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Yet another tool for laziness
Keep your machine's shell history synchronize
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5 weeks ago
Alice in Python projectland · Vicki Boykis
To create a requirements file, you would normally do a pip freeze > requirements.txt...
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7 weeks ago
The search for the killer app of unikernels | Unikernels
When a radically different technology comes along it usually takes time before we figure out how to apply it. When we had steam engines running factories there was one engine in each factory with a giant driveshaft running through the whole factory. When the electric engine came along people started replacing the giant steam engine with a giant electric motor. It took time before people understood that they could deploy several small motors in different parts of the factory and connect electric cables rather than having a common driveshaft. It takes time to understand the technology and its applicability.
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march 2018
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