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Economists say their expertise can help solve environmental problems | MPR News | November 7, 2019
At the annual meeting of the Minnesota Economic Association last month, three economists, including Sarah West, the G. Theodore Mitau Professor of Economics and chair of the economics department at Macalester College, discussed the major environmental issues we face, and what economists can do to help solve them.
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13 days ago by macalestercollege
As people live and work longer, is it time to rethink retirement? | Star Tribune | March 16, 2019
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the "Journal of Economic Perspectives," was quoted.
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march 2019 by macalestercollege
Capitalism with Scandinavian characteristics | Star Tribune | February 15, 2019
What it is, why it's not socialism, and what we in the U.S. might be surprised to learn about it. Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the "Journal of Economic Perspectives" based at Macalester College, wrote this opinion.
Economics  MacStaff  piper 
february 2019 by macalestercollege
U.S. carmakers can’t win Trump’s trade war | Quartz | October 1, 2018
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives at Macalester, was quoted.
Economics  JournalofEconomicPerspectives  piper 
october 2018 by macalestercollege
Everything I know about walls | Star Tribune | August 17, 2018
This commentary was written by Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, based at Macalester College.
JournalofEconomicPerspectives  opinion  piper  Economics 
august 2018 by macalestercollege
Robert Samuelson: Bernie Sanders’ job-guarantee boondoggle | Pioneer Press | May 10, 2018
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., wants the federal government to guarantee a job for every American willing and able to work. The proposal sounds compassionate and enlightened, but in practice, it would almost certainly be a disaster. In this opinion piece, Samuelson refers to Timothy Taylor, the longstanding managing editor of the "Journal of Economic Perspectives" based at Macalester, and his "always-useful and strictly nonpartisan blog, Conversable Economist."
macnews  Opinion  JournalofEconomicPerspectives  Economics 
may 2018 by macalestercollege
China's rise: The wealth of a nation (not ours) | Star Tribune | December 10, 2017
A lot of people, living much better lives, in a land not as influentially far away as it once was. What do we think about this? I, for one, rejoice. Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at Macalester, wrote this opinion.
macnews  MacStaff  Economics  China  wealth 
december 2017 by macalestercollege
Automation, minimum-wage hikes and jobs: A perfect storm brews | Star Tribune | August 25, 2017
Macalester is home to Tim Taylor, the longstanding managing editor of the "Journal of Economic Perspectives." Taylor and his blog, “Conversable Economist,” were mentioned in this commentary.
macnews  Economics  JournalofEconomicPerspectives  automation 
august 2017 by macalestercollege
Gains, losses cancel out from Seattle's minimum-wage hike | Star Tribune | August 14, 2016
Does mandated higher pay shrink hours, kill jobs? An early study says it seems to. D.J. Tice wrote this commentary and quoted Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at Macalester.
macnews  Economics  minimumwagehike  jobs 
august 2016 by macalestercollege
Macalester fellow brings new ideas to open farms | Open Arms of Minnesota | July 26, 2016
As Open Farms expands to two brand new plots this year, there’s a greater need to introduce the organic farming project to neighbors near the new sites in Phillips and North Minneapolis. That’s where Laura Abril comes in. Laura is a rising senior studying economics at Macalester College in St. Paul, and she comes to Open Arms through a unique program: the Chuck Green Fellowship.
macnews  MacStudents  classof2017  Economics  ChuckGreen 
july 2016 by macalestercollege
Green Line boosters say light rail fueled job growth, housing | MPR News | June 17, 2016
Economics professor Sarah West, and alumni Clemens Pilgram '15, Peter Mathison '12 and Needham Hurst '11 were either interviewed or mentioned in this MPR segment about the Green Line.
macnews  macalumni  classof2015  classof2012  Classof2011  macfaculty  Economics 
june 2016 by macalestercollege
Macalester Quarterback Using Economics To Play Football | WCCO-TV | April 6, 2016
He is a college quarterback who wants to dissect defenses in a different way. Benny Goldman '16 goes to Macalester College and in the growing world of analytics and sports, he thinks he has something that could be a game-changer in football decision-making.
macnews  macfootball  economics  classof2016 
april 2016 by macalestercollege
The inequality cause you weren't expecting | Star Tribune | April 3, 2016
An unsettling increase in economic inequality over the past few decades has become widely accepted as a fact. What’s caused it, and where things go from here, are still hotly debated. On his always stimulating Conversable Economist blog (, Macalester College economist Timothy Taylor recently described his version of this saga — “which will forever exemplify the Law of Unintended Consequences.”
