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Classics Of Game 133 - YouTube
dancing skeleton being judged for his sins
theWeirdCorner  youtube  games 
11 weeks ago by LobsterDog
MotherLoad - A free Puzzle Game
classic old flash game where you dig down in a flying drill ship
november 2017 by LobsterDog
How Game Designers Protect Players From Themselves | Game Maker's Toolkit - YouTube
game mechanics should probably take the form of incentives, not punishments
games  gameDesign 
october 2017 by LobsterDog
Classics Of Game 005 - YouTube
Want tank controls in a 3d platformer? No?
youtube  games 
august 2017 by LobsterDog
RNG plays Hearthstone - YouTube
a guy writes a program to enter random mouse inputs into hearthstone
hearthstone  games  programming  funny  cool 
october 2016 by LobsterDog
A really cool game in which you jump from roof to roof super fast.
pixelart  games  playableGames  game 
october 2009 by LobsterDog
Kongregate: Play free games online
play just about any webgame ever, and get xbox360-esque achievements.
games  playableGames  nostalgia 
september 2008 by LobsterDog

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