Australia's all-night party scene: Where booze is swapped for balloons full of laughing gas - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
In response to specific questions about the nangs and how the event is organised, Gruzman said: "Have a nice life you loser."
rave  party  sydney 
7 days ago
Weekly Reid: My New Favorite Interview Question — Brendan Reid
Walk me through how this role will be different from your previous experiences
12 days ago
Deluge - Synthstrom Audible
pretty crazy cool sequencer/sampler hardware from NZ
synth  hardware  production 
12 days ago
music-dsp FAQ
great links for getting started with music programming
music  programming  sound 
13 days ago
Don't Bet On Someone Else's Success Story | Digital Tonto
Wise words on using past success to predict future performance
strategy  business 
14 days ago
Kazuo Ishiguro: how I wrote The Remains of the Day in four weeks | Books | The Guardian
Kazuo Ishiguro locked himself away for 4 solid weeks to finish his second novel
14 days ago
Frustrating for me to hear, must be super hard for you to read about. Impressed with what I heard & saw fr…
from twitter
16 days ago
Sydney youth story that had parallels to mine, personal mental brakes to be overcome, how companies th…
from twitter
19 days ago
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