macnews  economics  inequality 
april 2016 by macalestercollege
Macalester football player, economics student wants to tackle analytics in football | Star Tribune | February 26, 2016
A profile of Macalester senior Benny Goldman, a football player and economics student, who has spoken with NFL teams about his ideas. Here's another story about him on the Macalester web.
macnews  macstudents  economics  MacFootball  classof2016 
february 2016 by macalestercollege
Municipal liquor stores: Minnesota cities don't belong in this business | Star Tribune | November 28, 2015
Some make money, some lose money, but either way, these are monopolies that make no sense. Economist Tim Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives at Macalester, was interviewed and quoted.
macnews  economics  JournalofEconomicPerspectives  liquorstores 
december 2015 by macalestercollege
Schafer: Business Climate not the same for everyone | Star Tribune | July 5, 2015
Economics professor Pete Ferderer was interviewed and quoted in Lee Schafer's column.
macnews  economics  macfaculty  business 
july 2015 by macalestercollege
Communication an issue for college administrators and faculty during era of financial change | InsideHigherEd | April 28, 2015
As colleges across the country attempt to navigate tough economic times and respond to calls to change their business models, conflicts abound. David Wheaton, vice president for administration and finance and Juliette Rogers, associate professor and chair, French and Francophone Studies who serves on the college's Resources and Planning Committee, were both interviewed for this article.
macnews  macstaff  macfaculty  economics  communication 
april 2015 by macalestercollege
Minnesota judges, jurors may see significant compensation boost | Star Tribune | March 27, 2015
Dayton's budget seeks higher jury per-diems, significant raises for jurists and court employees. Economics Prof. Karine Moe was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  compensation  Economics 
march 2015 by macalestercollege
Macalester's Liang Ding Will Lead First Semester of the Shanghai Program | Associated Colleges of the Midwest | January 18, 2015
This fall, Macalester College economics professor Liang Ding will return to his native China for a semester to lead the first group of students on ACM's newest off-campus program, "Shanghai: Perspectives on Contemporary China."
macnews  macfaculty  economics  ACM  China 
february 2015 by macalestercollege
Institute aims to give faculty primer of higher-ed economics | Inside Higher Ed | February 10, 2015
The Associated Colleges of the Midwest launched the Institute on College Futures (ICF) two years ago as a way to talk finance with faculty of its member colleges. A video at the end of the article features David Wheaton, Vice President for Administration and Finance.
macnews  macstaff  finance  economics  ACM 
february 2015 by macalestercollege
Schafer: College grads aren't immune to stagnant wages | Star Tribune | December 12, 2014
Monday is the deadline to apply to the University of Minnesota for admission next fall. That’s also the day early applicants should hear whether they got in to such highly selective colleges as Carleton and Macalester. That makes this week the most anxious week of the year in a lot of houses with a college-bound high school senior. But getting into their first choice college isn’t the only thing to be anxious about. Even with a college degree, young adults are struggling to establish themselves in today’s economy. A blog post from the U.S. Census Bureau last week summed it up: “Better educated, but poorer.” Economics Prof. Pete Ferderer was quoted.
macnews  macfaculty  Economics 
december 2014 by macalestercollege
Wall Street vs. Main Street: New avenues for an old metaphor | Star Tribune | September 12, 2014
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at Macalester, wrote this opinion. He blogs at This article first appeared on that blog.
macnews  JournalofEconomicPerspectives  Economics 
september 2014 by macalestercollege
Money train? Backers say Green Line will deliver dollars, development | Minnesota Public Radio News | June 6, 2014
The 12-mile, $1 billion Green Line doesn't have any passengers yet, but it's already carrying a train load of hopes: that it will revive University Avenue, tie St. Paul and Minneapolis together and make rail a viable transit option for the region. But Minnesota has run this experiment before, along the 12.3 miles of Blue Line track between Bloomington and downtown Minneapolis. How did that work out? It depends on who you ask. Macalester Economics Prof. Sarah West and Needham Hurst'11 studied the economic impact of the Blue Line which West discussed in this story and video.
Macnews  Economics  macfaculty  classof2011  lightrail 
june 2014 by macalestercollege
In Another Turn of the Digital Screw, a “Farewell to Notes” | Wall Street Journal | May 5, 2014
The digital winds have felled another institution. The latest issue of the American Economic Association’s Journal of Economic Perspectives is the first ever not to conclude with a “Notes” section—the compilation of news and notices that for nearly a century documented developments big and small in academic economics. The Journal of Economic Perspectives lives on in hard copy as well as online, but sans Notes, said Timothy Taylor, the journal’s managing editor.
