PyPy Status Blog: The First 15 Years of PyPy — a Personal Retrospective
PyPy has turned 15 years old this year, so I decided that that's a good reason to dig into and talk about the history of the project so far. I'm going to do that using the lens of how performance developed over time, which is from something like 2000x slower than CPython, to roughly 7x faster. In this post I am going to present the history of the project, and also talk about some lessons that we learned.
16 days ago
James Scott and Friedrich Hayek
Scott draws heavily on the excellent work of Jane Jacobs to criticize this planned, surprise-free, every-apartment-building-looks-the-same high-modernist order of pre-planned Brasilia. Jacobs argued that rigid spatial segregation of functions made for visual regularity from the bird's-eye view of the architect but made the city damn hard to live in. By contrast, it is the mingling of residences with shopping areas and workplaces that makes an urban neighborhood interesting--and livable. And this urban diversity of uses cannot be planned by the high-modernist architect. At best it can be planned for--by the government providing a framework and infrastructure for urban development instead of specifying land use down to the last square centimeter.
5 weeks ago
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