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ndb - Improved debugging experience for Node.js, enabled by Chrome DevTools
An improved debugging experience for Node.js, enabled by Chrome DevTools.
node.js  tools  Chrome  opensource  Google  JS 
19 hours ago by liqweed
Data Transfer Project
Data Transfer Project (DTP) is a collaboration of organizations committed to building a common framework with open-source code that can connect any two online service providers, enabling a seamless, direct, user initiated portability of data between the two platforms.
opensource  backup  cloud-computing  portability  big-data 
yesterday by liqweed
bane - Custom & better AppArmor profile generator for Docker containers
AppArmor profile generator for docker containers. Basically a better AppArmor profile, than creating one by hand, because who would ever do that.
Docker  security  generator  opensource  tools  devops 
2 days ago by liqweed
RTree - Hyper-Dimensional R-Tree Index in Java
An index that supports building a tree of bounding rectangles for arbitrary range searches. RTrees are efficient for geospatial data but can be extended to support any data that is amenable to range searching.

Conversant RTree is a hyper-dimensional (2D, 3D, 4D, nD) implementation of RTrees in Java. Conversant RTree supports data with large numbers of orthogonal relations or high dimensionality in the same way that traditional RTrees support 2 or 3 dimensional spatial data.
Java  data-structures  algorithms  opensource  geolocation 
3 days ago by liqweed
rtree - Immutable in-memory R-tree & R*-tree implementations in Java with reactive API
In-memory immutable 2D R-tree implementation in java using RxJava Observables for reactive processing of search results. An R-tree is a commonly used spatial index.

This was fun to make, has an elegant concise algorithm, is thread-safe, fast, and reasonably memory efficient (uses structural sharing).
Java  data-structures  geolocation  opensource  algorithms  memory 
3 days ago by liqweed
Heptio Ark - Managing disaster recovery for Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes
A utility for managing disaster recovery, specifically for your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes.
Kubernetes  backup  golang  opensource  storage 
3 days ago by liqweed
GraphQL Binding - Auto-generated SDK for GraphQL API
Auto-generated SDK for your GraphQL API (supports schema stitching & codegen).
GraphQL  JS  client  code-generation  opensource  API 
3 days ago by liqweed
Trickster - Open Source Dashboard Accelerator for Prometheus
A reverse proxy cache for the Prometheus HTTP APIv1 that dramatically accelerates dashboard rendering times for any series queried from Prometheus. By Comcast.
monitoring  dashboard  performance  proxy  opensource  tools 
3 days ago by liqweed
VMF - Lightweight Modeling Framework
A lightweight modeling framework. It conveniently translates annotated Java interfaces into powerful implementations.
Java  code-generation  modeling  opensource 
3 days ago by liqweed
Proxymise - Chainable Promise Proxy
Chainable Promise Proxy. Lightweight ES6 Proxy for Promises with no additional dependencies. Proxymise allows for method and property chaining without need for intermediate then() or await for cleaner and simpler code.
JS  concurrency  generic-toolkit  opensource  functional-programming 
4 days ago by liqweed
simple-keyboard - JavaScript On-screen Virtual Keyboard
The easily customisable and responsive on-screen virtual keyboard for JavaScript projects.
JS  widgets  opensource  keyboard 
4 days ago by liqweed
Reclare - Declarative State and Logic Management
A lightweight library to manage the application state alongside business logic, without compromising from the predictability of the state. It is inspired by Redux and the Elm architecture and includes many of the familiar concepts.
JS  modeling  functional-programming  opensource 
4 days ago by liqweed - Smart Kotlin dependency injection framework
A pragmatic lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin developers.

Written in pure Kotlin, using functional resolution only: no proxy, no code generation, no reflection.

Koin is a DSL, a light container and a pragmatic API.
Kotlin  DI  IoC  opensource  DSL  framework 
7 days ago by liqweed
XAR - Executable archive format
XARs are single, highly compressed files containing all necessary executable dependencies. They execute with the same speed as natively installed applications and are designed to be the fastest way to distribute and execute large Python applications while maintaining maximum compatibility with the existing open source Python ecosystem. XARs can be run from anywhere on the filesystem, and they remove the need for virtual environments as well as worries about modules installed as part of the operating system. By Facebook.
Python  CLI  utilities  virtualization  deployment  opensource  Facebook  tools  compression 
7 days ago by liqweed
ORY - Open Source OAuth2 and OpenID Connect Access Control & API Security
ORY Hydra is the most popular OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect server. It integrates with every identity management and meets or exceeds security best practices.
authentication  security  opensource  Java  JS  golang  polyglot 
8 days ago by liqweed
OpenPDF - Java library for creating and editing PDF files
An open source Java library for creating and editing PDF files. Based on a fork of iText.
Java  PDF  opensource 
8 days ago by liqweed
MetalLB - Network load-balancer implementation for Kubernetes using standard routing protocols
A load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, using standard routing protocols. By Google.
Kubernetes  networking  proxy  opensource  Google 
14 days ago by liqweed
JSLT - JSON query and transformation language
A complete query and transformation language for JSON. The language design is inspired by jq, XPath, and XQuery. JSLT runs 9 billion transforms every day at Schibsted.
Java  JSON  querying  DSL  parser  performance  opensource  expression-language 
14 days ago by liqweed
Canner - Universal CMS framework using React & Apollo GraphQL
Universal Content Management System(CMS) framework using React & Apollo GraphQL. Support Prisma, GraphQL, Firebase and Restful API.
CMS  GraphQL  opensource  React  JS 
15 days ago by liqweed
GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer
An open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser.