Macnews  Economics  JournalofEconomicPerspectives 
may 2014 by macalestercollege
Boomer presence growing in classrooms | Star Tribune | April 20, 2014
Tim Taylor, managing editor of Macalester's Journal of Economic Perspectives, was interviewed.
Macnews  Economics  JournalofEconomicPerspectives 
april 2014 by macalestercollege
Blue Line discussion | WCCO-AM - John Hines Show | March 26, 2013
Economics Prof. Sarah West was interviewed about a study she and Needham Hurst '11 wrote regarding the lack of development on light rail's Blue Line over the last 10 years. The interview starts at the 16:30 mark.
macnews  macfaculty  Economics  lightrail  classof2011 
march 2014 by macalestercollege
There's no pot of gold for the working poor | Star Tribune | February 9, 2014
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, a quarterly academic journal produced at Macalester College and published by the American Economic Association, is quoted.
Economics  Macnews  workingpoor 
february 2014 by macalestercollege
Good Question: How Much Foreign Aid Does The U.S. Give? | WCCO-TV | August 21, 2013
President Obama brought together his National Security Council recently to decide whether or not to cut off aid to Egypt after violence in the country has led to deaths of more than 1,000 people just this week. So, how much foreign aid does the United States give and where does it go? Economics Prof. Amy Damon is interviewed.
macfaculty  violence  Economics  macnews  egypt  foreignaid 
august 2013 by macalestercollege
Immigration Reform: MN's Changing Face Of Labor | Twin Cities Business | July 26, 2013
Raymond Robertson, Economics professor and Director of the Latin American Studies Program, was quoted.
labor  macfaculty  minnesota  macnews  immigration  Economics 
august 2013 by macalestercollege
50 years of ZIP codes: Invaluable | Star Tribune | July 2, 2013
Before e-mail or cellphones or even the fax machine came a revolutionary advance in how people get information to the right destination: the ZIP code. Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at ­Macalester, is quoted.
macstaff  macnews  Economics  zipcode 
july 2013 by macalestercollege
Analogies for America: Beyond the melting pot | June 29, 2013 | Star Tribune
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at ­Macalester, wrote this op-ed.
macstaff  Economics  macnews  meltingpot 
july 2013 by macalestercollege
Some 300 Cambodian Nike workers fired after protests | Christian Science Monitor | June 28, 2013
About 300 laborers at a Nike factory were fired after massive protests for better wages, part of a worldwide reflection on developing world factory conditions after the tragedy in Bangladesh. Economics Prof. Raymond Robertson, who specializes in labor economics, was quoted.
labor  macfaculty  factoryworkers  Cambodia  macnews  Economics  Nike 
june 2013 by macalestercollege
Do America's seniors really need those discounts? | Star Tribune | June 1, 2013
Timothy Taylor, managing editor, Journal of Economic Perspectives, is quoted.
seniors  Economics  macnews 
june 2013 by macalestercollege
Poor countries can keep workers safe and still escape poverty | Washington Post | April 25, 2013
Economics Prof. Raymond Robertson's work regarding factory monitoring in Cambodia is referenced.
macfaculty  Cambodia  Poverty  Economics  workers 
april 2013 by macalestercollege
New technology: Driverless cars are just around the corner | March 9, 2013
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at Macalester, penned this opinion.
Cars  Macnews  economics 
march 2013 by macalestercollege
Minnesota Economic Association 2012 Undergraduate Student Paper Contest Winners | The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis | September 12, 2012
Several Macalester students and recent graduates all wrote winning papers for the 2012 Minnesota Economic Association undergraduate student paper contest: Adam Freedman '12, Rosamond Mate '12, Caroline Davidson '13, Natalie Camplair '13, William Creedon '13, and Jessica Baier '12.
classof2013  classof2012  macstudents  economics  macnews 
september 2012 by macalestercollege
More Risk, Less Reward for Labor | Minnesota 2020 | August 13, 2012
Labor historian Peter Rachleff has an eye on changing trends in global economics stemming from events close to home.
economics  global  history  macfaculty  macnews 
august 2012 by macalestercollege
Action without wheels in roller derby play | Evanston Review | May 29, 2012
Greg Rothman '87 is in the center of the action in Pine Box Theater Company’s production of Rolin Jones’ roller derby play, “The Jammer.” Although he majored in business at Macalester College in Minnesota, Rothman had an opportunity to perform. “They had an open theater department so I did a lot of acting while I was there,” he reported.
economics  theater  TheatreAndDance  classof1987  MacAlumni  macnews 
may 2012 by macalestercollege
From Tonka trucks to pacemakers: Free trade isn't free | MinnPost | May 3, 2012
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives (based at Macalester), was quoted.
