SCP-2400 - SCP Foundation
When SCP-2400 is open, it functions as a space-time aperture to an area now designated SCP-2400-A. A second instance of SCP-2400 is present in SCP-2400-A, and is the only object on an otherwise featureless horizontal plane. The size of SCP-2400-A is undetermined, and by all accounts, appears to be a limitless space. The surface of the horizontal plane is composed of an unidentified and indestructible white substance. This material is smooth and similar in texture to concrete. The atmosphere is consistent with the terrestrial location of SCP-2400. At all times, a star consistent with the Sun is visible in the sky, directly above SCP-2400.
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august 2016
SCP-2322 - SCP Foundation
SCP-2322 designates a replica of Site-771 accessible from within Site-77. Remote analysis of SCP-2322's interior has proven impossible, with all equipment indicating that the entrance to SCP-2322 is a blank wall within Site-77. Furthermore this room does not appear on Site-77's blueprint.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-2935 - SCP Foundation
SCP-2935 is a space-time anomaly existing within a limestone cave beneath a cemetery near Joppa, Indiana. The cemetery, whose last interred individual died in 1908, was discovered by Foundation personnel after radio signals were discovered emanating from SCP-2935 (see addendum 2935.1 below).
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-2746 - SCP Foundation
SCP-2746 is an underground tunnel located in Las Vegas, Nevada, approximately 250 m north of Site-45-A. SCP-2746 primarily functions as a stable, two-way portal between Las Vegas and an extradimensional space, designated SCP-2746-1.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-2645 - SCP Foundation
SCP-2645 is a full-size mirror with a frame decorated with painted wooden carvings of birds, flowers and lily-pads. Any object that would come into contact with SCP-2645's surface does not touch glass, but in fact encounters an exact duplicate of itself projected from an unknown location. For example, an individual attempting to touch the surface of SCP-2645 would instead feel an exact replica of their own hand. It has therefore proven impossible to make any conclusions as to the material of the surface of SCP-2645.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-2627 - SCP Foundation
SCP-2627 is an anomalous boardwalk entrance on Ocracoke Island, NC, USA. Between 0017 and 0023 hours, local time, traversing SCP-2627 by foot leads to a version of Ocracoke Island lacking any artificial structures, excepting an extensive network of intersecting boardwalks.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-648 - SCP Foundation
SCP-648 is a hidden entrance of the ███████ █████ hedge maze near [DATA EXPUNGED]. Although no official record of this entrance exists, evidence suggests that SCP-648 was incorporated into the hedge maze shortly after its construction.

