Working with Git on Windows  -  Beanstalk Guides
Steps to help Windows users use Git. Includes instructions for setting up SSH, including key generation. Alternative to PuTTY.
git  windows  webapps 
23 hours ago
PuTTY Download Page
The official download page for the PuTTY terminal emulator. Use for SSH.
software  tools  windows  webapps 
23 hours ago
Install and Update latest version Git Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite
Many good things about how to update git - includes overriding an Xcode version.
git  howto 
A Sample HTML Page - Scrolling
An example by me, using the HTML5 section element like a slide for scrolling panels. Source on GitHub.
scroll  scrolling  examples  html5  github 
2 days ago
Journey to Myanmar
Wow, nice visual travel feature about - from !
from twitter
3 days ago
Cruise Control - Your one-stop shop for health and safety data on cruise ships
Data project from ProPublica - seacrh for any cruise ship by name, see its health inspection history.
travel  propublica  data  examples 
3 days ago
Web Accessibility for Online Learning
A very good list focused on making Web materials for online courses accessible to visually impaired people.
accessibility  web  html  html5  reference  resource  webapps  distancelearning 
5 days ago
Log In - The New York Times
RT : Depressing News. In-State Tuition, an important path to upward mobility in America, is slowly disappearing:
from twitter
7 days ago
Harnessing the Mekong or Killing It? - Video: One Second a Day - National Geographic Magazine
If you took one second of video a day from a trip on the Mekong River - love this, -
from twitter
8 days ago
How Vox is Like Urban Dictionary — The Message — Medium
Loving 's take on - "a snapshot of media culture for a very specific culture of many."
from twitter
9 days ago
Ann's Blog | Emery’s Essentials
Select the right chart type for your data
design  data  dataviz  tools  charts 
10 days ago
Treatment Tracker - ProPublica
Easy-to-use data app. Compare Medicare Part B charges by different doctors in different locations. In the U.S., 46 million seniors and disabled are covered by Part B. It pays for services such as "office visits, ambulance mileage, lab tests, and the doctor’s fee for open-heart surgery."
propublica  data  healthcare  mobile  examples  webapps 
10 days ago
How news can compete with cat videos: 6 lessons for multimedia journalists | Poynter.
"How news can compete with cat videos: 6 lessons for multimedia journalists." Old but still good.
from twitter
10 days ago
The House That Fish Built — Medium
HT for excellent article about new storytelling formats:
from twitter
10 days ago
5 Ridiculously Common Misconceptions about UX
Comparing the job of a UX designer to that of a UI designer.
webapps  interface  user_experience  UX 
11 days ago
Placehold.it - Quick and simple image placeholders
Gray simple placeholder panels for ANY SIZE image needed.
images  webdev  html 
11 days ago
RTDNA : Scholarship & Fellowship Information
RTDNF also has 4 fellowships for early-career professionals. Deadline May 31.
from twitter
11 days ago
BuzzFeed Press Blog
RT : good lord buzzfeed going to be unstoppable
from twitter
12 days ago
Why can’t we read anymore? — Medium
Books "enable the trying-on of foreign ideas and emotions."
from twitter
14 days ago
How Using Adblock Plus Surprised Me - American Journalism Review
See how AdBlock hides "native" advertising and sponsored content - HT
from twitter
16 days ago
Canvas Instructor Guide | Canvas Guides
How to use each item listed in the Canvas sidebar.
canvas  howto  elearning  distancelearning 
17 days ago
Web App Success | Five Simple Steps
New book 2015 - looks comprehensive. Strategy is covered. Promotion.
webdev  book  apps  mobile 
17 days ago
Reclaim Hosting | Take Control of your Digital Identity
Really cheap domain hosting for students. $25 a year. Only 2 GB but what a deal. Includes one domain name.
hosting  web  education 
18 days ago
70 years ago today: Lee Miller in Hitler’s bathtub | The Economist
That little shot of joy was brought to us by The Economist.
I love the Internet. (3/3)
from twitter
19 days ago
What Killed The Infographic? | Co.Design | business + design
Data visualization "doesn't always provide as much insight into large datasets as you might hope."
from twitter
19 days ago
Bootstrap - Introduction - Google Docs
I want to teach Bootstrap in a beginner Web apps course, so I made a Google doc:
from twitter
19 days ago
Bootstrap 3 Tutorial Pt.9 - Google Web Fonts - YouTube
Short video tute for how to use Google fonts with Bootstrap -- it's just what you would expect.
fonts  typography  bootstrap  webdev 
20 days ago
Photojournalism, advocacy and change - David Campbell
"... no, I’m not objective. I’m a photographer and I have an opinion. And when I go and I’m documenting killing to the extent that we saw in the CAR – whether that’s by the Seleka or by the anti-balaka – I want people to understand it, and the opinion is I am horrified and I want you guys to be horrified too."
objectivity  fairness  journalism  ideas  advocacy 
22 days ago
ZPM Espresso and the Rage of the Jilted Crowdfunder - NYTimes.com
The Wharton School professor Ethan Mollick, who has published several papers on crowdfunding, has found that more than 80 percent of hardware projects ship with significant delays. Most of those do ultimately deliver something, but Mollick has found that 14 percent of the projects studied have, since 2012, shipped either nothing at all or something too shoddy to use.
crowdfunding  kickstarter 
22 days ago
Are You Smarter Than an 8th Grader? - NYTimes.com
Nick Kristof column about low numeracy in the U.S. and our kids' low test scores on a global level.
numeracy  teaching  math  unitedstates 
22 days ago
Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists - Council of Europe
"Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists" - a database of press attacks, Europe -
from twitter
22 days ago
The Upwardly Mobile Barista - The Atlantic
Ostensibly about Starbuck's pay-for-college program for its employees, this article actually looks at a lot of the problems in university structure, especially student advising -- and reasons why so many students drop out.
college  university  education  ideas  future 
22 days ago
How AJ+ reported from Baltimore using only mobile phones | Poynter.
"Mobile reporting offers the opportunity to engage directly with the social media audience – i.e. our target millennial viewership – unfiltered and in real-time."
mobile  reporting  journalism  bestpractices  examples 
22 days ago
UF Standards and Markers of Excellence » Assistance for Teaching » University of Florida
The UF Standards and Markers of Excellence provides a framework of best practices for online courses. Faculty can use this matrix to self-evaluate their online courses. UF Online courses are required to meet the “standard” items, although there may be special cases where the standards may not apply. The standards are recommended for non UF Online courses.
uf  standards  teaching  curriculum  distancelearning 
23 days ago
Untitled (http://www.cnbc.com/id/102616604)
Former PM of calls for Internet censorship, though he used to oppose it. HT
from twitter
24 days ago
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