Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.
tools  regex 
17 hours ago
A painless self-hosted Git service.
Quite interesting self hosted git service that seems it could be run in even in a raspberry pi.
git  opensource  raspberry_pi 
12 days ago
Oh My Zsh
a delightful & open source framework for Z-Shell

This is the terminal I'm using.
bash  terminal  mac  macos 
16 days ago
Ryan's Tutorials
These are a good bunch of computer tutorials related to computers.
development  linux  bash  terminal  computers  tutorial 
26 days ago
In-browser Markdown editor
editor  markdown  online  opensource  tools 
5 weeks ago
Class Central
#1 Search Engine for Free Online Courses & MOOCs
courses  search  education  learning  online  free 
7 weeks ago
The Center for Open Science
At the Center for Open Science, we believe an open exchange of ideas accelerates scientific progress towards solving our most persistent problems. The challenges of disease, poverty, education, social justice, and the environment are too urgent to waste time on studies lacking rigor, outcomes that are never shared, and results that are not reproducible. Join us!
open  openscience  science  research  preprints  sharing 
7 weeks ago
The Multidisciplinary Preprint Platform.
preprints  research  science  database 
7 weeks ago
AgriXiv Preprints
Preprints for Agriculture and Allied Sciences
preprints  research  science  database  forestry  agriculture 
7 weeks ago
EarthArXiv Preprints
A free preprint service for the Earth sciences
preprints  research  science  database  climatechange  geology  earthsiences 
7 weeks ago
EcoEvoRxiv Preprints
A free preprint service for ecology, evolution and conservation.
ecology  preprints  research  science  database 
7 weeks ago
Write research documents online, together.

This is an online platform for write an edit papers and preprints in collaboration with others.
academic  latex  collaboration  research  writing  markdown  papers 
7 weeks ago
arXiv.org e-Print archive
This is one the most famous preprints database you can find out there.
preprints  research  science  learning  database  math  paper 
7 weeks ago
This is another static web generator made in react a javascript library.
generator  javascript  gatsby  static-webs 
10 weeks ago
This is a package in R to write book and blog post
rStats  packages  books  writing 
10 weeks ago
Hugo Discussion
This is the discussion forum for Hugo.
hugo  community  forums  support 
10 weeks ago
The world’s fastest framework for building websites.

This is another platform to build static websites.
blog  static-webs  hugo 
10 weeks ago
A collection of web icons from academic websites in a font
academic  icons  web  tools  fonts 
10 weeks ago
Font Awesome
This is a collection of icons in a font.
design  fonts  icons  webdesign  tools 
10 weeks ago
Read & annotate without distractions.
This is a great app to remove the clutter from webs and articles and to share them with others.
It's been created by: hypothes.is
design  online  tools  web  reader  comments 
11 weeks ago
This is an interesting Spanish bank
banks  spanish 
11 weeks ago
GitHub Learning Lab
This is where you learn about how to interact with GitHub.
coding  learning  git 
december 2018
BFG Repo-Cleaner by rtyley
This is a tool to clean git repos of big blobs.
git  tools 
november 2018
Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor
This is an online freeware editor for LaTeX.
collaboration  editor  online  latex 
november 2018
Lund's MyCareer
This is the job portal of Lund's University.
jobs  portal  search 
october 2018
Hacker News
This is a small news aggregator for the small community of hacker news.
news  technology 
october 2018
Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.
This is a really good tool to learn how to do regex correctly.
tools  program  coding 
september 2018
Build Cheat Sheets and Share Your Favourites! - Cheatography.com: Cheat Sheets For Every Occasion
reference  software  cheatsheets 
september 2018
The Julia Language
From Wikipedia:
Julia is a high-level general-purpose[12] dynamic programming language that was originally designed to address the needs of high-performance numerical analysis and computational science, without the typical need of separate compilation to be fast,[13][14][15][16] also usable for client and server web use,[17][18] low-level systems programming or as a specification language.[19]
data  language  program  coding  math 
september 2018
Free cronjobs - from minutely to once a year.
This is interesting tool to set your cron jobs for free and without depending of a local machine.
free  tools  internet 
september 2018
Text Readability
Measure Readability and Keyword Density Analysis. Unique readability tools to improve your writing! readable.io.

This is a tool that could be interesting to analyze readability of the text you write.
analysis  tools  writing 
june 2018
Create your own word cloud from any text.