When subjects enter the maze via SCP-648, they are displaced to what appears to be an extradimensional space separate from the real maze. So far, several anomalous properties have been observed:
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-432 - SCP Foundation
The interior dimensions of SCP-432 display significant disparity with the exterior; the doors open into an apparently extradimensional space containing a large labyrinth complex comprised of an as-yet uncharted series of corridors. The walls, floor and ceiling of the corridors are constructed from heavily-rusted steel and adhere to the same height and width scales as the exterior of SCP-432 (2 m high by 1.2 m wide).
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-982 - SCP Foundation
SCP-982 is an antique casement window, recovered from a Marshall, Carter, and Dark auction, and originally taken from the abandoned business offices of ███ ██████, a 19th-century patent attorney in Chicago, IL. No matter where it is mounted, SCP-982 opens onto the street outside ███ ██████'s third-story office, as it was between 8:30 AM on Friday, March 26, 1875 and 10:45 AM on Saturday, March 27, 1875. Personnel exiting this window find themselves in what is apparently 1875 Chicago; however, at the end of the 26-hour interval, the city 'resets'. Any external objects or personnel within the city at that time are lost.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-854 - SCP Foundation
Living animals that cross the arch from East to West vanish at the midpoint of the structure. No organism that has disappeared has ever been recovered. Contact with the arch is necessary for this phenomenon, as birds flying above it in the same direction experience no effects. Nonliving items, such as remote controlled vehicles, also cross without interruption.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-249 - SCP Foundation
SCP-249 appears to be a windowless door, covered in a faded white paint. It was first found in a house located within the small town of ██████. When opened, SCP-249 does not lead to the other side of the doorway, but to a random door within eight hundred and fifty (850) meters. Items that go through SCP-249 are teleported to that other door, regardless of what may be between the door and SCP-249. When observed from the destination, the exit door appears to open on its own accord, and whatever goes through SCP-249 appears out of thin air. When opened, SCP-249 takes on the appearance of the door it is connected to. When shut, SCP-249 is no longer connected to that door, and reverts to its standard appearance.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-860 - SCP Foundation
When SCP-860 is used to unlock and open a door, the door does not lead to its usual destination. Instead, it opens into a small forest clearing centered on an 80 cm wide footpath, designated SCP-860-1. Every observation of this grove has noted the presence of blue-colored mist.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-1906 - SCP Foundation
SCP-1906 is a room which manifests within a library somewhere in the world1, where it anomalously integrates itself into the library's architecture to function as an auxiliary reading room. As well, SCP-1906 is anomalously linked to a domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris, henceforth SCP-1906-1), such that the environment outside SCP-1906's windows is not the environment outside the library into which SCP-1906 integrates itself, but rather the environment in which SCP-1906-1 can be found. No relationship between the location of SCP-1906 and the identity of SCP-1906-1 has yet been determined.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-184 - SCP Foundation
SCP-184 is a small, smooth metallic object, 10 cm (4 in) tall and 10 cm (4 in) wide, in the shape of a dodecahedron. Each face of the figure has a circular hole in the center, and a small sphere is attached to each vertex. SCP-184 is made of an unknown, but highly magnetic, alloy about as hard as brass.

When inside an enclosed structure, SCP-184 expands the structure's inner dimensions without altering its outer dimensions. SCP-184 will increase the inner dimensions of any enclosed structure by several hundred meters each day, beginning one hour after entry into the structure. Initially, SCP-184 only extends the walls out, causing rooms to become much larger without adjusting the height of the room. This expansion continues until the original dimensions of the room have been tripled.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-025 - SCP Foundation
SCP-025 is a wooden wardrobe measuring 0.97 m x 0.62 m x 1.95 m, full of clothing dating from a number of time periods. Articles contained within the chest, collectively named SCP-025-1, match with styles of decades from the 1920s to the present. The apparel from each time frame varies with regard to style; for example, a polyester striped shirt and pair of charcoal suit pants both correspond with general styles of the 1970s. The only unifying aspect of every article contained in SCP-025 is that each one is in poor condition; moths have eaten at much of the collection, and tears and runs are not uncommon.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
SCP-703 - SCP Foundation
SCP-703 is a wooden closet, formerly located within a home in Endate, New Hampshire. SCP-703's interior is painted white, and contains a single lightbulb. The lightbulb is incandescent, and hangs from the ceiling by the cord. SCP-703 is 2.5 meters tall, 3 meters wide and 1 meter long. SCP-703's exterior has been reconstructed and painted white to prevent deterioration.
milliways.links  scp.files 
august 2016
Castaway Getaway - PeaceHeather - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
brief summary of fic: Odin banishes Loki to a remote wilderness location with nothing but the clothes on his back, and one companion to keep him from going insane in solitude. Loki is pretty sure Odin expects him to suffer and grovel and repent of his evil ways. Unfortunately, Loki is not the groveling type.

Reason for rec: This one’s just kind of adorable. Loki and Tony get banished to Alfheim, under one of Odin’s own misguided schemes. Loki’s too pissed off at Odin and indifferent toward Tony to even care about Tony’s being there, and Tony’s put into a position where his choices are to trust the crazy war criminal, or die on an alien planet where nobody will ever find him. He chooses to trust Loki, and soon they find themselves living together in the woods until someone comes along who can send Tony away.

Most of the fic focuses on survivalist living, but it really left me wanting so much more.
character:jane.foster  character:loki  character:nick.fury  character:odin  character:thor  character:tony.stark  character:frigga  character:pepper.pots  rating:not.rated  theme:outdoors  theme:castaway  theme:building.friendship  theme:redemption  theme:other.realms  universe:mcu  words:10-20k 
february 2016
Absence of by Mercurie
Brief summary of fic: Loki wins the Earth. The Avengers are missing or dead. Thor is nowhere to be found, so Loki makes do with the next best thing: Jane Foster.