JournalofEconomicPerspectives  economics  macnews 
may 2012 by macalestercollege
Minnesota taxes: More blessed to give? I Star Tribune I March 17, 2012
Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives based at Macalester, penned this op-ed.
taxes  economy  economics  macnews 
march 2012 by macalestercollege
BBC World Service Programmes - The Strand
Macalester alumnus M.anifest (Kwame Tsikata '05) was picked by BBC’s arts program, The Strand, as an artist to watch out for in 2012. January 5, 2012.
economics  Musicians  classof2005  MacAlumni 
january 2012 by macalestercollege
European Credit Rating | News & Views with Susie Jones on WCCO-AM | January 15, 2012
Macalester Economics Prof. Mario Solis-Garcia joined Susie to talk about the downgrading of the credit rating of nine European Nations and what that will mean for the US Economy.
debt  economy  economics  macfaculty  macnews 
january 2012 by macalestercollege
Commentary: Emerging robotics industry holds great potential for the Upper Midwest | MPR | November 16, 2011
Andrew Borene '98, executive director of and director and counsel with ReconRobotics, Inc. in Edina, penned this op-ed.
industry  economics  business  robotics  classof1998  MacAlumni 
january 2012 by macalestercollege
The man trying to train Africa's future leaders | BBC News Africa | January 2, 2012
Fred Swaniker '99, an entrepreneur with a passion for solving social problems, believes that many of Africa's predicaments boil down to a lack of adequate leadership.
economics  entrepreneur  education  Africa  africanleadershipacademy  classof1999  MacAlumni  macnews 
january 2012 by macalestercollege
Vorhes opens law office in Park Rapids | Park Rapids Enterprise | December 14, 2011
Joel Vorhes '80 opened a law practice in Park Rapids this fall, but many know him from his role in the banking industry.
economics  MacAlumni  macnews  banking  law  classof1980 
december 2011 by macalestercollege
St. Anthony: 'Robotics Alley' signals rise of a hot new industry | Star Tribune | November 29, 2011
Little robots with remote cameras to scout out the bad guys were largely the stuff of science fiction when Lt. Andrew Borene '98 and the rest of the 1st Marine Division rolled into Iraq in early 2003.
macnews  MacAlumni  classof1998  military  economics  business 
november 2011 by macalestercollege's 5 most influential 2006-2011: Omar Ansari & Todd Haug of Surly | Star Tribune/ | November 18, 2011
Omar Ansari '92 is one of the two beer geeks in this article who became an entrepreneurial star -- and sparked a Minnesota beer revolution.
MacAlumni  classof1992  SurlyBrewingCo  beer  business  economics 
november 2011 by macalestercollege
News and Views with Susie Jones | WCCO-AM radio | November 6, 2011
Susie Jones talks with Economics Prof. Pete Ferderer about the unemployment numbers and the ongoing European Debt Crisis and US housing problems.
macnews  macfaculty  economics  economy  debt  housing  unemployment 
november 2011 by macalestercollege
How One CEO Took on the Law | INC. | November 2011
Omar Ansari '92 of Surly Brewing had to fight the law to launch his craft brewery.
MacAlumni  SurlyBrewingCo  classof1992  beer  law  legal  economics 
november 2011 by macalestercollege
M.anifest, continental drifter | Star Tribune | September 23, 2011
Kwame Amet Tsikata, aka M.anifest, graduated from Macalester in 2005.  The article was on the front page of Friday's Variety section.
macnews  macalumni  classof2005  economics  music  Musicians 
september 2011 by macalestercollege
Africa News: Africa's top 10 most powerful men under 40 | Global Post | September 15, 2011
Fred Swaniker, founder of the African Leadership Academy, is one of these men and graduated from Macalester in 1999.
macalumni  classof1999  Africa  economics  education 
september 2011 by macalestercollege
The economy is like a bad marriage | Star Tribune | August 13, 2011
Author Timothy Taylor is managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives at Macalester.
macnews  macstaff  economics  economy  opinion 
august 2011 by macalestercollege
Investing In Procyclical Midcap Stocks | The Wall Street Journal Transcript | July 29, 2011
James T. Evans, who graduated from Macalester in 1997, is one of two Thompson Investment Management portfolio managers interviewed.
macnews  macalumni  classof1997  economics  finance 
august 2011 by macalestercollege
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