Male Sexlessness is Rising, But Not for the Reasons Incels Claim | Institute for Family Studies
Thus, whatever the change in total sexlessness, there’s no appreciable change in the concentration of sex among never-married young men and women. The core incel story about what’s going on here—that a few Chads are hoarding a growing share of Stacies, depriving incels of mates—just doesn’t hold up. The top 20% of unmarried men are having about the same share of total sexual activity or sexual partnerings as has been the case for decades.
10 days ago
Sharding FAQ · ethereum/wiki Wiki
There are three main categories of “easy solutions”. The first is to give up on scaling individual blockchains, and instead assume that users will be using many different “altcoins”. This greatly increases throughput, but comes at a cost of security: an N-factor increase in throughput using this method necessarily comes with an N-factor decrease in security. Hence, it is arguably non-viable for more than small values of N.
29 days ago
Redirect HTTP Traffic to HTTPS Using ELB
This way, if clients use HTTP to access your website, they are redirected to an HTTPS URL, and if clients use HTTPS, they are served directly by the web server.
4 weeks ago
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