Reasons for rec: Gut wrenching, tragic, beautiful. Excellent Loki character piece.
Recced by: Subjunctive
character:jane.foster  character:loki  pairing:jane.foster/loki  rating:mature  theme:amorality  theme:death  theme:loki.wins  theme:mind.control  theme:paranoia  theme:rape  theme:villain.protagnoist  universe:au  universe:mcu  words:10-20k 
february 2016
Summit by Subjuntive
brief summary of fic: Loki falls to Earth. Sif follows him.

reason for rec: This lovely little piece is a Jötunn Loki fic, but in a way I’ve never quite seen done before. When Sif is sent to bring him back home, she does not find the Loki she knows from childhood. Instead she finds a Loki who is decidedly Jötunn, hiding out in the mountains like some feral creature. Which seems to be exactly how Loki sees himself. He’s unable to figure out why his form has changed, or how to change it back, so he just hides, far away from the humans, leaving his cave only to fish and bathe.

Sif’s story in this is just as wonderful. She is not sent to bring Loki home as a criminal, but instead as the fallen prince he is. So she does not take the probably-easy route of just binding him and calling Heimdall to open the Bifrost. She stays with Loki to try to convince him to come home, and even manages to manipulate him into letting her into his hidden cave (albeit, it’s a dangerous gambit, but one which she knew she would win). The two of them together are every bit the hot, bickering mess one comes to expect with this pairing,, and the only thing I wish from this fic is that it had been longer.
character:loki  character:sif  character:jane.foster  character:darcy.lewis  character:heimdall  character:thor  pairing:loki/sif  theme:canon.divergence  theme:jötunn.loki  theme:outdoors  rating:mature  universe:mcu  words:5-10k 
february 2016
Suffer the Children by AccursedSpatula
Brief summary of fic: After all these years, Loki realized, he was still nothing more than a frightened little boy.

reason for rec: I found this fic because of a drawing that popped up on my dash one day: Thor, in a claw-foot tub, with a rubber duck, crying. The comment linked to the fic it was based on, and it looked so absurd, I had to see what that was about. And it’s so absurd. And so bad. This fic was an utter trainwreck that I couldn’t look away from. It was known for a few months as my trainwreck fic, and years later, I’m still subscribed to it, even though I know it will never be updated. When the author admitted, just before abandoning this fic to WIP purgatory, that it was a trollfic for a kinkmeme prompt that had got seriously out of hand, this fic became one of my favourite things to come out of the Thor fandom. A perfect embodiment of Poe’s Law, I had thought it completely serious right up until the very end. Read it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry (probably from despair), and you’ll wonder why such a fic would ever exist without being so intentionally fucked up.
character:loki  character:sigyn  character:jane.foster  character:sif  character:jarnsaxa  character:odin  character:hogun  character:volstagg  character:fandral  character:frigga  character:freyr  pairing:loki/other  pairing:loki/thor  pairing:loki/angrboða  pairing:loki/sigyn  pairing:jane.foster/thor  pairing:sif/thor  pairing:jarnsaxa/thor  rating:mature  theme:rape  theme:underage  theme:death  theme:abuse:theme:self-harm  theme:suicide  theme:incest  theme:trollfic  universe:616  universe:mcu  universe:norse.mythology  words:120-140k  character:thor  character:angrboða 
february 2016
Refuge by BigSciencyBrain
brief fic summary: Instead of returning to Asgard after the battle of New York, Loki finds himself in a time loop, repeating the events of the Avengers over and over again.

reason for rec: The summary comes from the first fic in this series of eight. Loki gets caught in a time loop that he has no idea how to escape from, and like Bill Murray, he’s the only person to know that it’s happening. So, also like Bill Murray, he has a complete mental breakdown, doing everything from running away to Vegas to trying to blow up the planet.