This is a good tool to find out if you are repeating words in any text you write.
data  visualization  writing  tools 
june 2018
European news, cartoons and press reviews
europe  news 
june 2018
Markdown, Please!
This is a tool to transform webs into markdown documents.
markdown  web  tools 
june 2018
Embed youtube to markdown, GitLab, GitHub
This is an easy way to embed video in a markdown document. You don't need this for Jekyll, since most of the templates have some mechanism to embed video.
markdown  video  youtube 
june 2018
Description of the specifications of markdown.
They have a forum.
markdown  reference  forums  community 
may 2018
The search engine that respects your privacy.
This is an European search engine that respect your privacy.
searchengine  privacy  search 
may 2018
Unix Permissions and Lookup
This is a way to calculate permissions in UNIX
calculator  linux  tools 
may 2018
the cron schedule expression editor.
Useful tool to know how to configure the cron tab.
tools  linux  mac  raspberry_pi 
april 2018
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme
volunteer  united_nations 
april 2018
Mac App Store command line interface.
App to control the mac app store using the command line.
mac  apps  cli  hombrew 
april 2018
Viz Palette
This is a tool to help you to choose the colors of you graphs in R.
tools  graphs  rstats 
april 2018
The Phrase Finder
The meanings and origins of the English Phrases, Sayings and Proverbs we use daily.

This is a nice reference for saying and idiomatic phrases in English.
english  reference  database  dictionary 
april 2018
Get email alerts when a CRAN package gets updated.
packages  email  tools 
april 2018
Real Time Air Pollution and Forecast Data.
With this web you can find out how is the air quality around you.
weather  pollution  environment  data  maps  resources 
april 2018
CVC. Refranero Multilingüe.
This is an interesting page where you can find translations of Spanish sayings to other languages.
reference  english  dictionary 
april 2018
Reproducible package management for R.
This package creates a copy of the packages you are using in your project for a better reproducibility.
packages  rstats 
march 2018
This is a kind of social network for blog or something like that. Looks interesting but I really don't know how real it's or it's just a marketing stung.
blog  publishing  socialnetwork 
march 2018
Markdown Here
This is a browser extension to be able to write in markdown anywhere.
editor  email  markdown 
march 2018
This is a good guide about how google works and how teams there are assemble.
google  management  work 
march 2018
Productivity Guild
This is a forum about productivity. Perhaps it's interesting.
productivity  community  forums 
march 2018
Jekyll Themes & Templates
These are bunch of more themes for Jekyll.
jekyll  blog  themes 
march 2018
Open Data Stack Exchange
This is community to ask questions about the open data licenses, movement and sources.
data  community  opendata  opensource  resources  q&a 
march 2018
Open Source Stack Exchange
This is a community to ask questions about open source software.
community  forums  q&a  opensource 
march 2018
License Selector
this is a web that helps you to select a license suitable for your project.
license  tools 
march 2018
Static CMS for Hugo & Jekyll
jekyll  apps  writing  static-webs 
march 2018
Jekyll Talk
This is the community to solve problems about jekyll
community  jekyll  tools  forums 
march 2018
Jekyll Themes
This is a collection of static web themes for jekyll.
blog  themes  jekyll  static-webs 
march 2018
The Workplace Stack Exchange
Community about all the work related questions
work  management  q&a  community 
march 2018
English Language & Usage Stack Exchange
This a community for those that what to learn more about how to use English correctly.
english  grammar  language  q&a  community  learning 
march 2018
English Language Learners Stack Exchange
This is a community for the ones that have english as a second language
english  community  q&a  learning 
march 2018
Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
This is a community to learn linux and solve all the doubts you can have about it.
q&a  community  linux 
march 2018
Ask Different
A community to post your questions about Apple.
apple  community  computers  q&a 
march 2018
Stack Overflow
Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers.
This is a community for people to code and develop software.
q&a  community  coding  rstats 
march 2018
Ask Ubuntu
This is a community to solve your doubts about ubuntu linux.
q&a  linux  ubuntu  community 
march 2018
Super User
This a community for advanced computer users that want to get the most from their machines.
computers  community  resources  q&a 
march 2018
Academia Stack Exchange
Community for the academic questions.
reference  academic  community  q&a 
march 2018
Cross Validated
StackExchange community for people interested in statistics
community  statistics  resources  q&a 
march 2018
Data Science Stack Exchange
Community for the data science enthusiast and for the people that work in this field. You can ask mainly questions about R, statistics and how to manage data.
datamining  datascience  reference  community  q&a 
march 2018
Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange
Community for the Raspberry Pi enthusiast.
nano_computing  raspberry_pi  community  q&a 
march 2018
Stack Exchange
This is a place for questions and answers. The place is divided by sections and there are sections for almost anything.
community  resources  q&a 
march 2018
Git Flight Rules
This is a good troubleshooting for git.
git  resources  howto  troubleshooting 
march 2018
This is an open source app to take notes
notes  apps  apple  opensource 
february 2018
Happy Git and GitHub for the useR
this is a tutorial or course about how to use Git with R.
git  tutorial  courses  rstats 
february 2018
Kodi Apple TV
This the mirror where the Kodi for Apple TV is installed.
kodi  apple  apps 
february 2018
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