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Database: How many children have experienced school shootings in America? - Washington Post
"The Washington Post has spent the past year determining how many children have been exposed to gun violence during school hours since the Columbine High massacre in 1999."
crime  data  guns  wapo  datajournalism  examples  webapps 
16 days ago by macloo
Data Literacy: A User’s Guide | SAGE Companion
Files to be used with the David Herzog book, Data Literacy (mostly Excel)
book  data  datasets  datajournalism  examples 
4 weeks ago by macloo
The WSJ CEO Pay Ranking
Great example of scrolling data - left and top graph changes as you scroll.
scroll  scrolling  examples  salaries  pay  data  graphics  wsj 
4 weeks ago by macloo
CPDP - Citizens Police Data Project
Citizens Police Data Project
collects and publishes information
about police misconduct in Chicago
police  maps  reporting  journalism  misconduct  database  examples 
6 weeks ago by macloo
Why Notre-Dame Was a Tinderbox - The New York Times
3D model of Notre Dame showing how fire spread inside the attic.
3d  examples  NYT  webapps  scrolling 
9 weeks ago by macloo
College Scorecard
This is a nice example of an app that has an appealing look and feel. It gives the user a lot of options to play with.
examples  webapps  data 
11 weeks ago by macloo
The Year in Graphics: 2018
The best visual stories of the year from The Wall Street Journal. Lots of great examples using data. UF students - activate your complimentary membership by visiting
webapps  graphics  data  journalism  examples  2018 
december 2018 by macloo
How The Times Makes Those Addictive Election Maps - The New York Times
A great behind-the-scenes look at how the map-making team works at The New York Times.
maps  examples  NYT  2018  webapps 
november 2018 by macloo
Follow the Perilous Journey of Yellowstone Elk
Very cool maps are part of this interactive, scrolling story from NatGeo.
scrolling  scroll  examples  interactive  webapps  maps 
november 2018 by macloo
House Election Results: Democrats Take Control - The New York Times
Look at the Cartogram (click button below map) - really superb dataviz
election2018  maps  webapps  NYT  examples 
november 2018 by macloo
How the 2018 midterms shaped the demographics of the 116th Congress — Quartz
A cool small interactive where you choose from menus to find out how many people in the U.S. congress math your own demographics. Fun and educational!
interactive  government  examples  webapps 
november 2018 by macloo
2018 Online Journalism Awards Finalists
Amazing uses of digital media here, including AR and VR, from large newsrooms and small.
webapps  journalism  digital  awards  examples 
august 2018 by macloo
What interactives can do (that articles can’t)
"... here are some of the things that interactive graphics (or to use my preferred term, web graphics, since some of these don’t strictly involve interactivity) can do that traditional articles or static images can’t. I compiled this list, adapted from a talk I gave in 2015, as a source of inspiration for my own work, and I hope it inspires you too."
graphics  interactive  interactivity  data  datajournalism  examples  webapps 
june 2018 by macloo
What is the role of journalists in holding artificial intelligence accountable?
Examples here from the Wall Street Journal - interactives they made to demonstrate how algorithms work.
algorithms  journalism  examples 
may 2018 by macloo
Flexbox & CSS3 Transition Demonstration - YouTube
Really nice demo of using flex and CSS transitions together
flexbox  css  video  examples 
may 2018 by macloo
Hot metal : Pasteup :: Floats : CSS Grid - YouTube
Really cool examples shown in the second half of this 6-min. video. Good intro for students.
css  webapps  webdesign  video  examples 
may 2018 by macloo
Moiz Syed
I'm a designer and coder, with an interest in journalism and information design. I like making things that support activism and social change. I work at The Intercept.
portfolio  journalism  examples 
march 2018 by macloo
Birds at Risk
Bootstrap with added scrolling goodness.
examples  students  webdev 
december 2017 by macloo
Journalism Bots: A Quick History and Ideas for Use in Your Newsroom | Global Investigative Journalism Network
Now bots have started to find their way into newsrooms as the technology behind them becomes more accessible to a wider audience and new services like Chatfuel and Dialogflow make building a chatbot as easy as pointing and clicking.
bots  journalism  ideas  examples  resource  webapps 
december 2017 by macloo
The Serial-Killer Detector | The New Yorker
Very long and cool story about a wide range of stories one man has reported - many of them very significant, like reporting that resulted in the national Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry.