It provides fast and valuable HTTP statistics for system administrators that require a visual server report on the fly.
logging  GUI  parser  tools  cool-tools  opensource  browser  Linux  CLI 
15 days ago by liqweed
Capacitor - The Native Bridge for Cross-Platform Web Apps
The Native Bridge for Cross-Platform Web Apps. Invoke Native SDKs on iOS, Android, Electron, and the Web with one code base. Optimized for Ionic Framework apps, or use with any web app framework.
mobile  framework  Android  iOS  JS  opensource  cool-tools 
15 days ago by liqweed
Rete - JavaScript framework for visual programming and creating node editor
A modular framework for visual programming. Rete allows you to create node-based editor directly in the browser. You can define nodes and workers that allow users to create instructions for processing data in your editor without a single line of code.
JS  visualization  programming  editors  cool-tools  opensource  DSL 
15 days ago by liqweed
Microstates.js - Composable State Primitives for JavaScript
A functional runtime type system designed to ease state management in component based applications. It allows you to declaratively compose application state from atomic state machines.

By combining lazy execution, algebraic data types and structural sharing, we created a tool that provides a tiny API to describe complex data structures and provide a mechanism to change the value in an immutable way.
JS  modeling  functional-programming  opensource 
15 days ago by liqweed
Singlie - Singly circular & linear linked lists for ES6
Progressive and functional implementation of the circular and linear singly linked list data structures in modern ES6.
JS  data-structures  opensource 
15 days ago by liqweed
Formik - Working with Forms in React Made Easier
Working with Forms in React Made Easier — Handles validation, errors, submission, and getting values in and out.
React  forms  opensource  JS 
15 days ago by liqweed
Axax - Async Iterator Extensions for JavaScript (e.g. map, reduce, filter, flatMap, etc.)
Async Iterator Extensions for JavaScript including map, reduce, filter, flatMap, pipe and more.
JS  data-structures  concurrency  opensource 
15 days ago by liqweed
Rogue - SSR (Server-Side Rendering) for React
SSR for React that's invisible (zero configuration!) and quick (no Webpack!).
With Rogue, the SSR configuration will be nearly invisible to you. You don't need a special /pages directory (like Nextjs) or a separate routes.js file (like Afterjs). All you need is the App.js entry point you'd usually have. This means that you can wrap your app in layouts/transitions/providers, etc. the same way you would in a regular React Application, and staying true to React's values, you can organize your code however you like.
React  HTML  server  JS  opensource  tools 
15 days ago by liqweed
itty.bitty - Sites are contained entirely within their own link
Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!) This means they're...

💼Portable - you don't need a server to host them
👁Private - nothing is sent to–or stored on–this server
🎁Easy to share as a link or QR code
web  cool-tools  opensource  HTML  generator 
15 days ago by liqweed
Uber JVM Profiler - Sending Metrics to Kafka, Console Output or Custom Reporter
Provides a Java Agent to collect various metrics and stacktraces for Hadoop/Spark JVM processes in a distributed way, for example, CPU/Memory/IO metrics.

Uber JVM Profiler also provides advanced profiling capabilities to trace arbitrary Java methods and arguments on the user code without user code change requirement. This feature could be used to trace HDFS name node call latency for each Spark application and identify bottleneck of name node. It could also trace the HDFS file paths each Spark application reads or writes and identify hot files for further optimization.
JVM  profiler  tools  performance  opensource  big-data  clustering  distributed 
16 days ago by liqweed
Nanny - Monitoring tool that monitors the absence of activity
A monitoring tool that monitors the absence of activity.

