This is the Bismack I thought I’d drafted in fantasy a couple of years ago, was sure it was his breakout year
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5 days ago
Why I Slack – Rands in Repose
instructions for getting into Rands' Slack channel
leadership  rands 
6 days ago
The Science Behind Why Some People Don’t Follow the Crowd
the more identity-relevant your product or brand is, the more important it is for your marketing campaigns to target the groups that identify with it. Be aware also that if your goal is to gain new market segments, your campaigns will need to be planned carefully to avoid groups that currently identify with your product potentially dissociating themselves if they see the new audiences you are attracting as an out-group.
psychology  marketing 
7 days ago
Reclaim Your Job
good ideas on how to think about time management, opportunity.
management  success  opportunity  5star  attitude 
9 days ago
For World’s Newest Scrabble Stars, SHORT Tops SHORTER - WSJ
Love this article, Nigeria winning w counterintuitive strategy: Nigerian Scrabble stars using 5 letter words to win
9 days ago
Why Your Resume Sucks & How to Fix It - Evolvable Me
I've hired scores of devs in last few years & thus heartily endorse @evolvable's post on CVs: Why Your Resume Sucks
blogideas  recruiting  engineering 
10 days ago
The HP Way: Dave Packard on How to Operate a Company
Great wisdom on being in a management and leadership position
farnamstreet  management  business  leadership  5star 
12 days ago
there is no excuse not to be running HTTPS nowadays: free certs, automation.. EFF's certbot:
security  ssl  webdev  from twitter_favs
13 days ago
Given you will ask user to install your app

When user sees the request

Then user should throw phone in a fire
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16 days ago
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