Unlike Bill Murray, Loki finds an unlikely ally in all of this. Somehow, Steve starts to pick up echoes as well, though he never remembers anything. What results is a wonderfully painful relationship between them that never quite manages to mature, because only one of them can actually remember all of the previous years they’ve known one another.
character:loki  character:frigga  character:phil.coulson  pairing:loki/  rating:mature  theme:peggy.sue  theme:vignettes  theme:self.destruction  theme:redemption  universe:mcu  words:50-60k 
february 2016
Muninn by FelicityGS
Brief summary of fic:

His first memory is a raven speaking to him, though he does not recall the words.

His second is waking and realizing he knows nothing of himself.

Reason for rec: I can be kind of a sucker for amnesia fics, and this one really hit the spot. It’s short and sweet, and by sweet I mean kind of dark and grim at points, with a plot that sneaks up halfway through and goes where I didn’t expect it to. I expected mostly story out of this fic, but I found the end surprisingly pleasing, which is always a plus.
character:loki  character:thor  character:tony.stark  character:bruce.banner  character:frigga  character:odin  rating:mature  theme:amnesia  theme:dreams  theme:death  theme:friendship  theme:redemption  universe:mcu  words:10-20k 
february 2016
Cast Your Net Upon the Left Hand Side by MythtakenItentity
Brief summary of fic: Sif rarely spends time alone with Loki as their mutual circle of friends usually travels together. However, a chance splitting of the group leaves them together to fish, read, spar, and discover things about another that they never suspected.

Reason for rec: This is one of my favourite pairings, both as romantic and otherwise, and I love how it was handled in this fic. Rare is it to see Loki skilled outside of scholarly pursuits, so this little look at him deciding to out-fish Thor was just wonderful. I love a skilled, competent portrayal of Loki, and this one hit all my buttons. Better still, he’s not treated as some bullied outsider who’s only tolerated by his so-called friends. Mostly, he’s left out either because he chooses to be, or because Thor is impatient and leaves before Loki is ready. But Sif in this fic is friendly toward him, even if she does think him a bit strange. The bit where she tries to take interest in his studies and listens to him read from his dusty old book is something I’ve rarely seen before, and I quite like it. At the same time, it’s not all roses here. There are glimpses and flashes of something darker within Loki already; some resentment and bitterness, and even at one point, something that could be even closer to hatred. It’s a great little look at where Sif and Loki might have been before his descent into madness, and very believable.
character:loki  character:sif  rating:general  theme:pre-canon  theme:friendship  theme:outdoors  universe:mcu  words:1-5k 
february 2016
Alien by Not_You
Brief summary of fic: Thor's body is stranger than it seems at first. Written for a kinkeme prompt.

Reason for rec: I don’t usually go for these smaller ones, but there are so few fics of this sort in this fandom. How do you get me to love your fic? Give the Norse aliens weird alien junk. That’s how. Short, sweet, to the point, and Jane is just as weird as I am. I love it.
pairing:jane.foster/thor  character:jane.foster  character:thor  universe:mcu  words:<1k  theme:pwp  theme:size.kink  rating:explicit  theme:alien.anatomy 
february 2016
the dread lord's throne - circa1220bce - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Loki pulls a very dangerous con just to get Satan's most devout worshiper into bed.

Reason for rec: I don't usually go for this pairing. In fact, this pairing is almost guaranteed to be an instant back button for me. Except for when Thor is Satan Thor, apparently. Which I did not see coming, but there it is.

This fic has a few things I love, all rolled together to create something wonderful. The Deconsecrator, Jötunn Loki with horns, Satan's indefinite absence, and the idiotic little imp demon guy who becomes baffled at the idea of skins taken from anything other than a person. Loki's pulling one of his most dangerous cons yet, and it inevitably comes back to bite him on the ass, but not before he gets the Deconsecrator to fuck him into the ground right in front of Satan's throne.
character:loki  character:satan!thor  theme:pwp  theme:other.realms  theme:impersonation  universe:mcu  pairing:loki/satan!thor  theme:jötunn.loki  universe:616  words:1-5k 
january 2015
Something To Remember You By - Yavannie - Loki: Agent of Asgard [Archive of Our Own]
Brief Summary of fic: Loki tries to convince Verity to sleep with him, which goes poorly, until it doesn't.