"A former journalist, equipped with an algorithm and the largest collection of murder records in the country, finds patterns in crime."
2017  crime  datajournalism  examples  longform 
november 2017 by macloo
This Is Where Hate Crimes Don’t Get Reported | ProPublica
"On Monday, the FBI released its latest tally of hate crimes in the U.S. Despite a 1990 law that mandates data collection on hate crimes, the FBI’s count remains only a fraction of what an annual national crime victims survey estimates the real number to be."
data  datajournalism  maps  racism  hatecrimes  examples  webapps  2017 
november 2017 by macloo
How (Not) to Cross the Street in Jacksonville | ProPublica
"Jacksonville, Florida, issues more tickets to pedestrians than all but five Florida counties. And it issues those tickets disproportionately to black pedestrians."
data  florida  journalism  datajournalism  examples  webapps  racism  police 
november 2017 by macloo
What will be on your Thanksgiving plate? Los Angeles Times
A fun one-page apps with maps that shows which Thanksgiving foods people search for the most in different states.
interactive  latimes  examples  maps  webapps 
november 2017 by macloo
Great reads - The Seattle Times
Nice one-page app with visuals and a modal overlay.
interactive  webdesign  design  books  examples  webapps 
november 2017 by macloo
Trial and Terror - The Intercept
A great example of a data journalism project - visual presentation of information.
dataviz  terrorism  data  database  datajournalism  examples  webapps 
november 2017 by macloo
Upshot editor Amanda Cox talks data analysis and visualization
Several good examples are linked in this report about a 2017 talk given by a NYT data journalist.
data  dataviz  datajournalism  NYT  webapps  examples 
november 2017 by macloo
Do You Live in One of the Happiest American States?
Look at how the data are presented. Friendly, interesting.
examples  data  design  journalism  webdesign  webapps 
october 2017 by macloo
How Folha de São Paulo builds immersive stories about controversial themes like dams, drought and deforestation - Storybench
"Folha de São Paulo, one of Brazil’s largest newspapers, has been at the forefront of digital experimentation. Its interactive, multimedia series ..."
multimedia  interactive  journalism  examples  brazil 
august 2017 by macloo
Untitled (
RT : At least 207,468 minors married in the US from '00-'15. 87% were girls. Most were 16 or 17. But some as young as 10:
longform  webdesign  examples  charts  data  datajournalism  from twitter
july 2017 by macloo
Links to Storybench stories about digital storytelling
Each link goes to a story about how journalists made a particular digital or interactive story or a collection of coverage. These are case studies for digital journalism.
storybench  examples  journalism  data  interactive  design  webdev  webapps 
may 2017 by macloo
Leon County | Restaurant Inspections |
Rat list with good display choices - note list of "most violations in the last 30 days": useful!
data  journalism  examples  webdesign 
may 2017 by macloo
Databases |
Data examples from the Tallahassee Democrat.
examples  datajournalism 
may 2017 by macloo
American Strangers: Life inside Tallahassee's refugee community
This story includes several compact slide decks for data graphics. They have a consistent look and feel. Easy to use.
examples  data  visual  charts  webapps 
may 2017 by macloo
This Chicago Cop Is Accused Of Framing At Least 51 People For Murder - BuzzFeed News
An excellent investigative story, and also a great example of longform story design in the style of 2017
longform  examples  webdesign 
april 2017 by macloo
Bias on the Bench | Sarasota Herald-Tribune
This great Florida journalism investigation just won the Batten award - 2017
Web design for longform stories, 2017
examples  longform  webdesign  from twitter
april 2017 by macloo
Eterna - Invent Medicine.
