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RT : I know emacs has done this for ages but the new terminal integrated into is awesome.
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Untitled (http://www.cnbc.com/id/102604472)
RT : A robot has been arrested. Let us repeat, a robot has been arrested:
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3 days ago
xkcd: Compiling
"Compiling" -> "Waiting for electricity to be invented"
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3 days ago
Log In - The New York Times
Having worked in publishing, I'd say this piece is insightful: A Darker Narrative of Print's Future From Clay Shirky
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3 days ago
Leo Buscaglia on Education, Industrialized Conformity, and How Stereotypes and Labels Limit Love | Brain Pickings
One of the smartest things ever written about the education system, from the great Leo "Dr. Love" Buscaglia
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6 days ago
Stop People from Wasting Your Time - HBR
"People who waste our time have become the scourge of modern business life."
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8 days ago
If Journalism Is Going To Survive As A Business, We Need To Rethink The Chinese Wall | Digital Tonto
Related: If Journalism Is Going To Survive As A Business, We Need To Rethink The Chinese Wall | Digital Tonto
publishing  journalism 
9 days ago
Gourmand, Gourmet or Connoisseur? | William Irvine
Become a connoisseur of everything, gourmet of nothing.
stoicism  philosophy  5star 
11 days ago
How Power Is Shifting From Corporations To Platforms | Digital Tonto
How Power Is Shifting From Corporations To Platforms by @digitaltonto
organisations  platforms  business  strategy  5star 
12 days ago
A3 Thinker for iOS - A3 Thinking App for iPhone and iPad
I've been a big fan of John Shook's Managing to Learn (re: A3 thinking). Now there's an app to help: via @agilesensei
12 days ago
Little Things - Ben's Blog
excellent. it's usually the system, not the situation that is the problem. focus on the little things, improve the system.
management  5star 
14 days ago
Why I Loathe Exit Interviews | David Hanrahan | LinkedIn
"most departures are due to factors that the manager can influence"
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14 days ago
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