The Meters of Roman Comedy
Tim Moore's database on ancient musical theater
DigitalHumanities  NeatStuff 
20 days ago
PRI's The World: Latest Edition : NPR
15:10 for Nov. 17 2017, El Salvador and guns
27 days ago
Revista Galería No. 53 Huehuetenango by Fundación G&T Continental - issuu
tiny bits of info, do a search on “Rosa Cordis” to get to pp. 50-51
5 weeks ago
SP356 - huehue.pdf
Victor Montejo's history of interethnic relations in Jacaltenango w/ the Maryknolls included
5 weeks ago
Sister Dorothy Erickson, MM - Archives | Archives
picture of Madre Rosa as a young novitiate, I don't know if it will reproduce well.
5 weeks ago
An Anthropocene Primer – version 1.0, October 23, 2017
good readings on our current environmental age, designed as an open access "course"
6 weeks ago
Giga Project | MAVCOR
nice views of church murals etc. especially from Cuzco
DigitalHumanities  CatholicChurch  Photography  Peru 
9 weeks ago
UNAM's Gran Diccionario Náhuatl, etc.
Nahuatl  DigitalHumanities 
9 weeks ago
Tenochtitlán, 1521 - World Digital Library
Map of Santa Cruz from Uppsala University Library
Urbanism  Mesoamerica  Mexico 
september 2017
How to Address a Consul
and other fun facts of etiquette
august 2017
Rosalina | RYOT
the CONAVIGUA altar at San Juan Comalapa
Guatemala  ColdWar 
august 2017
The Luminescent
yoga and scholarship 2
august 2017
Hatha yoga project
a wonderful pairing: yoga and scholarship
august 2017
CRL's Latin American page
july 2017
Él vive
Daniel Jansen is buried in Sta Eulalia
Guatemala  Religion 
july 2017
Riverside Priest Remembered With Memorial Garden - Greenwich, CT Patch
Maryknoll father Daniel Jensen, from Sta Eulalia. “Mission is not taking Jesus overseas,” said Father Jensen many years ago, “but it is discovering the footprints of God across the history of the people we serve. For example, the Mayan people do not have a word for holy, because everything is holy. They have a sense of reverence and a feeling of awe before the presence of God in all creation.”
Guatemala  Religion 
july 2017
Cristobal Pacheco's blog from Casa del Libro
july 2017
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