Virtual reality is not suited to visual memory - Neuroscience News
the enhanced sense of realism and immersion created by the ability to look around freely, that is characteristic of VR, tires the brain and consequently prevents the formation of visual memory
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11 weeks ago
Voice Control white paper
A new way to control your Mac, iPhone 
 and iPad entirely with your voice
reference  ipados  voice  macOS  paper  white  control  ios 
october 2019
Stop the Open Data Bus, We Want to Get Off
Dr. Chris Culnane, A/Prof. Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein, A/Prof. Vanessa Teague The University of Melbourne, Australia
[cculnane, brubinstein, vjteague]@unimelb.edu.au
August 15, 2019
australian  australia  reference  anonymised  differential  privacy  anonymisation  research  melbourne  paper  data  travel  article  MP  anonymous 
august 2019
Current and future demand for digital skills - a call to action - GOV.UK
“Our research shows that having specific digital skills, such as search engine optimisation for marketers, workers can reduce their risk of automation by a dramatic 59%. Digital skills also carry a large wage premium. Overall, roles requiring digital skills pay 29% (£8,300) over those roles that do not (£37,000 vs £28,700) with the premium increasing at higher skill levels.”
salary  data  article  digital  employment  reference  stats  statistics  uk  skills 
june 2019
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