas Tribune is a nonprofit media organization with a reputation for producing deep, comprehensive data journaism projects.
education  journalism  data  datajournalism  examples  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Back to School: Mac App Pack
August 2012: A writing professor lists the Mac apps he finds most useful.
apps  mac  software  utility  toolkit  tips 
august 2012 by macloo
9 ways to become 'mobile first'
"We occasionally hear the term 'mobile first' in journalism circles, but it rarely comes with an explanation. Most people intuitively know that a 'mobile first' company should tailor its products to devices first, desktop second. But what does that really mean? Here are a few things we’re learning ..."
mobile  journalism  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Finding the Right Metric for News
Pilhofer: "... the benchmarks we use now are so ill suited. They are the simplistic, one-dimensional metrics we all know: pageviews, time on site, uniques. We use them largely because they are there and because they are easy — even though we all know they’re a lousy way to measure impact.

"... Are pageviews or uniques really the right measure? Of course not."
metrics  journalism  data  ideas  impact  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
The newsonomics of the next-gen NPR network
"NPR’s digital growth is impressive. On alone, it’s seen an 87 percent increase in pageviews, to 50 million, and a 40 percent increase in unique visitors, year over year, to 4.7 million, according to The Nielsen Company. NPR’s own internal count shows a similar ramp, but counts 19 million unique visitors, among all the NPR applications from to tablet, web, and smartphone apps."
radio  journalism  toolkit  NPR 
august 2012 by macloo
The Art of Staying Up to Date | Smashing Magazine
"The hardest part of staying up to date is not reading too much. So many articles are published on a daily basis, so you’ll need filters. ... You only want to read relevant stuff. You could try to automate this filtering, but I found that the best filters are actually people and time."
information  productivity  tips  efficiency  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Why Code in the Newsroom? New York Times, ProPublicans Answer
Dan Sinker: "Why would I want to work as a developer in the newsroom?

"... I visited our news partners at the New York Times and ProPublica and posed that very question to some of the members of their groundbreaking news dev teams. I shot some video while I was there and put together these six short interviews about what’s exciting about news app development."
code  programming  news  journalism  ideas  nyt  toolkit  journalismcode 
august 2012 by macloo
Metrics, metrics everywhere: How do we measure the impact of journalism?
Pilhofer: "... the math changes in the digital environment. We are awash in metrics, and we have the ability to engage with readers at scale in ways that would have been impossible (or impossibly expensive) in an analog world.

"The problem now is figuring out which data to pay attention to and which to ignore."
journalism  metrics  data  ideas  toolkit  impact 
august 2012 by macloo
WordPress Basics - Journalists' Toolkit
How to get started with - links to most useful how-to videos - tips about what to modify on your blog so it doesn't look stupid. Step-by-step list (9 items) for absolute beginners.
wordpress  tutorial  howto  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
22 tools and apps every journalism student should know about
Some new or obscure ones, but mostly -- the ones everyone who is smart already uses. Which is good. Check and see which ones you are missing. Then check those out.
journalism  tools  apps  toolkit 
august 2012 by macloo
Web Fundamentals | Codecademy
HTML, CSS and JavaScript - multiple lessons, free, teach yourself.
html  css  javascript  beginner  toolkit  web  webdesign  learning  students 
august 2012 by macloo
When Tragedy Hits, Photojournalists Balance Reporting and Emotion
Tips about how trained photojournalists can (and do) behave in a sensitive, humane way during tragic situations and news events. Good examples shown. Good quotes from experienced folks.
photojournalism  reporting  ethics  examples  toolkit  photography 
july 2012 by macloo
Nieman Reports | Finding the Wisdom in the Crowd
The title of this elaboration on why social journalism has value and can be trusted -- by Mark Little, founder and CEO Storyful -- is completely inadequate to describe the clear and useful contents.