This was shown in the Werner Herzog documentary Lo and Behold - they published a problem about molecular folding online as a game, and hundreds of thousands of (non-expert) people played and figured out problems that scientists had not been able to.
crowdsourcing  examples  games 
april 2017 by macloo
A is for Albert
Really nice visual site, fun and playful, interactive. Uses CSS animations.
responsive  webdesign  examples  animation  css 
march 2017 by macloo
UF freshman Grace King won 14h place in the Hearst Awards in 2017 for this multimedia story. Built with Atavist.
election2016  uf  students  visual  storytelling  examples 
march 2017 by macloo
The Best of Digital Design – A competition of SND
Society for News Design - annual winners, digital only - 2016 awards for 2015 works
examples  design  news  webdesign  winners  awards  webapps 
march 2017 by macloo
Anna Flagg
Developer's portfolio with cool projects, including "A Disappearing Planet" for ProPublica
examples  portfolio  webdesign  code  webdev 
february 2017 by macloo
How The Washington Post's Defense Of Its Russian Hacking Story Unraveled Through Web Archiving
"Putting this all together, we see that the “fact checking” of mainstream journalism does not quite match the gleaming pristine aura touted by the journalism community in which top tier outlets are a bulwark against false and misleading news due to their rigorous and extensive fact checking processes that will not allow an article to be published until every detail has been fully confirmed."
journalism  factchecking  ethics  bestpractices  examples 
january 2017 by macloo
Kind of a game, and kind of journalism.
games  poverty  economics  webapps  examples 
november 2016 by macloo
Monroe Work
Excellent map and data about U.S. lynchings
design  examples  webapps  history  maps  leaflet  storytelling 
november 2016 by macloo
Cobalt mining for lithium ion batteries has a high human cost - Washington Post
Check out how this story includes maps, videos, photo galleries and charts in a straight in-line design, with scrolling responses.
mining  technology  africa  interactive  examples  journalism  webapps 
october 2016 by macloo
WTF Visualizations
OMG this site! "Visualizations that make no sense." HT at - BAD EXAMPLES of dataviz.
data  tumblr  visualization  dataviz  examples  from twitter
october 2016 by macloo
Quantified Selfie
Personalized interactives - seen at ONA16
design  data  storytelling  examples  webapps 
september 2016 by macloo
Tips for creating personalised interactives from #ONA16 | Media news
"Experts from New York Daily News and CUNY shared advice on producing interactives at the ONA conference in Denver." 2016
interactive  examples  webapps  data  journalism 
september 2016 by macloo
CUNY student project. Interactive. Try it!
examples  interactive  webapps 
september 2016 by macloo
The Fallen of World War II - Data-driven documentary about war & peace
The Fallen of World War II is an interactive documentary that examines the human cost of the second World War and the decline in battle deaths in the years since the war. The 15-minute data visualization uses cinematic storytelling techniques to provide viewers with a fresh and dramatic perspective of a pivotal moment in history.

The film follows a linear narration, but it allows viewers to pause during key moments to interact with the charts and dig deeper into the numbers.
data  history  visualization  war  examples  animation  interactive 
august 2016 by macloo
Daily Florida Zika virus tracker | Miami Herald
A map of Florida animated with day-by-day increase in number of cases in each region. Also, clear and easy-to-read charts below the map.
examples  maps  health  webapps  datajournalism 
august 2016 by macloo
Florida Dashboards
Made with D3.js - - a JavaScript library for making data graphics.
D3  javascript  examples  webapps 
august 2016 by macloo
The Circuit: Tracking America's Electronic Waste . News | OPB
International undercover investigation reveals what really happens to our discarded TVs, phones and computers. ONA nominee 2016
awards  examples  investigative  innovation  journalism 
august 2016 by macloo
How USA dominates Olympics - Washington Post
Graphic storytelling - visual information - interactive with rollovers - works on mobile
olympics  examples  dataviz  graphics  webapps 
august 2016 by macloo
Katie Ledecky and the Eternity of 11 Seconds - The New York Times
Check out the cool animations that essentially replay Ledecky's 2016 Olympic swimming events - using precise data (I assume) to drive the animated swimmers.
examples  webapps  sports  olympics 
august 2016 by macloo
Building an Alternative Olympic Medal Table — Google News Lab — Medium
A how-to how-we-did-this with emphasis on organizing the data, by Simon Rogers, formerly of The Guardian.
datajournalism  journalism  examples 
august 2016 by macloo
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