(503) https://www.amazon.com/Mapping-Innovation-Playbook-Navigating-Disruptive-ebook/dp/B06Y5W4314
Enjoyed 's blog so much (shared many posts on Twitter) I've instantly pre-ordered his upcoming book:
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3 days ago
We're all competing with AI. Need to make ourselves distinct and valuable
farnamstreet  competition 
9 days ago
The Narrative Fallacy and What You Can Do About It
when searching for real truth, favor experimentation over storytelling (data over anecdote), favor experience over history (which can be cherry-picked), and favor clinical knowledge over grand theories.
experiments  data  experience  truth  farnamstreet 
11 days ago
Transformation or Transition?
Your iterations are your value "too many orgs still apply the old model of outsourcing to the new economics of IT"
digital  transformation  cio  business  management 
11 days ago
Agile Adoption Patterns – Danny Smith – Medium
covering the big things. fixing governance, money, customer
agile  enterprise  management 
12 days ago
Failure Modes of Team Based Scrum -LeadingAgile
good backlogs and good teams are the foundation
scrum  agile 
12 days ago
RA: Cable theory for music producers
I know cables give a lot of people anxiety because they're not competent enough to deal with them. And they shouldn't be, because they are musicians. They should be competent with making music. You could learn about the physics and the wave impedance behind it, but it's not something a musician should be dealing with. Ultimately the anxiety is unrewarded or ungratified.

Having said that, if you're a musician working with unbalanced cables, you should keep your power supplies far away from the signal. And keep all your power on the same circuit—this makes a big difference. Use gold plated jacks for permanent connections, and be sure to unplug your cables from time to time to clean the contacts. Also, don't roll anything, like a flight case for instance, over your cables.

Digital cables are much more unforgiving when it comes to length. They should be short as possible and it's more rewarding to use the high-end options. Analogue is much more forgiving, whereas sometimes you might have a 1.5-metre USB cable that works fine on a specific data bus, then a 1.7-metre one suddenly won't work in the same connection
music  audio  hardware 
12 days ago
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