2017-03-13 - Wilford and YT cell post
Gene is happy to wash his hands of these two. Not least because he has to go and get a new pair of trousers, now the ones he's wearing have got a dog-bite shaped hole in them.

One night for the girl, for trying to nick the pink twat's dog, starting the fight and generally being a mouthy cow. Three nights for Pinko, for beating her up, and letting his dog bite me.

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2016-12-04 - Wilford cell post
Gene scrawls the briefest of notes with regard to his earlier arrest, because he can't be bothered to do more.

Pink-moustached Poof is in for using a sniper rifle where people might get hurt, refusing a reasonable request for temporary confiscation and then throwing a punch, like a twat. Someone let him out tomorrow or the day after if I'm not around. - - Gene Hunt.

P.S He seems to think all these elf dolls lying around are incarnations of pure evil, and the bar's under some sort of attack. I think he's been chewing the light fantastic, or whatever it is hippies do, but someone with magic could take a look at them and see what's up. It's probably just Christmas.

That's about as detailed a report as Gene ever writes, but at least it's legible.
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2016-10-28 - Wilford cell post
After putting Wilford in his cell, Atton writes a quick note.

Wickham Wuffingas, in the cells for eight days for attempting to murder Vyvyan Bastard by shooting him in the head. He knew that Vyvyan would return to life, was unsuccessful, and came to the cells willingly, so I've been lenient.

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2016-10-19 - Vyvyan cell post
Atton escorts Vyvyan into one of the cells, instructs Baby to be nice to him (as if she's ever not) and then heads to the office proper to write a report.

Vyvyan Bastard, celled indefinitely for killing Wilford Warfstache. He says it was accidental, the result of Wilford attempting violence against him -- I personally believe him, but I'm not quite willing to risk that he's lying -- and that Wilford will come back to life anyway.

I've informed him that if Wilford should come back to life, Vyvyan will be released -- he'll have served at least a few days by then, I imagine. If he doesn't, then we'll have to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death. Vyvyan did identify one witness, although he didn't think said witness would be especially honest.
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2016-08-18 - Wilford's first EP
Wilford Warfstache steps through the door, and nearly trips over his own feet when he notices that this is not his dressing room. Which is startling, since he hadn't meant to quick travel. He shouldn't have even been able to quick travel, actually. The studio is in an area without quick travel access, and he deleted all his points when he moved to the west coast.

So how in the bloody hell did he wind up here? Wherever "here" even is.

Aside from the look of obvious confusion plastered across his face, Wilford is mostly unassuming in appearance. He's most likely human – Korean, specifically – with his beige shirt, and black hair that was once probably stylishly cut, but has grown out too far and is now just a fluffy mess (but it works for him somehow). He'd be the sort of person who might go completely ignored in a crowd, if not for his pink handlebar moustache.

Yes, that's right. Pink.

Quickly assuming he just managed to find some sort of glitch, and nothing more sinister than that, Wilford starts to look around. He's not come across this place before, and curiosity (both personal and professional) quickly takes over. And it doesn't take him long at all to realise that if this is a glitch that he found, it's a hell of a doozy. Because he's pretty sure that is space outside that window, and definitely not some filthy Vinewood back alley. He takes a few moments to confirm that yep, that's space, before moving on, apparently unfazed. (Okay, maybe a little bit fazed, because this is a damn big glitch if he just got teleported to space!)

The trilobite tank comes the closest to getting another obvious reaction from him, as if wondering why someone would keep those as pets. Then again, who knows with some people? Some people summon demons for fun and collect horrible monsters, so what the hell does Wilford know? He may be new here, but very little of what he sees actually seems like it's too much out of the ordinary. Interesting, perhaps, if only for the "new" factor, but after the initial shock of not being where he's meant to be, it's all fairly tame so far. For one, there don't seem to be any eldritch horrors waiting to scream in his face or snap his neck. So that's nice. And the place seems fairly clean, without any sort of blood or mucus dripping from the walls. He'd probably be a bit more on his toes if this place weren't so well-lit and warm, and lacking in creaks and groans and distant screams.

Actually, this place seems safe enough for a good, old-fashioned explore. Catch him as he wanders the bar and the grounds outside (because apparently space has an outside!...?).
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