NBL - 'Street Basketball' (1995) - YouTube
This Aussie 'streetball' NBL story by Tim Bailey is still the most 1995 thing on the internet:
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2 days ago
Heavy frisbee is a concept that is now inextricably stuck in my head
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3 days ago
Which ones have their striking power diminished from years of Emacs chording?
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3 days ago
How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math - Issue 40: Learning - Nautilus
can't just be about understanding (Feynnman method), also needs repetition
learning  education  mathematics 
5 days ago
(503) https://www.amazon.com/Deskbound-Standing-Up-Sitting-World/dp/1628600586/
Can highly recommend the "Deskbound" book if you spend all day sitting. Excellent stuff.
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6 days ago
Your Biggest Cybersecurity Weakness Is Your Phone
Most corporate mobile security incidents are due to humans failing to follow basic security procedures
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7 days ago
That was an outrageous amount of food for my domain's "morning tea" yesterday. I didn't need lunch or dinner.
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8 days ago
/dev/lawyer The MIT License, Line by Line
The MIT License, Line by Line. 171 words every programmer should understand.
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9 days ago
Waiting for Skylake MBP thread | Page 993 | MacRumors Forums
I'm far too emotionally invested in the "Waiting for Skylake MBP" thread nearing 1000 pages. So close now.
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10 days ago
ROSS GITTINS: Faster growth demands better chief executives
One common human failing you won't find in any economics textbook is managers' tendency to be so busy fixing problems they find easy to fix that they have no time to grapple with more important problems they're not sure how to fix.
rossgittins  management  ceo  cio  economics 
11 days ago
Lee Kuan Yew's Rule
don't be guided by theory, figure out the options and determine which will work, and if it doesn't, adjust course
16 days ago
Waiting for Skylake MBP thread | Page 964 | MacRumors Forums
Much excitement on p964 of "Waiting for next Macbook Pro" thread on Macrumours. Will it make 1000 pages of waiting?
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17 days ago
RA: The art of DJing: Objekt
coder by day, techno dj by night
techno  music  creativity  DJ  art  coding 
19 days ago
A fighter pilot explains how to stay safe on the road
driving  cars 
20 days ago
Three Rules For a Meaningful Life
1. Be ruthless about meaningless
2. Big meaning before little meaning
3. Genius isn't born. It's freed.
life  purpose  5star 
21 days ago
Spoke to this class a couple of times and really enjoyed their enthusiasm and interest! Good luck to you all!
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22 days ago
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