Nanny runs an API server, which expects to be called every N seconds, and if no such call is made, Nanny notifies you.
monitoring  tools  golang  opensource 
17 days ago by liqweed
mkcert - Simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates
A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
security  tools  devops  opensource 
17 days ago by liqweed
Containerum - Container management platform with built-in revision control, teamwork and CI/CD pipelines
Container management platform with built-in revision control, teamwork and CI/CD pipelines.
Kubernetes  ci  opensource  devops  tools 
17 days ago by liqweed
@Remember - Annotation which helps you not to forget any temporary solution
@Remember is an annotation which helps you not to forget any temporary solution (aka hacks or quick wins) you have introduced into your code base. You specify the date in the future when you want to revisit the code, e.g. @Remember('2018-12-24). After this date the code no longer compiles forcing you to re-evaluate if the code is still required or to find more permanent solution.
Kotlin  code-inspection  opensource  meta-programming  Java 
19 days ago by liqweed
Gitea - Painless self-hosted Git service
A community managed fork of Gogs, lightweight code hosting solution written in Go.
Git  server  opensource  tools 
19 days ago by liqweed
Jenkins X - CI / CD platform for Kubernetes
A CI/CD solution for modern cloud applications on Kubernetes.
Kubernetes  ci  build  server  opensource  tools  devops 
19 days ago by liqweed
java-string-similarity - Implementation of various string similarity and distance algorithms
A library implementing different string similarity and distance measures. A dozen of algorithms (including Levenshtein edit distance and sibblings, Jaro-Winkler, Longest Common Subsequence, cosine similarity etc.) are currently implemented.
Java  algorithms  text-processing  opensource 
19 days ago by liqweed
Pipeline - RESTful API to provision or reuse managed Kubernetes clusters in the cloud
A RESTful API to deploy cloud native microservices in public cloud and on-premise. It simplifies and abstracts all the details of provisioning the cloud and Kubernetes infrastructure, deploying, monitoring and managing the applications lifecycle.
Kubernetes  deployment  ci  opensource  tools  automation  devops 
19 days ago by liqweed
Flogger - Fluent Logging API for Java
Flogger is a fluent logging API for Java. It supports a wide variety of features, and has many benefits over existing logging APIs. By Google.
logging  Java  API  opensource  Google  DSL 
20 days ago by liqweed
Superfine - Minimal view layer for creating declarative web user interfaces
A minimal view layer for creating declarative web user interfaces. Mix it with your favorite state container library or use it standalone for maximum flexibility.
dom-handling  JS  framework  opensource  modeling 
21 days ago by liqweed
Akita - Simple and Effective State Management for Angular Applications
Simple and Effective State Management for Angular Applications. By Datorama.
Angular  modeling  opensource  Rx  reactive-programming 
21 days ago by liqweed
OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) - Automatically find security vulnerabilities in your web applications
Automatically find security vulnerabilities in your web applications while you are developing and testing your applications. Its also a great tool for experienced pentesters to use for manual security testing.
security  testing  opensource  tools  proxy 
22 days ago by liqweed
Pronghorn - Java actor based framework
A pragmatic approach to an actor based framework. It is a staged event driven single machine embedded micro-framework written in Java, designed to be garbage-free with a small memory footprint.
Java  concurrency  event-driven  performance  reactive-programming  opensource  modeling 
23 days ago by liqweed
OpenPDF - Java library for creating and editing PDF
An open source Java library for creating and editing PDF files. OpenPDF is based on a fork of iText.
Java  PDF  opensource 
23 days ago by liqweed
Bblue-Chip - Normalizes GraphQL and JSON:API payloads into your state management system and provides ORM selectors to prepare data to be consumed by components
Accepts payloads from GraphQL or JsonAPI servers, normalizes them into your store and provides an ORM like syntax for retrieving the data for use.
JS  GraphQL  REST  opensource  mapping  modeling  AJAX 
23 days ago by liqweed
Draft - Streamlined Kubernetes Development
Makes it easy to build applications that run on Kubernetes. Draft targets the "inner loop" of a developer's workflow: as they hack on code, but before code is committed to version control. By Microsoft Azure.
Kubernetes  deployment  tools  ci  opensource  devops 
23 days ago by liqweed
Vibora - Python Web Framework/Server
Vibora APIs were heavily inspired by the awesome Flask.
Builtin features were also based on many famous libraries as jinja2, marshmallow, websockets by aaugustin, werkzeug and many others.