Reason for rec: Absolutely perfect little fic that makes AoA Loki just enough of a dickhead to be annoying, but still very likeable. It's a bit long in the set-up, but ultimately worth it once the action starts. Verity spends a majority of the fic in various states of annoyance or being unimpressed, and seeing her attitude toward Loki start to change toward the end is quite lovely. A personal plus for me is the incorporation of Asgardian/Jötunn physiology. Anything where Loki is bigger and heavier than he should be automatically gets bonus points.
character:loki  character:verity.willis  character:lorelei  rating:explicit  theme:pwp  theme:sexual.desperation  words:1-5k  pairing:loki/verity.willis  universe:au  universe:616 
january 2015
Any need as strong - Katbelle - Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: A small glimpse of what early life was like for Loki after being brought to Asgard.

Reason for rec: This fic is the complete opposite of what you see in most MCU fic where Loki is first brought to Asgard. Rather than immediately accepting Loki, Frigga rejects him and scorns Odin for bringing him to the realm. Instead, it's Odin who is determined to raise the boy as his own, even though he really has no idea what he's even doing. It also tells the story of how Odin and Frigga came to be married, and shows a young Odin who is decidedly more like his adoptive son than his son by blood. Young Odin is full of tricks and spite and often annoying as hell, and is clearly where Loki gets it all, where Thor is more like how Odin appears to be. It also has an Odin who encourages Loki's use of magic, rather than considering it an embarrassment, since he is something of a sorcerer himself. It's also one of the few fics out there I've seen to draw from Tales of Asgard, which is a surprise in and of itself.
character:loki  character:thor  character:odin  character:frigga  rating:general  theme:vignettes  theme:family  theme:parenthood  theme:pre-canon  universe:mcu  universe:tales.of.asgard  theme:loki's.adoption  words:10-20k 
december 2014
Histories - renquise - Journey into Mystery, Thor (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Loki convinces Thor to join him on a brief trip to the library. Thor isn't exactly thrilled in the first place, and is seriously less than thrilled when they are transported into the magic book Loki pulls off the shelf.

Reason for rec: I tend to love Journey into Mystery fic for the relationship between Thor and Loki, and this one is no exception. Thor wants nothing more than for his little brother to be happy and well, and right away he can tell that Loki isn't exactly either of these things, though he doesn't know why. But he also knows Loki well enough than to just start demanding answers right away, letting them come out more naturally through the course of the story. He's also just so, incredibly Thor throughout the entire piece, right down to deciding to eat a magic roast from inside a magic book, because why the hell not. And Loki is amazing throughout as well. He wants nothing more than to bring Leah back, though this plan of his may not have been the best one he's ever had, since the book he and Thor fell into seems to want to turn him into a book as well. His entire attitude toward it, pretending that it's no big deal, and then his complete freak out when he fails to find the volume he's looking for are perfectly in character, and the fic itself is perfectly weird enough to fit right into JiM canon.
character:thor  character:loki  rating:general  theme:magic  theme:death  theme:fix-it.attempt  theme:quests.and.adventures  theme:pocket.universes  universe:616  words:5-10k 
december 2014
Bargaining - Chapter 1 - proantagonist - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: When Thor dies, Loki makes a deal with a demon to change the past and fix it. He gets rather more than he bargained for.

Reason for rec: This fic wound up being so much better than I expected it to. The farther into the MCU we get, the more difficult it becomes for me to buy into Loki redemption fics. Loki winds up going back in time to the moment Thor is first banished to Midgard, which gives him a chance to fix everything, beyond just Thor's death, which happened months after the end of TDW. Using flashbacks to tell the story of how Thor came to die, and how Loki came to strike his deal as well as Loki knowing all the mistakes he'd already made and how not to make them, it becomes very easy to want to see Loki succeed. But while this is a fix-it of epic proportions, don't expect it to fix everything. Frigga's death left me feeling soured on the fic for several chapters after, and the ending wasn't quite as satisfying as the rest of the fic. But it is overall a very enjoyable read, and one which will have you sucked in for days if you're not careful.
character:loki  character:thor  character:frigga  character:odin  character:sif  character:natasha.romanoff  character:jane.foster  character:darcy.lewis  rating:teen  theme:redemption  theme:death  theme:magic  theme:fix-it  theme:peggy.sue  theme:king.loki  universe:mcu  words:100-120k 
december 2014
Better to Reign in Hell - Chapter 1 - copperbadge - Thor (Movies), Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Loki is raised knowing his heritage, but not the full circumstances of it. An AU where Loki is banished to Midgard instead of Thor, and rather than earning redemption, Loki only causes more problems.