"Today we are the managers of an overabundance of information and content, discovered, verified and delivered in partnership with active communities."
socialmedia  journalism  UGC  participation  toolkit  verification 
july 2012 by macloo
11 Free Mac Apps That Every Apple Computer Owner Should Download
A good list, not all the same stuff I already knew about. Includes a service for locating and wiping a lost Mac; app updates; virus scanner.
mac  apple  apps  freeware  utility  toolkit 
july 2012 by macloo
Bad Olympic photos: Why a photo shoot produced horrible images
Studio photography is different from shooting on the fly, and if you're not trained, you may really muck it up. A good post-mortem on a bad day in the studio.
photography  photojournalism  professionalpractice  toolkit  quality 
july 2012 by macloo
8 must-reads detail how to verify information in real-time, from social media, users | Poynter.
Verifying social media content "involves some new tools and techniques, and requires a basic understanding of the way networks operate and how people use them. It also requires many of the so-called old school values and techniques that have been around for a while: being skeptical, asking questions, tracking down high quality sources, exercising restraint, collaborating and communicating with team members."
verification  socialmedia  curation  toolkit  resources 
april 2012 by macloo
Top 5 Tech Ideas for Creating Better Explanatory Journalism
"NYU's Explainer class focused especially on two things: presentation and conversation. They talked to cognitive psychologists like George Lakoff to learn how audiences take in what we read. They highlighted numerous presentation examples -- videos, timelines, infographics, mini-sites, aggregators, podcasts, interactive guides, flowcharts, and even a picture book by Google! The class at NYU also pointed out that explaining is often a conversation. In their journalist's guide to developing FAQs, the class suggests techniques for discovering what people need to know."
ideas  journalism  explanatory  future  toolkit 
april 2012 by macloo
Google’s Richard Gingras: 8 questions that will help define the future of journalism
1. "The architecture of news content has barely changed." 2. Evolving the narrative form. 3. Creating the Reporter’s Notebook 2.0. 4. "a rethinking of editorial roles and organizational workflow" 5. Exploring computational journalism 6. Leveraging search and social 7. Rethinking site design 8. Shifting to a culture of constant product innovation
journalism  future  design  innovation  data  ideas  toolkit 
april 2012 by macloo | Andy Carvin, virtual correspondent, 2012
"He didn’t just retweet content without comment but vetted it, asking for confirmation, sourcing, more details, playing his followers against each other as if he were an assigning editor of an incorporeal newsroom.

"He became a dogged beat reporter, far removed from the scene but covering it at all hours, exposing his messy and complicated process for all to see."
reporting  socialmedia  NPR  arab  twitter  journalism  toolkit 
march 2012 by macloo
The Future of Social Media in Journalism - Mashable
"... these social tools are inspiring readers to become citizen journalists by enabling them to easily publish and share information on a greater scale. The future journalist will be more embedded with the community than ever, and news outlets will build their newsrooms to focus on utilizing the community and enabling its members to be enrolled as correspondents."
journalism  socialmedia  future  trends  jou4341  citizenjournalism  participation  toolkit 
september 2010 by macloo
The Mekong: A River and a Region Transformed : NPR
A nice package that traces the great river south from Tibet to the delta in Vietnam. Beautiful photos. Each country the river passes through gets its own slide show (BIG photos!). Nice map too.
toolkit  examples  npr  photojournalism  flash  Flashjournalism  multimedia  maps  design  y612 
april 2010 by macloo
Tips for shooting breaking news | NewsLab
Wonderful interview with videojournalist Darren Durlach, the 2009 NPPA TV photographer of the year, interviewed by Deborah Potter (who knows how to do it!). Length: 3 min. 35 sec.
video  journalism  examples  training  education  jou4341  toolkit  reporting  news 
november 2009 by macloo
Video - Journalists Toolkit
Links to tutorials for Windows Movie Maker (WMM), iMovie, and more.
video  multimedia  tips  training  tools  journalism  tutorial  jou4341  jou4930  toolkit 
november 2009 by macloo
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