Schemas validation, template engine, sessions and many more features were written from scratch to provide great performance along with an elegant async interface.
Python  web-framework  server  API  REST  opensource  performance 
23 days ago by liqweed
Helm Chart Testing
Bash library for linting and testing Helm charts. Comes prepackaged as Docker image for easy use.
Kubernetes  deployment  build  testing  tools  opensource  code-inspection 
24 days ago by liqweed
zsh-autosuggestions - Fish-like autosuggestions for zsh
Fish-like fast/unobtrusive autosuggestions for zsh. It suggests commands as you type, based on command history.
CLI  customization  cool-tools  opensource  sysadmin 
24 days ago by liqweed
Apollo Engine - GraphQL Gateway with essential features like caching and performance tracing
Control and understand your GraphQL API.
Apollo Engine is a GraphQL gateway that helps you implement and run GraphQL over REST or any other backend with confidence.
GraphQL  proxy  API  monitoring  cache  opensource  node.js 
25 days ago by liqweed
Apache Pulsar - Distributed pub-sub messaging system
An open-source distributed pub-sub messaging system originally created at Yahoo.
messaging  opensource  event-driven  distributed 
26 days ago by liqweed
GAPID - Graphics API Debugger
A collection of tools that allows you to inspect, tweak and replay calls from an application to a graphics driver. By Google.

GAPID can trace any Android debuggable application, or if you have root access to the device any application can be traced. GAPID can also trace any desktop Vulkan application.
graphics  Android  profiler  opensource  tools  Google 
26 days ago by liqweed
Google Tink - A multi-language, cross-platform API for common cryptographic tasks
A multi-language, cross-platform library that provides a simple and misuse-proof API for common cryptographic tasks.
encryption  opensource  Google  Java  golang  C  polyglot 
26 days ago by liqweed
Distroless - Language focused docker images, minus the operating system
"Distroless" images contain only your application and its runtime dependencies. They do not contain package managers, shells or any other programs you would expect to find in a standard Linux distribution. By Google.
Docker  devops  tools  Linux  VM  opensource  operating-systems  Google 
26 days ago by liqweed
Jib - Build container images for your Java applications
Docker and OCI images for your Java applications and is available as plugins for Maven and Gradle. By Google.
Docker  Java  build  JVM  Gradle  opensource  plugin  Google  tools 
26 days ago by liqweed
KumuluzEE - Open-source microservice framework
A lightweight open-source microservice framework. Develop microservices with Java EE technologies.
Java  application-framework  framework  opensource  microservices 
27 days ago by liqweed
Kotlin-argparser - Command line argument parsing for Kotlin
Easy to use and concise yet powerful and robust command line argument parsing for Kotlin.
Kotlin  CLI  parser  opensource 
27 days ago by liqweed
Clikt - Intuitive command line interface parsing for Kotlin
A Kotlin library that makes writing command line interfaces simple and intuitive. It the "Command Line Interface for Kotlin".
Kotlin  CLI  parser  opensource 
27 days ago by liqweed
Hammock - CDI based Java server micro-framework
CDI based Java server micro-framework. An implementation of Eclipse MicroProfile.
application-framework  IoC  opensource  Java  framework  server 
29 days ago by liqweed
Chaos Toolkit - Chaos Engineering Experiments Automation
Aims to be the simplest and easiest way to explore building, and automating, your own Chaos Engineering Experiments.
error-handling  automation  opensource  tools  testing  Kubernetes 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Prometheus Alertmanager
Handles alerts sent by client applications such as the Prometheus server. It takes care of deduplicating, grouping, and routing them to the correct receiver integrations such as email, PagerDuty, or OpsGenie. It also takes care of silencing and inhibition of alerts.
monitoring  opensource  golang  tools  devops 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Pearl - Package manager for dotfiles, plugins, programs and any form of code accessible via git for Linux and OSX
The package manager for dotfiles, plugins, programs and any form of code accessible via git for Linux and OSX
CLI  customization  tools  modularity  opensource  cross-platform 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
awesome-shell - Curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos
A curated list of awesome command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos. Inspired by awesome-php. This awesome collection is also available on
Linux  CLI  curated  list  opensource  tools  sysadmin 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Materia Theme - Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments
Materia (formerly Flat-Plat) is a Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments.
It supports GTK+ 3, GTK+ 2, GNOME Shell, Budgie, Cinnamon, MATE, Unity, LightDM, GDM, Chrome theme, etc.
Linux  customization  desktop  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
The Battle for Wesnoth - Open source, turn-based strategy game
An open source, turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme. It features both singleplayer and online/hotseat multiplayer combat.

Explore the world of Wesnoth and take part in its many adventures! Embark on a desperate quest to reclaim your rightful throne... Flee the Lich Lords to a new home across the sea... Delve into the darkest depths of the earth to craft a jewel of fire itself... Defend your kingdom against the ravaging hordes of a foul necromancer... Or lead a straggly band of survivors across the blazing sands to confront an unseen evil.
games  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
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