Aerial is a Mac screen saver based on the new Apple TV screen saver that displays the aerial movies Apple shot over New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China, etc.
opensource  osx  app  screensaver 
november 2015
Revisions For Dropbox
Dropbox 版本控制工具
dropbox  app  osx  revision 
june 2015
A Sublime Writing Experience
I've been using Sublime Text as my primary writing environment for about 18 months. While I work with other great text editors like nvALT and MultiMarkdown Composer with smaller chunks of words, I always return to Sublime Text for the heavy lifting. This is a brief outline to cover the plugins and
package  SublimeText 
january 2014
Pokémon: Generations
粉丝们打造的 3-D 版口袋妖怪
game  pokemon  lkp 
july 2013
DAUX.IO 能将目录形式的 markdown 轻松转换为文档
document  generator  markdown  web  service  lkp 
july 2013
Evernote Todos - Agile Tortoise
通过 Drafts 创建 Evernote todo 列表
drafts  howto  Evernote  automation  workflow  todo 
july 2013
可视化的 Ack 搜索工具
mac  search  ack  gui 
april 2013
Twitter RSS - Read twitter on RSS
Get in RSS format the latest news of twitter users.
rss  twitter 
april 2013
Writings.io 是一个提供在线文章写作、管理、发布的网站服务。
online  writing  blog  WYSIWYG  lkp 
march 2013
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