Reason for Rec: This fic is at its basic parts, a canon-retelling, but it manages to not be a scene-by-scene replica. Loki's situation on Midgard is different from Thor's, so enough does change to keep it somewhat fresh. Rather than Mjolnir being stuck in the ground, it's Loki's helm, and Loki wants it back. He builds himself an army of rednecks, gains the confidence of Jane and her team, and even has a few moments of proper bad-assery against the Destroyer. Best of all, he doesn't walk away from this wanting to be a hero. When all is said and done, he's still seeking ways to grab power and put himself above everyone else, which in and of itself makes this fic stand out. Not a top-of-the-pile rec, but an entertaining read if you've got some time to kill.
character:loki  character:phil.coulson  character:jane.foster  character:erik.selvig  character:darcy.lewis  character:clint.barton  character:thor  rating:teen  theme:amorality  theme:loki.knows.his.heritage  universe:mcu  universe:au  words:20-30k 
december 2014
User Since - rageprufrock - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: After Coulson dies on the Helicarrier, his online friends scramble to find out what happened.

Reason for rec: This fic is done entirely in email and forum posts to wonderful effect. In his downtime, when Coulson wasn't being a government spook, he ran a forum dedicated to all things Captain America. And because he was a government spook, details of his death and involvement in the Battle of New York aren't exactly public record. Everything, from the rising panic of his closer friends to their decision to find out more about him and hold their own private memorial service is incredibly emotional, right down to the very end.
character:oc  rating:general  theme:internet  theme:death  theme:outsider.perspective  universe:mcu  words:1-5k 
december 2014
The Most Insidious Poison - fallintosanity (yopumpkinhead) - Marvel (Movies), Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: When Thor goes on an ill-advised trip to Muspelheim, it's up to Loki to save him. He must go to the Norns to learn how, but all knowledge has a price.

Reason for rec: This is one that could have stood to be longer. As it is, it clocks in at just under 5,000 words, and every one of them is put to use. Loki, known as the cowardly younger brother seems to be the only one in all of Asgard with the thought to actually do something about Thor being poisoned, rather than sit around and hope. He goes to Muspelheim to get the antidote from Surtur, and while there learns that Odin does not consider him a son. Still, he continues his quest, gets the antidote, and returns to Asgard. There are some pieces I would have loved to see, but which were completely glossed over. We get brilliant detail of Muspelheim, but very little of Loki's trip to Niflheim. But while it does leave you wanting, it is also the first in a series, so there is at least more to follow.
character:loki  character:thor  character:surtur  character:norns  rating:general  theme:communication.issues  theme:pre-canon  theme:other.realms  theme:magic  theme:quests.and.adventures  theme:sickness  theme:poison  universe:mcu  words:1-5k 
december 2014
Just Let Me Go - Chapter 1 - JaggedCliffs - Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Odin dies while in the Odinsleep, and with him also goes Loki's Æsir glamour. Naturally, all of Asgard assumes the worst and punishes Loki for a crime that was never committed. Reason for rec: This fic was surprising, and went places I didn't expect it to go. When Odin dies and Loki's glamour fades at the worst possible moment, Loki reacts in the worst possible way and starts laughing. None of the Æsir are willing to listen to Frigga, and insist that Loki has been kidnapped and that Frigga is mad with grief, so both are locked up: Loki in Asgard's deepest dungeons to be tortured for information that doesn't exist, and Frigga in her chambers to be cured of an illness she does not have. Frigga is exceptionally tricksy in this, and manages to manipulate her way into bringing Thor home from his banishment and freeing Loki from his imprisonment. But even then, Loki's secret is still out, and even when he's released from the dungeons, battered and beaten within an inch of his life, the situation does not improve. If anything, it only gets worse. It's a little overwrought at times, but otherwise quite enjoyable.
character:loki  character:frigga  character:thor  character:helblindi  character:jarnsaxa  character:sif  character:phil.coulson  rating:teen  universe:au  theme:jötunn.loki  theme:torture  theme:rape  theme:death  theme:magic  theme:war  theme:schemes  theme:fleeing.from.asgard  universe:mcu  theme:king.loki  theme:king.thor  words:60-70k 
december 2014
Road to Nowhere - Lise - Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: When Loki shows up and asks for Thor's help, it's with unquestioning loyalty that Thor follows. Not even knowing what Loki has planned, Thor blindly follows him to Hel and back to rescue Frigga from death.

