DH 2016 Abstracts
comments of Codex Aubin site
7 hours ago
UofKentucky's Nunn center for oral history
27 days ago
The Underwater Forest - YouTube
an Ice Age forest, preserved in mud then uncovered by hurricanes in 2004
A longer version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEynUn8VW3Y
US  Environment 
6 weeks ago
Berkeley police treasure found in Texas 'mystery box' — Berkeleyside
serendipity, the kindness/ethics of strangers, and Brian Stross
Texas  NeatStuff 
6 weeks ago
Defining the Anthropocene | Nature
See esp. Box 2 for carbon dip after demographic catastrophe
AncientAmericas  NeatStuff  Environment 
7 weeks ago
Reportorio de los tiempos y historia natural desta Nueva España - Enrico Martínez - Google Books
p. 76 in Google books is table of cities of world measured from Mexico City meridian
Mexico  Cartography  Europe 
7 weeks ago
Anthropocene v Homogenocene
a consideration of Charles Mann
9 weeks ago
The Meters of Roman Comedy
Tim's database on ancient musical theater
DigitalHumanities  NeatStuff 
november 2017
PRI's The World: Latest Edition : NPR
15:10 for Nov. 17 2017, El Salvador and guns
november 2017
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