Reason for rec: Frigga's death was literally one of the most infuriating parts of the entire MCU for me. It felt so pointless and unnecessary, so anything that seeks to undo it stands a good chance at automatically being something I'll be into. But the fic is really about Thor and Loki having to trust one another again, in order to make it to their final destination; a difficult task when Loki is involved. He keeps everything close to his chest, and Thor doesn't help by not asking questions until it's too late. He's smart, but a bit thick at times, and quick to jump to conclusions. When they reach the final gate, Thor takes an absurd amount of time to work out what Loki means to happen, but it doesn't feel like it drags out. Instead, he's just too damn trusting for his own good. It has a very satisfying ending as well, with everyone getting what they want to a degree, even if things still aren't perfect.
character:loki  character:thor  character:frigga  character:hela  universe:mcu  rating:teen  theme:quests.and.adventures  theme:redemption  theme:death  theme:other.realms  theme:magic  theme:communication.issues  theme:fix-it  words:20-30k 
december 2014
A Kindness Repaid - Potboy - Thor (2011), Captain America (2011), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Steve rescues Loki from an unfortunate situation. Loki unexpectedly returns with an even more unexpected display of gratitude. Turns out, Steve doesn't even want it.

Reason for rec: I really like these two together. Steve's levelheadedness is a nice counter for Loki's antics, and I am a sucker for Loki redeeming himself while still being a complete asshole. My only gripe with this fic is the action that sets the whole thing off, and it relies on Thor raping Loki. It's a pretty major hit against it, and I admit it took me several times to try to get to this fic. When I finally managed to get past that, it wound up being rather lovely. Loki finds weird ways of displaying his gratitude, like stabbing Steve, and kidnapping him and making him an accessory in overthrowing a monarchy. But better still is that the Avengers don't automatically all suddenly decide that Loki deserves sympathy, and aren't too pleased to find out Steve's getting pally with the resident super villain. It's got a great build-up between the two, and the adventure in the second half is the part of the fic that's always stood out best for me.
character:loki  universe:mcu  rating:teen  theme:other.realms  theme:building.friendship  theme:redemption  theme:quests.and.adventures  theme:rape  theme:amorality  words:20-30k 
december 2014
Hogwarts: A (Marvelous) History, or: Thor and Loki's Excellent Adventure - altilis - Thor (2011), Thor (Comics), Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Thor and Loki are sent down to Midgard to blow off some steam. While there, they have a hand in founding a school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Reason for rec: This is such a great fic. Thor and Loki take the place of Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin respectively, and thus have a hand in shaping how the individual houses gain their reputation. This is so far pre-canon that Loki's just kind of a surly bastard and not actually evil and broken yet. His reasons for wanting the school to only teach pureblood students takes on a rather different shade in this, geared toward safety and secrecy more than status and class. Loki wants to teach the students how to defend themselves using any means necessary, but winds up being shot down by the other founders. Meanwhile, Thor just kind of trundles along, having fun with the whole thing and not really noticing that Loki's displeased until it's too late, in typical form.
character:loki  character:thor  character:rowena.ravenclaw  character:helga.hufflepuff  character:angrboða  rating:teen  universe:mcu  theme:magic  theme:crossover/fusion  theme:pre-canon  universe:616  crossover:harry.potter  words:5-10k 
december 2014
The Joke - Imbecamiel - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: Steve assumes that the whole "worthiness" thing with Mjolnir is just something everyone indulges Thor in out of some sense of politeness. Steve is wrong.

Reason for rec: This is primarily a character piece, and I love those. Steve goes through most of the fic assuming that they're all just supposed to pretend that nobody can lift Mjolnir. That doesn't stop him from picking up the hammer and moving it from time to time. The characterisation is lovely and subtle, which just brings the humour out even more. Thor's confused reaction to finding Mjolnir not where he left it is especially good, and the whole fic builds up to a very satisfyingending.  character:thor  character:nick.fury  character:tony.stark  character:natasha.romanoff  character:phil.coulson  character:clint.barton  rating:general  universe:mcu  character:bruce.banner  theme:worthy.of.mjolnir  theme:communication.issues  words:5-10k 
december 2014
This is What the Water Gave Me - FelicityGS - The Avengers (2012), Thor (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Brief summary of fic: While travelling, Steve rescues Loki from a fall. Having nowhere else to go, Loki tags along.

Reason for rec: I'm really getting into Steve and Loki friendship fics, and this was a strange little one. Loki feigns amnesia to keep his secrets from Steve, but you can tell that Steve catches on before Loki even realises it. As they travel across America, Loki slowly comes to accept the fact that Steve is not Thor, and eventually even realises that he wants to go along, instead of letting himself be taken for the ride. His experience of the first large city he comes to on Midgard is great, as his his dawning understanding of what that means when he's told it's not even in the top 20 largest in the country, let alone the world. It's these little things with Loki that I love, and this fic hit all the right buttons.
character:loki  rating:not.rated  universe:mcu  theme:road.trips  theme:redemption  theme:building.friendship  theme:amnesia.(faked)  words:1-5k 
december 2014
character:angrboða character:bruce.banner character:clint.barton character:darcy.lewis character:erik.selvig character:fandral character:freyr character:frigga character:heimdall character:hela character:helblindi character:helga.hufflepuff character:hogun character:jane.foster character:jarnsaxa character:loki character:lorelei character:natasha.romanoff character:nick.fury character:norns character:oc character:odin character:pepper.pots character:phil.coulson character:rowena.ravenclaw character:satan!thor character:sif character:sigyn character:surtur character:thor character:tony.stark character:verity.willis character:volstagg crossover:harry.potter milliways.links pairing:jane.foster/loki pairing:jane.foster/thor pairing:jarnsaxa/thor pairing:loki/angrboða pairing:loki/other pairing:loki/satan!thor pairing:loki/sif pairing:loki/sigyn pairing:loki/ pairing:loki/thor pairing:loki/verity.willis pairing:sif/thor rating:explicit rating:general rating:mature rating:not.rated rating:teen scp.files theme:abuse:theme:self-harm theme:alien.anatomy theme:amnesia theme:amnesia.(faked) theme:amorality theme:building.friendship theme:canon.divergence theme:castaway theme:communication.issues theme:crossover/fusion theme:death theme:dreams theme:family theme:fix-it theme:fix-it.attempt theme:fleeing.from.asgard theme:friendship theme:impersonation theme:incest theme:internet theme:jötunn.loki theme:king.loki theme:king.thor theme:loki's.adoption theme:loki.knows.his.heritage theme:loki.wins theme:magic theme:mind.control theme:other.realms theme:outdoors theme:outsider.perspective theme:paranoia theme:parenthood theme:peggy.sue theme:pocket.universes theme:poison theme:pre-canon theme:pwp theme:quests.and.adventures theme:rape theme:redemption theme:road.trips theme:schemes theme:self.destruction theme:sexual.desperation theme:sickness theme:size.kink theme:suicide theme:torture theme:trollfic theme:underage theme:vignettes theme:villain.protagnoist theme:war theme:worthy.of.mjolnir universe:616 universe:au universe:mcu universe:norse.mythology universe:tales.of.asgard words:1-5k words:10-20k words:100-120k words:120-140k words:20-30k words:5-10k words:50-60k words:60-70k words:<1k

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